Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 Things You Should Do Before The EVERY Rapture

As we all know the May 21, 2011 rapture didn't materialize but here are some things to to incase "another rapture" happens again

10. Make Amends With Everyone You’ve Wronged
Be the bigger person in any and all conflicts that you have ever gotten into. Call, text, e-mail, page, and send an apology letter to anyone who you’ve ever been rude to, said mean things about, or just plain made them feel less. If you do this right, you should feel a million times better. But, again, depending on how many people you’ve wronged, this could take a while. So, get started.
9. Eat All Of Your Favorite Foods
With your impeding doom nearing, you might as well forget about your calorie counting and just enjoy life…the last hours of it at least. So, pull out the nutella, grab those delicious salt & vinegar chips, and eat – eat – eat until your heart’s content. Or stomach pains. But, remember, the stomach pains will be the least of your worries at this point.
8. Tell Everyone Your Real Feelings
So now that your stomach is full and you’ve apologized to everyone for everything that you’ve done. Now, the real fun begins. Find everyone who has ever ticked you off and tell them how you really feel about them. Don’t hold back. Lay it on them about how they bugged you that one time that they joked about your new hairstyle. Now is your last opportunity.
7. Go To Your Happy Place 
What is your favorite place? Disneyland? A local bar? Perhaps, your backyard? Find that place and relax and enjoy your time. But, don’t relax for too long because you have several other things to do before the Rapture gets you.
6. Quit Your Job
Channel your inner JetBlue attendant Steven Slater and quit your job. Tell your boss that you do not want to finish the weekly report or clean up the mess on aisle 2 because the world is over and you have got better things to do.
5. Explore All Of The Extreme Sports That You Would Never Normally DoSkydiving? Base jumping? A round of bunco?  What is something that you’ve always wanted to do? With only hours to go, why not just conquer your fear and do it? But, always remember safety first because on the off-chance that the Rapture doesn’t occur – you want to be alive to tell your annoying neighbor, I told you so.
4. Shopping SpreeWith all of the money that you’ve saved up for the “future”, you might as well take advantage of it because it will mean nothing in the afterlife. Go to your favorite clothing store and get yourself decked out in some fashionable duds. You deserve it. Plus, if you are gonna go out, look good in the process.
3. Show Your LoveWhether you’ve been crushing on someone for ages or have a significant other of your very own – show your love. Profess your love for those who have been pining for someone. Do it now! Stop reading this article right now and go tell them. For those who are currently in a relationship, go make your love known now.
2. Watch Britney Spears “Til The World Ends” Until The World EndsWeird how Britney Spears released this single so close to the End of the World. Perhaps, she is the present-day musically-inclined Nostradamus. For that, you should honor the Queen of Pop and play this song over and over again.
1. Rapture PartyLike they say, if you are gonna go out – go out with a BANG! So, we highly encourage you to throw an impromptu Rapture Watching Party – invite your friends, former lovers, and people that look friendly that you see near by your residence. Bust out the chips, soda, and candy, turn on your favorite music, and get the festivities started because the world will be ending shortly after you start partying.

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