Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard | Brad Womack & Emily Maynard Photos | Brad Womack & Emily Maynard Pics | Brad Womack & Emily Maynard Rare Photos

Brad as a kid

Following some significant time away in her national North Carolina, Maynard, 25, reunited with Womack, 38 in his home city for a weekend to reconnect and sort from beginning to end their issues. The pair was covered having a cheerful dinner at Austin's Kona Grill on Friday, and bonding over food and drink the next night at Fado, a bar just two blocks left from Womack's condo.

Photos : Romantic moments.

"They were both happy and chatting," an witness told Us Weekly.

Just the extra week, an insider told us the pair had hit a "rough patch" as they tried to resolution some logistical challenges (Womack owns four bars in Austin, while Maynard and offspring Ricki, 5, and exist in North Carolina.)

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