Wednesday, May 18, 2011

justin bieber as a baby with his mom

justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Justin Bieber amp; Patty (His mom
  • Justin Bieber amp; Patty (His mom

  • twoodcc
    Feb 9, 04:57 PM
    million = mio

    oh ok. that's what i thought. but how do you have 6.4 million?

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. We already knew that Justin
  • We already knew that Justin

  • jholzner
    Aug 24, 06:51 PM
    As a previous poster pointed out, I don't think that conroe is compatible with the current Yonah procs. Only Merom is. Conroe requires a MB redesign.

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. justin bieber impregnated mom
  • justin bieber impregnated mom

  • bwintx
    Jul 20, 06:58 AM
    I bet that Vista will run on several year old machines. You might not get all the bells and whistles, but I don't have all the bells and whistles of Tiger on this Mac Mini of mine either. And since just about all OEM's wil preload Vista on their machines, the sales-numbers will be HUGE. And then we have those who upgrade their existing machines.

    You are correct. Existing PCs will run Vista but without the Aqua-ripoff pretty interface. For the Aqua-ripoff (I refuse to call it anything else), that's where much more RAM and newer video cards come into play by necessity. So, essentially, you get two classes of Vista users (imagine having to write the "requirements" text for Windows software in the near-future; ugh), and a giant opportunity for the memory and video card companies, which are probably buying their magazine and Web banner ad space right now -- not that anybody should alert the media for such info.

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Justin Bieber rumors seem to
  • Justin Bieber rumors seem to

  • ~Shard~
    Sep 6, 11:23 PM
    ...but we know that the mini-tower is inevitable....:)

    Well of course, but that still doesn't excuse his hypocritical post. :D :cool:

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Justin Bieber Impregnated His
  • Justin Bieber Impregnated His

  • 09iMac=Fail
    Mar 27, 08:44 PM
    I assume that's what you meant. Because we've seen touchscreen devices advance by leaps and bounds since June 2007. In two years' time it will very likely be an entirely new ballgame with such devices being a dominant force in tech, including gaming.

    This little demo is just barely scratching the surface.

    Saying that touch screen devices will be the dominant force in gaming in 2 years is a bold statement. I'd love to see them advance that much in 2 years, but I have a hard time seeing them being superior to traditional systems.

    LTD, do you own a PS3 or other similar system? We all know you don't own a 360. :) Just curious if you are much of a gamer or not. And no, gaming on cell phones or similar devices is not what I'm talking about.

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Justin Bieber And His
  • Justin Bieber And His

  • CEAbiscuit
    Jan 5, 09:57 AM
    Do you have any idea if it is possible to get such a feature working on non-intel machines (e.g powerbook G4)?

    iscroll2 - sometimes a little clugey, but it works...

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Justin Bieber, brought his
  • Justin Bieber, brought his

  • SaMaster14
    Jan 9, 11:18 AM

    very nice! The 135 is a quick car! (especially because its sooooo light).
    How do you like the handling on it though?
    For me personally I would probably not get the 1 series for some reason, I'm just not a fan of the looks that much - now the 335i coupe, thats a killer car!

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Justin Bieber says his mom has
  • Justin Bieber says his mom has

  • JoeG4
    Feb 27, 02:06 AM
    You can always tell the 22" because they have the power LCD below the bezel instead of on it. Three buttons too! Power, and brightness up/down. Even stranger, the buttons are mechanical clear pieces of plastic (and the power light is this big pill-shaped thing that hangs inside the power button).

    It was such a neat design! And then there was the translucent black frame (The backlight sorta bleeds through em too, also cool). The DVI 22" had a GREEN (amber pulsing while sleeping) power light and had a UFO-shaped breakout box at the end of its cable for the USB/power/DVI. Very cool.

    The sucky part about the 22" LCD was that it had a really high defect rate. However, it was introduced at a time when 15" LCDs were a luxury item, so it was more like the Ferrari of LCDs of its time. :D

    I recall paying the same price for mine as the Mac Pro currently costs. Sheesh! Stupid me. I should've put that money into Apple stock! If I had put the $7k I blew on my Dual 800/22" into Apple shares I could afford a Ferrari right now :(

    Being 14 and stupid FTW?

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. JUSTIN Bieber got his driver
  • JUSTIN Bieber got his driver

  • Veg
    Feb 28, 04:19 PM
    What's it made out of? And I presume there's a third leg holding the back of the iMac foot up? Otherwise I'd be rather concerned about it falling out of balance during an intense typing session :o

    You know what this forum needs? The ability to tag items in photos, sort of like how you tag people in FaceBook.

    And I hate FaceBook.

    We constructed it out of aluminum, it's the perfect material and looks great. Correct, it has a foot extending from the back that just barely stretches pass end of the stand.

    Ha agreed.

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Justin Bieber#39;s Mom believe
  • Justin Bieber#39;s Mom believe

  • MShock
    May 2, 05:40 PM
    Interesting� after the new GNOME 3.0 release, I'm convinced we will move farther way from the typical menu layout to a more minimalist, more web interactive interface. iOS is probably the closest to that, but I see windows looking more like FireFox 4 for Windows with the Firefox pop down menu and elimination of File, Edit, View etc. at the top. Mac OS 10.8 or 11 will probably follow suit, except have more webOS like functionality, and will converge several apps into 1�

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. kissing his mom
  • kissing his mom

  • twoodcc
    Mar 25, 12:12 PM
    congrats to 4JNA for 6 million points!

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. on Justin Bieber?s Mom
  • on Justin Bieber?s Mom

  • Belly-laughs
    Nov 29, 03:56 PM
    Don�t know if it�s been posted earlier, but apparently Zune sales in it�s first week were pretty good�

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Another Bieber Rumor: “Justin
  • Another Bieber Rumor: “Justin

  • robbieduncan
    Apr 20, 10:57 AM
    To me, driving is a necessary evil; if I'm at point A and I need to get to point B, and nobody else is going my way, then I'll drive; otherwise, I won't. I positively hate it, and I gain no joy whatsoever from it.

    That's because you only have automatics to drive :p

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Justin Bieber Has An Allowance
  • Justin Bieber Has An Allowance

  • guzhogi
    Jun 23, 08:17 AM
    You just described a touchless OS X. It does exactly that...

    How does having these features make it "touchless"?

    Oh, you will always be able to run Xcode on a Mac. You'll just have to buy the developer subscription for a few thousand dollars per year in order to get it activated...

    Actually, a few months ago, Apple changed the developer programs to be only $99 a year.

    One thing I'd like to see is a stylus that can be used with this & an iPad. Before I get flamed, hear me out. It wouldn't be just stylus only. It'll work just the way it is with your fingers, but also use a stylus for fine work like a painting/drawing program. Some people have bulky fingers that are too imprecise for drawing.

    I gess you mean OS XI or OS 11.0 :rolleyes:

    Yeah. I just don't see the whole Mac OS UI being totally revamped to the iOS in just a point upgrade (ie 10.7). This would require a full upgrade as in Mac OS XI, 11, or whatever it would be called.

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Justin and his mom. *__*
  • Justin and his mom. *__*

  • fedex1993
    Jan 8, 07:31 PM
    My car (well, when I finally pass my test) is below, the blue Nissan Micra on the far left. Not a very impressive car at all by any means, but it was seen on Top Gear a few years back ( when the boys made their electric car and took it to Oxford.
    *offtopic* where are you watching that at?

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Later on, his mom proudly
  • Later on, his mom proudly

  • mkrishnan
    Jan 1, 05:53 PM
    Whatever happend to the thin macbook? That is all I wanted this year.

    I don't think there's been any compelling evidence to support that, sadly. At least, several very seemingly viable component technologies, such as ULV C2D's, are not available yet.

    For the iSight, too, no really compelling evidence of what the revised product would be, should there be one.

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. JUSTIN Bieber plans to buy his
  • JUSTIN Bieber plans to buy his

  • someone28624
    Mar 22, 04:16 PM
    Do people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

    220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

    Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

    iPod plays videos and shows photos also.

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Justin and his mom
  • Justin and his mom

  • CIA
    Apr 12, 08:51 PM
    They output to tape because they cannot grasp the concept that tape became obsolete a decade ago (and the ones who can grasp it are stuck dealing with others who demand delivery and archive on tape.)

    I hate getting tape as delivery, but man I love it for archive. Tape sticks around while hard drives and burned data DVD's fail all the time.

    What? Am I supposed to move over 6TB of archived video packages into the cloud? Hows that gonna work?

    justin bieber as a baby with his mom. Did Justin Bieber Break His
  • Did Justin Bieber Break His

  • JFreak
    Jul 20, 05:05 AM
    Reading this thread I realized that technical issues are not deal-breaker for many people -- it's still price that matters the most. If download-to-own costs $10, then everyone keeps demanding better specs for the material and it never ends. But if rental costs a buck a piece, then it's fun to watch and quality feels acceptable.

    It's all about money, guys. Like it or not.

    Jan 3, 07:31 PM
    The C2D upgrade happened in November. The 17s actually shipped toward the last part of November. I can't understand why anyone would think that an improvement is needed in the displays on the MBP line. Some of you must have extaordinary vision if you could expect the video to be crisper or any more HD than it is. When I am viewing HD TV on this MBP, it actually blows the picture that we get on our HDTV set. And movies are really realistic looking on this screen. I perceive that anyone wanting a major upgrade to what I am seeing right here is going after "bragging rights" .... But that is just MHO

    I also own a bad A$$ custom built notebook with a kick butt video card and super duper display and I actually like this Mac better. Again ... MHO


    But the screen on the 17in MBP (1680x1050) by definition can't do HD (1920x1080). I don't care how well it can scale down, scaling down is not playing at true native resolution, and with most new content heading toward 1080i (and eventually 1080p), getting anything less than that now is just heading toward a dead end media wise IMO.

    Jul 18, 08:02 AM
    I think it'd be a good idea. What most people in here seem to forget about is that there are millions of people who don't have DVD burners, much less DL DVD burners. Also, if the quality gets much more than 480p we're talking about quite a few older computers not being able to play it back very well. I think my 1.5GHz Powerbook is technically (according to apple) limited at 480p so if there's any slow down or jerkiness to get it to 720p I'm not a big fan of that.

    I think rental is a good idea - I've gone to blockbuster a few times and I've even watched some films from my cable company just because I didn't feel like going to blockbuster. But if they can make the price good (1.99 or 2.99 tops) it'd still be cheaper than either of the options I just listed and it'd be whole lot easier to do it.

    I like download to buy for music but I'm with a lot of people on here in that if I want to own a movie I'll just go to target the day it's released and get it for $16.

    One more thing - you don't want Steve to win this round because the studios would require an absurd pricing model. Look at the universal store - 29.99 for new releases?!?! If you want the DVD just go to Walmart or Target etc and get it way below MSRP otherwise the movie companies are going to make apple do what the retails do - take a loss on every single one sold and I really don't think Steve would be down with that...

    Mar 22, 05:41 PM
    Geez.... what did they do long ago... have a 400-disc CD changer in their trunk?

    How did they manage?


    Some of us have been on the planet long enough to remember when 8-tracks came to cars that previously only had AM radios. How did we manage? Actually, we got along fined but bringing my own audio along with us just provides more options. Before the iPod, I would typically pick about 15-20 CD's to bring along with me on a road trip. I got along fine, but invariably I would wish that I had made a few different choices, never knowing what mood might strike me. So now I have an 80GB Classic that is about 95% full. Loaded on it are about 11,000 songs, 50-60 podcasts, a couple audiobooks, and maybe a movie or two. Every time the car leaves town, it goes with me. I take it to work every day and plug it into the sound system in my office. I plug it into an old boombox when I am working in the yard or on house projects. I don't need it to surf the web, play games, read email or anything else. It serves my wants perfectly, and though I am not about to claim that I am in the mainstream, I suspect that there are enough of us to keep a device like this profitable for Apple. I've toyed with the idea of selling this one and buying a 160GB but haven't yet. If Apple does choose to make a classic with high capacity, bluetooth, and airplay, I would buy it in a minute.

    Jun 23, 08:29 AM
    One thing I'd like to see is a stylus that can be used with this & an iPad. Before I get flamed, hear me out. It wouldn't be just stylus only. It'll work just the way it is with your fingers, but also use a stylus for fine work like a painting/drawing program. Some people have bulky fingers that are too imprecise for drawing.
    I agree, but I don't think the current screens in iPhones or iPads can register something as small as a real stylus point.

    Maybe not, but all third-party styluses for iPhones and iPads so far have been the size of a pencil eraser (or a sausage � literally), and I can't imagine that's what they started with.

    Sooner or later, I expect Apple to put some amount of pressure-sensitivity into future iPads or iPhones, one way or another, though, and their utility as drawing devices will increase dramatically.

    Apr 9, 04:59 PM
    I know how to drive a manual, but it has been ages since last time I have been in one

    Same here.

    I've had a flat-head Ford (stearing column shift), Chevy Cavalier, Porsche, Chevy Corvair Corsa :eek:, with some autos in between, and ever since.

    When you drive to/from Toronto all the time, standard just makes no sense, now that autos are much more efficient.

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