Monday, May 16, 2011

Bohemian Grove Rare Photos | Did Bohemian Grove Brought to You by Walt Disney | Bohemian Grove Picture Info and Bio

Reagan and Nixon and others enjoying Bohemian Grove in 1967.
First of all, what is Bohemian Grove? It is a wilderness retreat in northern California where presidents, CEOs, movie stars, etc. get together to discuss how to conquer the world...and, oh yes, to make "human sacrifices" to a giant stone owl in a satanic pagan ritual called the "Cremation of Care". The owl represents the demon goddess Lilith. Also Minerva, the goddess of War. The atomic bomb was planned here in 1942, and what a boon to society that was.

Basically, anyone who belongs to this secret society is unfit to run for public office. Unfortunately for us, they often end up with the most powerful position in the world (not counting their "handlers"). Here is Richard Nixon complaining about "effeminate" Grovers in the Watergate tapes:

There is a long waiting list of men (no women allowed) to pay 25 grand to go there and worship evil.

For further information, refer to Wikipedia and this movie (Warning: You will definitely be "putting an unclean thing before your eyes" here, but at least there are no naked fat old men in it.

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