Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A black eye for Christians AND radio

OK, the nutjob that said the Rapture would be this weekend is an embarrassment to fundamentalist Christians everywhere, but he's much more than that to me. As a former radio guy, I'm embarrassed that he's a radio guy too. Sadly, he's not the only moron in radio. From Tom Taylor's column this morning at Radio-Info.com...

"Camping reiterated that the world's really going to end on October 21, and as far as he's concerned, Judgment Day did occur on May 21. But God decided not to make people suffer through the next five months. As for all the donations made to Family Radio - Camping doesn't intend to give them back. To him, they were made to further the gospel, and that's what his organization has done with the money. But for sure, they'll be more low-key about the October 21 hard date for end-of-world - the billboards are coming down. Family Radio’s international projects manager Matt Tuter tells the Christian Post he blames the Family Radio board – “they are the ones responsible for this mess”, by listening to Camping about yet another of his apocalyptic predictions. Tuter says Camping’s actually predicted The End about ten times."

As Jon Stewart pointed out, the guy is 89 years old. The End actually is coming for him. It could be any day now.

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