Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Intra-show Accident

Jimmy Barron worked very briefly in his hometown of Chicago as the producer of the Jonathon Brandmeier show in the early 90s before settling in Atlanta and becoming an on-air guy. He probably wasn't crazy about the reason he was in the news yesterday. From Tom Taylor's column this morning...

"WZGC, Atlanta producer Jeremy Powell was hit by his own cast member, Jimmy Barron, as both guys were going to work last week. But Jeremy “Fat Kid” Powell was walking and Jimmy was driving an SUV. As the Journal-Constitution’s Rodney Ho pieces together the story from Powell’s tweets, it went from a 5am “Holy crap! Got hit by a car” and “in an ambulance” to an 8am “Person that hit me is my very good friend and co-worker, @jimmybarrron. He was freaking out more than I was.” Powell didn’t need surgery, but at 3:05 he tweeted “Crutches suck.”

After working insane hours in radio for twenty years I thank God I never got into an accident myself. In the morning (3AM) on my drive to work I would barely be awake, but at least I had some coffee. It was the drive home that scared me nearly every day. I had to break the "no cell phones" law and talk to my wife or I would have fallen asleep at the wheel. Honestly, it's one of the reasons I have not tried to return to radio. I don't want to push my luck.

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