Thursday, May 19, 2011

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 21, 07:03 PM
    The gist of the statements currently coming from UN-mandated coalition members seems to be that once that "all necessary measures" have been taken to protect Libyans under attack by Gaddafi loyalists, the coalition military will simply seek to maintain that protection. Any political progess from that point on will have to be negotiated between Gaddafi, the Arab League, and the UN.

    It will be important to get the Arab League onboard, but just now they are pretty distracted with internal instability and rarely agree on anything anyways. They neither want to keep Gaddafi around nor show him the door.

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  • macquariumguy
    Mar 18, 09:03 AM
    Oh boy, another war. :(

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  • andrew050703
    Nov 15, 08:04 AM
    Gosh, I'll be able to email and type Word docs SO much faster!! :p

    yup, and my webpages will load in the blink of an eye... definitely worth whatever apple will charge. ;)

    seriously though, how hard is it to get a program to multi-thread? (if thats the right term; being a complete programming novice, i've no idea)

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  • torn
    Sep 24, 08:33 AM
    As a follow-up on the GripVue, note the notch to the right of the charging port. That's the unobstructed speaker...

    Also, note the colors on the "Tint" versions (Black, Clear (shown above), Royal Purple, Night Sky, and Taro). It's odd that the bright colors that Best Buy has (besides Night Sky) are not shown. They also have a "Metallic" line (Black, White, and Taro).

    I've been waiting so long for this case :( Does anyone know when they're gonna release it?

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  • Nameci
    Apr 11, 01:41 AM
    Easy for a stick shift... I can drive almost anything as long as it has 2 wheels or more...

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  • rdowns
    Mar 19, 05:50 PM
    Haven't you heard?

    Cold fusion is being suppressed, for now, just like the 100 mpg carburettor was. :)


    Get your attributions straight old man. I didn't say that.

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  • frankie
    Aug 25, 10:41 AM
    I thought Yonah and Merom are basically the same cost-wise. That's why everyone thinks including merom in new systems won't raise the price of those systems.

    Exactly so. For everyone's reference, here's a current Intel price chart (per CPU in lots of 1000):

    It makes certain options quite clear. For example:

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  • PowerFullMac
    Jan 12, 11:54 AM
    The google cache for adium usage stats page:
    It was retrieved on 9.jan and it already contained Macbook Air entry, few days before the rumors came.
    Basically the name Macbook Air seems to be real. Only thing is what stands behind that name. :)

    So definatly a new MacBook, then! And im guessing thinner as well (because of previous rumors and logic)... Woo! Sorry, got carried away there :D

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  • hyperpasta
    Jul 18, 02:03 PM
    Rentals are stupid...what if something comes up and I can't watch my movie within the alotted time? I'm just screwed, then?

    Actually, other online movie rental services serve up "frozen" movies. You can keep a frozen movie for a month without it expiring. To watch it, you must "thaw" the movie. Then it expires a week later. In this way, you can download a movie when convenient and watch when convenient... not much pressure at all. Simply thaw the movie when you're ready to watch.

    The only way I see this being announced at WWDC is if it ties in with Leopard's rumored BitTorrent feature. However, this doesn't make much sense, since what will Tiger/Panther/Windows users do to get movies?

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  • JGowan
    Jan 13, 01:02 AM
    See my post below

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  • 0815
    May 2, 05:07 PM
    I got a another newbie question
    I am planning on moving out of Windows (7) and onto MAC OS X, but I want to wait for Lion since its close to a finished product. Now my question is, if Lion comes out, would that mean every Mac (Mac Pro, iMac, iMac mini, Macbook, MB Pros, etc) would have Lion installed/packaged or is there a specific mac that will have Lion on its first day and the other macs would have to wait???

    All the (new) Macs will have it right away, Macs purchased shortly before the release get a cheap upgrade option (if I remember right) and most of the older macs should be upgradable (I would suspect every intel one, but I wasn't following the minimum spec)

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  • zedsdead
    Apr 12, 09:04 PM
    So are there any live updates?

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  • marksman
    Mar 25, 05:57 PM
    naysayers are probably more concerned with the fact that you can't look at the tv screen while fumbling for the touch controls on the ipad; physical buttons enable the player to just feel for the controls, without having to look down and miss the action on tv. the only games that would work for this are racing games, where you just tilt the ipad.

    what a world of difference some buttons would make <sigh>

    Not really. Properly designed controls on touch screen will be just fine... You will see...

    Anyone who thinks that the long-term viability of the IOS ecosystem as a significant home game player because of the lack of hard controls is just missing the picture.

    I can't figure out why some people think you have to look at the screen of a touchscreen device to use it to manipulate things in a game world. Between rotation and movement of the device itself with properly placed buttons you can do a lot with it, none of it requiring looking at the touch screen.

    I suspect most people could distinguish between the lower left corner of their device and the upper right corner, for instance, without looking at the screen.

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  • heehee
    Apr 10, 12:13 AM
    My fiancee and I both have stick shift cars. :cool:

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  • mrthieme
    Nov 30, 06:03 AM
    Apple has/had an agreement with Mc Intosh, the audiophile company not to do that. I wonder if they have resolved that by buying the company or a fee?

    This is a possible limitation.


    I was not aware of that, but breaking the agreement with Apple records not to get into the music distribution business has worked out for them I think.

    It's funny, the first hifi company I thought of for an Apple HT product was Mcintosh, the complete opposite design asthetic. If I could choose I would prefer someone a little further down the price scale. Rotel would be a nice match, very good performance for the money, for speakers Paradigm comes to mind.

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  • MacLuvin
    Apr 6, 07:56 AM
    Ok I'm using a Late 2008 MBP model, 2.4 ghz IC2D , 4gig ram. But Launchpad is lagging for me big time, when I try to scroll thru my apps for instance. and when i switch windows its not always flowing. Now I know LION still has a few miles to go before it works perfectly, however I wanna know if its the same for other developers with later MBP's or does it flow perfectly?

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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Aug 24, 05:43 PM
    I hope it happens soon......that new iMac is sounding nice!!! I think it is obviously coming "VERY SOON." What happened to September 5th? Is that the tuesday after labor day, I think it is....

    This article refers to the Mac Mini, not the iMac...

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  • Jonasgold
    Mar 23, 01:08 AM
    On the Cydia store there's a package called iClassic, costs $2. But it's the storage that the classic owners want, really.

    There is even one on the official app store Clickwheel made by a harrison Hodgekins for �0.79.

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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Nov 23, 02:16 PM
    The Logitech v470 mouse :D

    Mar 18, 07:56 AM
    Would you rather have the Libyan people (who have called for help!) slaughtered by Gaddafi?

    How very humanitarian (and dramatic) of you.

    Can you please provide a chart of how many "slaughtered" we are required to acknowledge before we take military action? I would like to know what the threshold is.

    ...Because I have a hard time believing this is the only aggressive dictator in existence at this moment. If I have to choose between Libyans being slaughtered/not slaughtered, I want you to choose which atrocities in the world to respond to, and which to ignore. Be prepared to to explain why you did not depose Dictator "X" who was violating human rights as opposed to Libya's Dictator "Y." Or, in the odd chance you would choose to involve the USA in every single non-democratic nation with an unloved and power-hungry misanthropic leader, you may demonstrate how such a widespread show of American force might affect world opinions of our foreign policy, particularly in regions of the world where we may already be viewed as imperialist heathens.

    For extra credit, you may describe in 100 words or less how either selective or across-the-board military responses benefit economic or social problems within the United States itself.

    Jul 19, 06:45 PM
    Thats very cool !

    I see high chance to even better Results ...

    1. Look for People which wait for the Mac Pro (its me and at least 3-4 of my friends, 2 of them Switchers)
    2. iPod no major new features (New model will boost Sales)
    3. More Stores ---> more People who learn about Macs and try them out (50% new to mac in stores) ----> Here is much Space in Europe ecspecially in Germany !!! Every 11 or 12 PC user knows Mac or OS X, some know Apple cause of the iPod ....
    4. The Good old guys which wait for Revision 2 of a Mac :D


    Dec 21, 11:27 PM
    well i finally got 2 million now. i started this thread on 10/4/2009. today is 11/26/2009. so what is that, 53 days? considering how long it took for me to get to 1 million to begin with, i'm pretty happy with that

    well today (12.22.09) i hit 3 million. so that was only like 27 days for the last million. i'm happy with that. just gotta keep it going

    also, congrats to lyzardking for 5 million points also!

    Mar 22, 11:52 PM
    end the classic? Please no! It's great for storing large libraries, uncompressed music/complete music + video libraries and you are able to use it without looking. iOS is fun to look at, but the ipod app is terrible and can't replace tactile controls. I also hate using my phone as a music player as phone calls require me to interface with the player, rather than just take out my earbuds and answer the call (much faster and easier)

    The real, and best, reason to not discontinue it is that the classic represents Apples first big win. Its a very symbolic design, and I doubt they will be retiring it...ever. Much like porsche and the carrera, or Ford and the F-150.

    The classic IS the ipod. Notice how people still call the ipod touch the "itouch". Few think of it as "the ipod".

    There always be a market for a slim, easy to use, portable, high capacity music player with touch controls.

    I've never heard anyone call it the iTouch until I read your post.
    They're all iPods of one sort or another, simple. Everything changes, everything moves forwards...embrace the change.

    Use the clickwheel in your mind....

    Yes, I just said that. :|

    Nov 27, 11:48 PM
    no 19 inch?:(

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