Saturday, May 21, 2011

justin bieber and selena gomez kissing

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  • doberman211
    Mar 22, 06:37 PM
    We'll just see what happens. I bought the 160 not too long ago so i won't be upgrading but it's good to know it's still around. 4571 songs of uncompressed audio and counting. gotta love the classics.

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  • aristotle
    Apr 3, 02:11 PM
    Please do a little research before making assumptions. "Search" is your friend.

    Reading comprehension is your friend.

    1. This thread is about the ad.
    2. I was stating my personal experience with my iPad 2 which was the same as with my iPad 1. There were no scratches or dents.

    No amount of searching would change my personal "experience". I have also heard about people getting returns as "new" at some stores.

    If the iPad is not covered by a plastic cover on the front and back then it is a return.

    Do you listen to country music ironically? Do you drink PBR?

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  • mrapplegate
    Apr 3, 01:52 PM
    I am still really surprised that it seems as if nobody else has had the greyed-out toolbar in fullscreen Safari bug that I've got. Has anyone heard or read something that I haven't? I am much more looking forward to the next preview/beta build now, it suffices to say. ;)

    Mine auto-hides as normal. I would file a bug report.

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  • leekohler
    Mar 24, 12:30 PM
    Other Animal species have bisexual relationships so it must be natural.

    Other Animal species also are involved in cannibalism and random out breaks against their own kind, so in our species we shouldn't prohibit murder either, its natural.

    Umm..what? All of those things you just mentioned involve victimization of others. If two consenting adults want to be together, there is no harm done to them or you. There's nothing wrong or harmful about gay people. You're being utterly ridiculous.

    BTW- you're talking to one. So I appreciate that you use fair comparisons, and stop comparing me and others like me to cannibals and murderers.

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 29, 12:05 PM
    I know this is off topic. But you guys and gals have got to go download the new Bob Dylan Blues Music Video Ad for iTunes pre-selling his new album "Modern Times" ( It is incredible! :eek: :cool:

    I think this is the best Ad Apple has ever delivered - bar none. I put it on single repeat in iTunes and it never gets old.

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  • bigpics
    Mar 24, 12:57 PM
    Dude, I'm sorry to inform you that what you're saying is an outright lie, and there are guys from the Lossless Compression Clan, called "Apple Lossless codec", "FLAC", and "APE", standing with heavy cluebats in their hands, ready to perform a painful reality sync on anyone thinking compression ALWAYS degrades quality.

    Because it doesn't, full stop.You're (very probably) right. My comments were aimed at those who were saying the Classic is overkill because who could ever "need" anything more than 128 or even 256 kbps AAC's or mp3's. (Nobody even mentioned 320, at which many of my fave songs are ripped.)

    So as for the "lossless" CODECs, my reach exceeds my grasp. When it comes to photo files I pretty much understand the principles of ZFW lossless compression in TIFF files and have thousands of 'em. And in case anyone doesn't know, if you work on JPEG's and do multiple editing sessions on a photo, you do introduce new compression artifacts every time you re-save even at the highest settings. I've done tests for kicks and giggles - repeatedly opening and saving .jpg's and you reach a point where the image looks like a (very) bad xerox copy.

    Back to audio, I've plowed through a few articles on formats - years ago - and I've seen slightly differing conclusions about Apple Lossless and FLAC ('tho all felt that these were alternatives worth considering for at least the great majority of people serious about sound), but, frankly, I lack the chops to have an informed opinion of my own, and know nada about APE.

    And, no, while I can appreciate friends' systems that are tricked out with vacuum tube amps, "reference" speakers and high-end vinyl pressings, I'm hardly one of the hard-core audiophiles in practice. My files are mostly 256 and 320 kbps, my home speaker placements are wrong and I use preset ambiance settings that totally mess with the sound to produce surround effects from AAC's.

    Worse, the great majority of my listening is on the mid-level rig in my car at freeway speeds or in city traffic, meaning I and millions of others are constantly fighting like, what, 20-30 db of non-music noise that totally overwhelms delicate nuances in sound. And worst, some of my earliest pre-iPod rips (back when I had a massive 20 GB HDD) were done in RealPlayer at 96 or even 64 kbps - before I sold or traded those CDs - and yeah, in the car, some of those still sound "pretty good" to me (tho' some clearly don't).

    Add the (lack of) quality of most ear buds and headsets used by most people, and there's probably less than 5% of music listeners experiencing "true high-fidelity." To turn around an old ad campaign, no, our music listening today is "not live - it's Memorex."

    But my point was and is that there's no reason to champion lossy compression per se other than for the economies of storage space it provides, and for fungible uses like topical podcasts.

    As long as we have the space, "data fidelity" is desirable so that the files we produce which will be around for many years - and get spread to many people - don't discard signal for no real gain. No one would put up with "lossy" word processing compression that occasionally turned "i's" into "l's" after all.

    And those audio files will still be around in a future of better DAC's, speakers, active systems which routinely monitor and cancel out things like apartment, road and car noise (in quieter electric cars with better road noise supression in the first place), better mainstream headsets and who knows what other improvements.

    Compatibility between players (software or hardware) used to be another reason to choose, say, mp3's, but there's really no meaningful competition to Apple's portable sound wonders any more.

    So please keep those "cluebats" holstered! No offense intended. ;)

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  • jxyama
    Apr 16, 08:22 AM
    Very interesting point but I want Apple's share to grow ! The whole point of this thread is to get Apple into every home - right now, its being done by the Ipod but sales can't continue this good forever so they must push the Macintosh into more homes and business.

    if you want apple in every home, why don't you buy Macs and give them away? (sarcasm)

    the whole point of this thread is NOT to get apple into every home. you started the thread claiming apple is in need of help. apple does not need help, as others have posted many, many times.

    apple will not try to put Macs in every home at the expense of its business. yeah, it makes great products. but it's not a charity - they are not going to start modifying their core business model just so everyone can have their product. get over it. Mac is not meant for everyone.

    lexus is nice. bmw is nice. are you going to petition that they should offer lower priced version of their cars so everyone could have one? a three story house with huge lawn and furnished basement is nice. are you going to petition morgage companies so that everyone could have a multi-million dollar morgages to get those houses and wreck their business because 99% of them will default?

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  • Xero910
    Mar 31, 12:59 PM

    Is "developer preview 2" the same upgrade that shows up with Software Update (using the developer preview 1)?

    That was only about 2mb in size -- downloaded and installed in a matter of a few minutes.

    After installation, it shows up as "build 11A390".

    Is this the actual "dp2", or does the whole thing have to be downloaded and re-installed?
    I'm guessing the software update was to patch the bug that prevented so many of us from downloading Lion in the first place. You need to go to the developer website, request a new redeem code and download it again from the App Store. Then you need to reinstall the whole thing again. As inconvenient as this is, there is likely a purpose. I highly doubt Apple would ditch Software Update for this, considering the install process is 3-4x longer.

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  • MasonH
    Apr 2, 11:09 PM
    I will not feed the trolls… I will not feed the trolls… I will not feed the trolls…

    Better not look at the dozens of pics in the big light bleed thread over here either then... might make your mind explode :D

    Oh - to prevent even *further* pain don't go look at the pics posted in the light bleed thread at either.

    Yup, trolls :rolleyes:

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  • econgeek
    Apr 12, 09:16 PM

    It does look like iMovie Pro.

    And even though it is a ground up rewrite, 64-bit, modern, professional application, that alone is going to have people complaining about it-- I predict-- even before they've used it and found that it is - I'd bet a large sum- quite featureful in all the ways that are important to a professional.

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  • joemama
    Nov 27, 03:30 PM
    The macbook is very competitive for it's size and portablility. Compare it to a similar Vaio or IBM. You'll be surprised.

    Sorry, I meant "monitors" - I just made the edit. thanks for the catch.

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  • Evangelion
    Aug 29, 12:36 PM
    .You think my post is spam? :confused:

    well, if you post the same thing in several threads (especially if it's unrelated to the subject of the discussion), then yes, i think it's spam

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  • FireStar
    Oct 10, 01:55 PM
    I disagree. After all, its in the USA and shipping times are slashed. I bought a couple iPhone cases and whenever I've had issues with the case, they always solved it. I can't say the same about sellers from Hong Kong that just don't care.
    It's ok, if you're going to be using it for a full time case.

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  • nyprospect
    Apr 2, 09:56 PM
    Makes me want to buy one.Go figure.

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  • Frisco
    Apr 2, 08:26 PM

    "Think Different"

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  • Surely
    Nov 24, 12:25 PM
    ^^^Picture thread, dude. Picture thread. ;)


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  • ipadfanatic
    Oct 21, 08:39 PM
    Not sure who mentioned the Switcheasy cases first but thank you. I ordered two color cases on Monday night, they shipped from San Francisco on Tuesday and I received them in Maryland today.

    Fit is nice and the screen guard looks and feels great.

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  • rezenclowd3
    Jan 10, 07:33 PM
    Americans mostly don't get the allure of a rallye type car. Ovals and 1/4 mile are about as sophisticated as we can manage. :p

    So very sad but true. F1 fan here, and rally if I can ever find time to watch it. I might not be a F1 fan for much longer though if they keep making "the ultimate racing machine" slower and slower by limiting the technology :mad: I understand the safety reasons, but its getting to be worse than the bicycle world:eek:

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  • rbf1138
    Sep 12, 06:14 PM
    Damn, I called my Best Buy and they claimed no cases were in yet. It also doesn't show as being available at any best buy online yet, including in delaware. i guess ill just go over there tomorrow anyway.

    Jul 18, 01:48 AM
    If I'm going to spend all that time downloading a movie, I should at least be able to keep it. Bah.
    I'd rather them just be streamed if it is indeed going to be rentals.

    Mar 19, 02:56 PM
    yet again it goes back to who has AWACS which yet again is the US.The French and British also have AWACS capabilities.

    Apr 12, 09:34 PM
    Please don't become one of those photographers who thinks they can "just add video" to their list of services because their DSLR shoots video. It's a lot more complicated than that.

    I'm kinda glad FCP and other tools cost as much as they do. It keeps the professionals serious about their craft. Having been on both sides of the fence, being a photographer doesn't make you a videographer and vice versa.

    On the contrary, I don't add it to my services at all. My clients do however sometimes request some video with my shoots. If it appears that they want full fledged video, I'll outsource a videographer to accompany me on the shoot. However, if all a client wants is a short video attached to the main service of photography, it's not justifiable to hire a videographer.

    Jan 1, 07:18 PM
    To tell you the truth, unless some better sourced rumors surface I think it may very well be a disappointing keynote.:(
    I hope I'm wrong.

    So just because there are no rumors makes the Keynote a failure by default?! :eek: :p If you ask me, it makes it all the more exciting - we won't actually know what is coming for once!


    Jan 5, 11:41 PM
    the guy looks like he really took care of the car (based on his ad). The pictures make it seem mint, and he says all maintenance has been done regularly.

    As I said before, there is no substitute for a thorough pre-purchase inspection by a competent BMW shop. These cars can be money pits.

    I found the bimmerforums site a few days ago and have been searching quite a bit. Nothing I am finding seems out of the ordinary, or something I haven't seen yet.

    Bimmerforums is mainly an E36 site. Bimmerfest is a better E46 resource.

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