Thursday, May 12, 2011

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There is a Gossips or a News Around the Internet Users That Ghrome is Announcing His OS as Soon as Possible Well We all are waiting for that Movements to get all the Chrome User Use a Good Products of Google. his Chrome OS is designed primarily to run on netbooks, which are currently overcrowding the market of mobile computing as of today. Since netbooks are made for extreme nomad-like computing due to its design and sizes, sadly Microsoft OS can only pave its way on number of brands limiting its availability on its oldest OS, the Windows XP. Only a handful of netbooks runs on Vista with a lot of issues of crashing here and there. Let's face the fact, Vista was not designed to power netbooks.

Now that Google has a dire ambition to at least dominate, if not, to roll its sleeve and play against with the big boys. Could the competition for an another entry of OS be as harsh on monopolizing the small yet emerging market of netbooks?

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