Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • Slix
    Mar 22, 07:56 PM
    I'm glad to see it not leaving. iPod Classic can't go! I mean, that's like, not good. :p

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  • Piggie
    Mar 25, 11:19 AM
    Its unlikely they will fit in an imac case. They are about 30cm long and are all dual slot.

    Well, to be fair, I was never expecting a PCI version of such a card to be fitted into an iMac.

    Given Apple's money, I thought they would have gone to ATI, Worked with them, and allocated a space inside the frame of a high end iMac, with the aluminium to act as a cooling area, and ATI could have designed a custom layout for this area using the same GPU's as are in the PCI card version.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Nov 27, 01:26 PM
    Wow, for the first time ever I actually beat MacRumors:

    I think a 17" model would be a good idea for Apple. It'll stop people buying Minis from getting their LCD fix from elsewhere to some extent and won't cost Apple a bean in R&D costs since they already use 17" panels in the iMac and have all the internals ready because of the 20" and 23" ACDs. It would only need a different sized chassis to be designed.

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  • MS bulldog
    Aug 29, 10:27 AM
    Only if they don't drop prices. Just depends what they charge, if they had core solo for $399 sales would go through the roof.

    hopefully that will be the price for future refurbs

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  • Chris Bangle
    Aug 25, 10:33 AM
    Why would updated mac minis be such a high security product. Its nothing revolutionary so why would apple want so much security on the shipping of them? Im hoping for something BIG

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  • econgeek
    Apr 12, 09:37 PM
    Isn't this utterly fantastic? These are the kinds of updates we used to get before Apple went all iPhone and iPad crazy. Glad to see they are finally giving such love to their Pro customers. Although i imagine this has been in the pipeline for a very long time!

    Remember when Apple had to delay Leopard in order to finish iOS? They are such a tight ship that they had to shift people from one major OS project to another.

    Apple hasn't been neglecting final cut. Many of these technologies have been in development for the past 4 years, and a major software project like this-- a ground up rewrite, remember-- should take about 4 years to produce.

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 9, 10:13 PM
    I learned on a stick, a one ton GMC dump truck. I've driven everything from 4 speeds to an 18 speed Fuller Roadranger.

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  • SciFrog
    Mar 30, 08:58 AM
    I decided I don't need to right now so it's back to bigadv units now.

    Your PPD has improved a lot :eek:

    Still no new Mac Pro announced...

    On another note, I updated four computer to 10.6.3 that were running a3 and all of them resumed and finished. Can't wait for a3 bigadv.

    Also rumors are all over the place for PPD on the new Nvidia GTX 480. Soem say 13k PPD, some say 29k...

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  • imnotatfault
    Aug 19, 09:09 AM
    I disagree with pretty much everything you said here Manic Mouse :D.

    I really hope the iPod doesn't go down the line of convergence/frankenstein/jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. It's a solid music player and it's main priority should be as such. In my experience with work colleagues and parents/in-laws the iPod is almost bordering on being too difficult as it is just with just music and video. Many never bother with video or podcasts or even firmware updates because they perceive it to be too complex. Adding slide-out keyboards, larger/deeper navigation menus, wifi connections, and email configuration would probably push it over the edge as far as being too technologically intimidating for most. Not to mention the size sacrifice.

    Apple may bring something else to the market to compete if there really is a decent market for devices like the Mylo (which I'm personally not too sure there is).

    Only if the device was separate from the iPod, which stayed truer to its roots, and more importantly, there was some sort of higher integration. Like the proposed built-in dock the mac mini would have. I still miss that.

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  • Zwhaler
    Aug 21, 12:35 PM
    Yeah, if the Zune can't even play videos, what makes anyone think it will be even nearly competable with the next iPod? I think that either the Zune is gonna suck, or they are gonna surprise with an honestly good music player.

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  • princealfie
    Dec 6, 01:39 PM
    The Zune is a disgraceful joke from M$.....who cares, get over it.

    I got over but it's still here.

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  • MikeNemat
    Aug 6, 10:41 PM
    Am I supposed to leave out cookies? :p :D

    Yep. And Milk. Steve Jobs will climb down your chimney, eat the cookies, and pour the milk into any PCs he finds in your house :)

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 26, 02:54 PM
    I think that these two quotes from Tim Cook during the last Apple quarterly call, put the nail in the coffin:

    "We've got the largest app store ..."

    "... iPhone's integrated approach is materially better than Android's fragmented approach, where you have multiple OSs on multiple devices with different screen resolutions and multiple app stores with different ... "

    Since Apple itself uses the word generically, I don't see how anyone can argue that it's not.

    From Apple's perspective, they have largest app store and it is named "App Store".

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  • gmcalpin
    Jun 23, 08:29 AM
    One thing I'd like to see is a stylus that can be used with this & an iPad. Before I get flamed, hear me out. It wouldn't be just stylus only. It'll work just the way it is with your fingers, but also use a stylus for fine work like a painting/drawing program. Some people have bulky fingers that are too imprecise for drawing.
    I agree, but I don't think the current screens in iPhones or iPads can register something as small as a real stylus point.

    Maybe not, but all third-party styluses for iPhones and iPads so far have been the size of a pencil eraser (or a sausage � literally), and I can't imagine that's what they started with.

    Sooner or later, I expect Apple to put some amount of pressure-sensitivity into future iPads or iPhones, one way or another, though, and their utility as drawing devices will increase dramatically.

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  • slu
    Jul 18, 10:07 AM
    Good. I want to be able to rent TV shows as well. You can really only watch The Daily Show once.

    Let me sum it up for everyone:

    Renting music = Bad
    Renting video = Good

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  • thefourthpope
    May 2, 07:38 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    As I'm sure others have noted, this jus seems less efficient than CMD-delete. I suppose more options are good, and I get this is a transition towards a more pervasive touch interface, but for computers with physical keyboards, this leaves me cold.

    I always wanted a CMD-delete action for Dashboard; this seems like a step back.

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  • iEvolution
    Apr 26, 05:11 PM
    The term app has been used LONG before it became a popular term, all the way back in Windows 95 I remember the term app being used for applications on Windows.

    Ridiculous lawsuit is ridiculous. This kind of stuff makes Apple look petty, just like the youtube videos of antenna problems they had.

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  • mrwheet
    Sep 15, 02:26 AM
    Then allow me to confirm what he said. I cannot use my iPhone 4 at home without a case; every other phone I've owned (including several iPhones) has always shown full signal in every room in the house. The iPhone 4's antenna problem is real, and listening to Apple sheep swear up and down that it's not doesn't change the fact that my iPhone 4 says "No Signal" when I make the mistake of holding it in my left hand. :rolleyes:

    Zero problems with my iPhone 4. Totally happy with it. I bought it fairly recently (just over a month ago), so maybe it's a more recent run, and doesn't have the problem. Not sure. Really don't care. But the fact that my phone works doesn't make me a f***king "Apple sheep." It's really simple; the phone does what it says on the box. I'm not saying every unit does, by mine does. Deal with it.



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  • Caitlyn
    Sep 1, 12:57 PM
    Wow, this would be amazing. Screw my plan to buy an ACD if this happens. A MacBook and a 23" iMac would look awesome on my new glass desk. ;)

    It needs:
    Glossy Screen (Even if it's only an option)
    Up to 3GB RAM (at least; 4GB would be nice)
    Merom (Obviously)

    Extras that would be cool:
    Option for Black
    No Chin

    That's all I can think of as the iMac is a quite capable, beautiful looking machine already. :)

    This price range would seem fair to me:
    17" iMac $1299
    20" iMac $1499
    23" iMac $1699

    Oct 23, 07:08 PM
    me too. i can easily picture them sitting behind the screen biting their nails while hoping new mbp's are not released. then they have the incredible urge to post totally useless comments because they can't bare the fact that their mbp is about to be outdated.

    haha! i love it! about the fact that I've been enjoying my MBP for months now while you've been waiting and replying on this board for those same months on whatever ancient machine you currently own? I dunno about you, but I've enjoyed these months of screaming performance while on the road. But hopefully for you, the months of checking this website on a daily basis wishing you had a MBP pays off this week.

    dr Dunkel
    May 3, 03:06 AM
    I just wish they could make open programs stay at the bar for easy access and that there would be a delete option in the right-click menu.

    Feb 22, 03:22 PM
    I bought an 08 MacBook Aluminum. So No i'm not concerned or care about the upcoming refresh.

    Even so, you could have probably had the 08 Al MB for another $100 off post-refresh.

    It's finally all finished. Put the Craftsman tool chest in this weekend. It mostly hold cable and repair tools for guitars.

    Those toolboxes are quite expensive. Any reason you chose one of those over, say, a plastic rolling cart from Ikea?

    Dec 27, 10:38 PM
    I'm predicting a price around $400, but I'm also expecting a streaming device.
    Didn't Jobs say it would be priced at $299?

    Aug 16, 10:22 AM
    I've a feeling this might also upset the music companies as I'm sure the one-way sync was one feel-good/selling point for anti-piracy concerns.

    Though what is stopping Apple limiting it so that iTMS purchases cannot be exchanged wirelessly between pods but your own non iTMS can?

    Ok thats not ideal for the music industry in terms of 'anti-piracy' but i'm sure if Apple could alleviate their fears that no iTMS music can be transfered then there is a good feature there for something like BT on your IPOD.....

    Or maybe they will do the rendevous of the IPOD world and you can listen to peoples music in the vicinity to you but cant keep it and hence this would drive up music sales for the record companies.

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