Thursday, May 19, 2011

CBS passes on Cowherd

The man that accidentally reported Jim Hendry had been fired (before checking to see if it was true or not) was in talks with CBS about a sitcom. Tom Taylor at reports that those discussions have ended...

"Colin Cowherd receives bad news from CBS-TV – they’re passing on the sitcom based on his life, a project which had Damon Wayans attached to it. “Herd Mentality” didn’t make the cut, but another ESPN Radio personality is still in the running for a TV show. That’s “Mike & Mike” co-host Mike Greenberg, who’s talking with ABC-TV about a sitcom based on his recent book. Cowherd tweets this message - "Network passed on my sitcom. On to Plan B. In talks with Charlie Sheen for new show 'Almost Winning.' Taste that CBS."

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