Monday, May 30, 2011

cats and kittens

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 4, 05:13 PM
    congrats to rwh202 for getting 2 million points!

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  • Transporteur
    Feb 26, 12:25 PM
    1xpain in the ass yellow labrador...

    :D Awesome!

    Great setup by the way. Looks great. Some more high res pictures would be nice, though. ;)

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  • fatandconfused
    Apr 19, 03:19 PM
    Which is about a month away. I wonder how many buyers on the fence for this refresh will have the patience to wait even longer for the promotion.

    Oh, and that's right, Lion should also be out in about 1-2 months after that as well. ;)

    And then it'll be ivy bridge and then they'll release a 30" version and the wait goes on...i'm getting a 27" refurb july 2010 model once the new ones come out, hopefully for a further discounted price. It'll do the trick for me.

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  • cats and kittens.

  • ciTiger
    Mar 24, 01:26 PM
    Odd move by Apple... But nice...

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  • coder12
    Apr 21, 12:20 PM
    Good catch! I just noticed this once you pointed it out.

    I will be having fun with this +1 deally...

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  • firestarter
    Mar 19, 11:50 AM
    I suspect his foot dragging was done to get other nations to step up and take the lead here. About time IMO.

    That's one possible reason for delaying. More here (

    (FWIW, I don't disagree with you that it's time for other nations to do more)

    Thinking ahead, what happens when the power vacuum is in place?

    Get ready for the same old story, yet again, just in Libya this time.

    I think this action is probably too late to bring about a collapse of the Gadaffi regime. It may well lead to an extended stalemate, with different parts of the country run by Gadaffi and the rebels.

    It will probably drag on, and be messy.

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  • bushido
    Apr 2, 10:34 AM
    command + forward slash ;)



    safari got some fixes to it seems, scrolling works smoother and doesn't get stuck on pages with lots of pics or vids and the error with not being able to type anything unless u close safari seems to be fixed as well.

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  • cats and kittens. cats kittens

  • deputy_doofy
    Oct 23, 07:05 AM
    Yes!! Thread# 50000000000 regarding the upcoming MBP. I'm ready to buy. Just made a nice, big payment to the credit card, so it's ready, too.
    I don't have the same demands as other people for what should be in the new MBP. Yes, I want the C2D, obviously, but if it can't access 4gb of RAM, I won't care. My PB only has 512mb at the moment, so 1gb will be fine with me. :D

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  • Flowbee
    Nov 29, 10:27 PM
    Reading through all the expectations in this thread has me thinking that there are going to be some veeeery disappointed people on the day this is announced.

    I'm guessing it'll be something like Airport Express, but for video. With a Front Row interface and a remote. Watch videos from you iTunes library, browse the iTunes store, subscribe to video podcasts, watch streaming movie trailers. Maybe a built-in web browser. If we're lucky, it will be able to browse and play video from YouTube or other video sites. That's all I'm expecting, anyway.

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  • FleurDuMal
    Jan 1, 07:09 PM

    This year better be good!

    It's all gone a bit 1984.

    "The first 30 years were just the beginning.............NOW WE TAKE CONTROL!"

    *cue troops blocking off all transport routes and closing down all forms of communication as Steve Jobs consolidates power*

    The next millenia will belong to the racially pure nerdy 30-something urban professional.

    Sorry, I've just read "The Plot Against America" :o

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  • cats and kittens meowing.

  • zwida
    Sep 1, 12:07 PM
    Not that this matters one whit, but I think I might have to buy one of those.

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  • noservice2001
    Aug 24, 08:24 PM
    c'mon apple, i promise to buy one when its released...

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  • NebulaClash
    Sep 14, 12:03 PM
    I think you are a minority of one on this interpretation.

    Then you should read the entire thread and see that you are wrong in this thought.

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  • kristapsz
    Jan 12, 11:42 AM
    The google cache for adium usage stats page:
    It was retrieved on 9.jan and it already contained Macbook Air entry, few days before the rumors came.
    Basically the name Macbook Air seems to be real. Only thing is what stands behind that name. :)

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  • roland.g
    Nov 28, 09:56 AM
    The only iPod behind the Zune on the list that Apple still makes is the U2 SE. All the others are discontinued models.

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  • tblrsa
    Mar 28, 03:12 PM
    The iPod Classic is the best iPod ever released, period. I love it since day 1. Only downside is you can�t use it for sports, due to its sensitive hard drive. The device does look awesome, goes well with my aluminum book. an ipod that is just about music and nothing else. and yeah the sound quality of the classic thats out right now does suck...i'd like to see improved battery life, higher quality chips (DAC, amps,...), digital output, maybe airplay - and all of that in a sexy, indestructable metal case with a click wheel and a small non touch display...

    Sounds like an awesome idea for a new Classic.

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  • Kane08
    Apr 2, 10:53 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Best post yet

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  • louis Fashion
    Apr 3, 01:55 PM
    This ad will never work. People want ads that make them feel like teenage boys. I know this from Android ads. Steel and lasers, Apple. Steel and lasers!

    Great post. Maybe we should ban all iPad sales to "over 18" that would firmly place Apple in the "elitist" camp

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  • woddy
    Jan 12, 09:07 AM
    i think there may be a umts / hsdpa powered macbook for the out off office use.

    Aug 6, 09:04 PM
    Well, they weren't kidding about Tiger being "long before Longhorn". I'm excited to see what they have cooking. Thankfully I'll be at work until 6 EST so I can come home, boot up MR and read all about it.

    Apr 2, 08:25 PM
    I much prefer this approach to advertising, the "If you don't have an iPhone" ad was just horrible.

    Not really. Different products. The smartphone market is one ups manship show off the functions of your phone trying to impress someone or get laid. Yes, the latter has happened! It is easy to carry a smartphone and "whip it out" as you try to get into a position to whip out other things.

    The tablet market is more about function and utility. Due to its size, you have to make a conscience effort to carry it with you as you have a task in mind. Those who don't well, look like geeks.

    Jan 11, 05:20 PM
    i highly highly doubt they are calling it the "macbook air." that's borderline laughable. i am willing to bet the phase "there's something in the air" is referring to the soon to be announced rental service, not a piece of hardware. apple is making an obvious attempt to eliminate physical mediums altogether, first cds with mp3s and now dvds with downloadable vids (both via the itunes music store). everything will be available "in the air" or "up in the cloud," if you will. i'll be damned if they name their next product the "macbook air." c'mon people...

    You may want to retract that...

    Why do you assume that the information was based off the posters, rather than simple coincidence or MR waiting for some corroboration? That's a bad assumption if I had to say so.

    Aug 7, 06:54 AM
    -Native NTFS write
    -Soltaire game as a dashboard widget
    -PC-run Mac OS X, but only via virtualization
    -Tabs in Finder and Safari be draggable, Dragon Drop style tabbed windows-like OS 9, and be easily recalled-bookmarks.

    Nov 28, 12:52 PM
    microsoft loses money on pretty much every product segment they have except office and windows. though xbox does look like it will be profitable soon enough.

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