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justin bieber cards birthdays

justin bieber cards birthdays. This March is Justin Bieber#39;s
  • This March is Justin Bieber#39;s

  • CIA
    Apr 12, 08:56 PM
    50 years ago there were no computers. If you want to go back to the moviola, nobody is stopping you. You seem to think that sticking with outdated metaphors is inherently somehow better.

    You may have never used iMovie but it is foolish to assume that none of us have. That idea that you can't edit in iMovie is nonsense, and absurd on the face of it.

    The basic process of "This is my source, this is my output" has been around as long as film editing. The overall look of video editing, be it tape to tape, or the current (FC7) editing layout is more or less the same. In points, out points, etc.

    Anyway, you know what. Fine. You can have your new iMovie. All yours. I sure as hell can't use it. The trailers in '11 were cute, but beyond that, it's not nearly good enough for polished output. If you want am, there's your option.

    All I'm asking is they leave final cut PRO to the pros who know how to use it and like the interface. I want under the hood tweaks to make it faster. Cocoa?

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  • justin bieber cards birthdays.

  • BenRoethig
    Sep 6, 06:08 PM
    probably supply reasons and cost reasons.

    if they bumped it to core 2, at least the base model would still have been core duo, the c2d one would have been more expensive, and i'm willing to bet we may see the 1.83 C2D in more than just the 17" imac soon.

    I'm guessing that Apple probably had a bunch of yonahs sitting around and hoped they could sell some off.

    Bet the combo and Superdrives are all unchanged-the suppliers the same as February's model.

    Considering Panasonic and Pioneer are the only ones who make slot loading notebook drives, I'd guess so.

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  • nvelker
    Sep 14, 08:44 AM
    When will it stop??

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  • eenu
    Aug 16, 10:22 AM
    I've a feeling this might also upset the music companies as I'm sure the one-way sync was one feel-good/selling point for anti-piracy concerns.

    Though what is stopping Apple limiting it so that iTMS purchases cannot be exchanged wirelessly between pods but your own non iTMS can?

    Ok thats not ideal for the music industry in terms of 'anti-piracy' but i'm sure if Apple could alleviate their fears that no iTMS music can be transfered then there is a good feature there for something like BT on your IPOD.....

    Or maybe they will do the rendevous of the IPOD world and you can listen to peoples music in the vicinity to you but cant keep it and hence this would drive up music sales for the record companies.

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  • charlituna
    Apr 2, 09:42 PM
    I only talked to the guy for about one minute and was told that Apple was looking into this so I am guessing that more than 10 people have an issue.

    They look into everything for all new products, standard practice. That's why they encourage folks to return 'bad' units those first few weeks. They call it Early Field Failure Analysis

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  • rock6079
    Nov 29, 03:28 PM
    im sure theyve got something secret up their sleeve for the itv, just cant wait to see what hte final product is like

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  • Hunabku
    Apr 13, 01:50 AM
    +1 here. Every time I've tried to use iMovie for a "quick" edit it always ends in disasters like this. In my case, I was trying to move some music around and time my edits with the music. It was really infuriating trying to do this in iMovie compared to how fast I could have done it in FCP. I guess we'll have wait till Apple posts more info or we get it in our hands to really tell if it can be run like the current FCP.

    Yes i agree we have to get our hands on it to know. Which in a way negates everything you said previously. Just because the UI borrows some of the visuals from imovie does not mean that running the program and editing will be like iMovie.

    This is typical of people -apple releases something radically new in a given category and everyone proclaims the sky is falling and the product is a flop. Only after time we discover that there was deep thought given to the users' experience and the end result is booming sales.

    Randy has definined the vanguard of video editing software - from writing/architecting Premiere, Final Cut, iMovie and now Final Cut X. He knows how to make software for video pros so please reserve judgment until using it and respect the depth of experience here.

    PS i really think that apple is powerfully positioning themselves by selling final cut so cheap. Now you can justify paying more for a Mac box because the software is so much less than the competition. Brilliant if you ask me - make software cheap, sell more macs and cost kick your competition out of the market.

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  • justin bieber cards birthdays.

  • Ping Guo
    Jun 23, 03:01 AM
    Apple made a device for these people - the iPad.

    For a desktop, errr, what is the advantage over a mouse? A mouse is more precise and far more comfortable to use as your arm is resting on a horizontal surface. Imagine swiping all over a 27" iMac screen for hours. Neck and shoulder pain anyone?

    Touchscreen smartphones: Ideal
    Touchscreen tablets/netbooks: Has advantages
    Touchscreen desktops: No benefit

    We're very used to using a mouse, but it's definitely not the most natural way to interact with a computer. It's not easy either. I've seen old people that never could figure out how to double click without moving the cursor 50 pixels from where they wanted to click.

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  • iPhone1
    Feb 8, 10:58 AM
    Wave hi to me as I pass you on the freeway :)

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  • TheBobcat
    Nov 28, 02:07 PM
    MS did sell the Xbox at a loss. They were still losing money at $299 a pop and had to lower to $199 to keep up with Sony's unexpected price drop the spring after it came out. I seem to remember that the per-unit cost to make an Xbox was somewhere around 420-450 per unit.

    However, MS did some things very well with the Xbox that caused it to succeed. First, they bought a lot of game developers to create games for it. They struck gold with Halo, and that alone caused a lot of people to buy it.

    The second was the built-in hard drive, which allowed for expanded functionality in games as well as an end to costly memory cards being required.

    The third, and biggest, was a true innovation in online play. Xbox Live was the first system to standardize online names, messages, and supported technologies across a whole set of games. MS was the only player that took online seriously, and they capitalized, big time. Nintendo still really doesn't care, and Sony has effectively copied MS's innovations for PS3. MS didn't invent online play, but they brought it to the masses in a way that was easy and fun. Slice it any way you want it, MS really innovated and executed Xbox Live.

    Xbox relatively succeeded for those reasons. However, all of those things are virtual non-factors to the Zune. Zune (as of now) has no exclusive content, it has no revolutionary built-in feature, and has no real huge innovation to the way music is listened to, or a better execution thereof. All it really has is a stretched iPod-res screen, and very limited Wifi connectivity between Zunes.

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  • mazola
    Jul 19, 11:58 PM
    So will there be any surprises at WWDC?

    They weren't very clear...

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  • Stella
    Aug 16, 09:33 AM
    If the report is from Digitimes then it can't be true.

    They are consistently full of *****.

    I'm surpised this isn't on page 2.

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  • MattInOz
    Jun 23, 05:35 AM
    The form factor of an iMac just doesn't work nicely with the general way iOS is meant to be used. As mentioned by moneyman, there seems to be a rough adaptation for it if it's used in conjunction with a touch pad, but this still doesn't seem very likely. The only platform that would benefit largely with an iOS layer would be the MacBook line, which could easily enough use a touch-screen interface directly on the existing display without worrying about tired arms. However, this brings up another issue: It would cannibalize iPad sales and blur the defining line for that "intermediate" category of devices between iPhone and Mac that Jobs just finished touting about.

    So in summation, my opinion is that it's highly unlikely.

    I could see Two reference designs for this idea.
    One the iMac 3G
    Screen on floating arm is a Standalone iOS device that is the interface to the OS X device in the dome.

    But that is really a MacMini in a stand and Biggier iPad or a range of bigger iPads to work with in.This would work better with say Lightpeak for the connection.

    Not sure it would be an iMac in that I can't see them jumping the iPad up to 20inch range screens or dropping the iMac back to 15inch range screens.

    A new product maybe.
    So reference design two would be a wedge so it could also stand up or lie sloped on the table with the thicker part of the wedge for the x86 processor and power supply.

    They do need to offer a station wagon or a ute before some people are going to give up their trucks for cars.

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  • Tmelon
    Mar 30, 08:55 PM
    Is there a DMG or is the App Store / Redemption Code the only way to update? What about offline computers?

    Redemption code seems to be the only way. For some reason I can't get mine to work.

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  • Kranchammer
    Mar 24, 01:20 PM
    Even then though...I dont think this means anything special for non-MacPro owners. Everything else gets the mGPU treatment:(

    Well, that's because all of Apple's other products are constrained by power and/or space requirements.

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  • Northgrove
    May 3, 05:40 AM
    In Lion a user simply needs to invoke the Launchpad, click and hold on the icon of the application they wish to delete, and when the icons begin to wiggle a cross appears on icons of apps installed via the Mac App Store. Clicking this cross brings up the message "Are you sure you want to delete the application...?", and clicking 'Delete' confirms and removes the app.
    I hope I can right-click and delete them too. Pointless to click and wait while holding if you have an input device with more than one button... :rolleyes:

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  • Danksi
    Nov 29, 02:45 PM
    So long as iTV can reliably pull all of our media content from our PC/Mac, without it overloading iTunes/iPhoto, we'll be happy.

    It may just be what's needed for us to finally replace our decaying 19inch TV for a widescreen 26inch LCD TV. :)

    Since our DVD player's pretty knackered too, I was thinking it'd be nice to stick a DVD in my MacPro and have iTV stream it to the front room, one less box to worry about. Built-in DVR would be sweet, no more VHS machine, but it'd need a Canadian TV-Guide.

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  • partyBoy
    Nov 26, 02:24 AM
    ^^^^^Could I recommend a case for that?

    Come on guys...give the guy a break,stop making fun of him...this is the case he needs.

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  • eenu
    Aug 16, 11:05 AM
    As much as i love ipod and apple rumors it is getting stressful and frustrating that we hear these rumors every damn week and nothing comes out of them. Last week we had the iphone, the week before we had the 2nd part of the none touch stuff it just goes on and on and its peeing me off, im begining to doubt wherther there will ever be a phone or touchscreen thing.

    I agree to an extent but this is a rumours site.....so as such your going to get this. If it stresses you that much just don't read the ones you think are the same.

    May 2, 05:08 PM
    I got a another newbie question
    I am planning on moving out of Windows (7) and onto MAC OS X, but I want to wait for Lion since its close to a finished product. Now my question is, if Lion comes out, would that mean every Mac (Mac Pro, iMac, iMac mini, Macbook, MB Pros, etc) would have Lion installed/packaged or is there a specific mac that will have Lion on its first day and the other macs would have to wait???

    All macs sold after launch will come with Lion either pre-installed or with an upgrade disk (if they shipped before Lion launched).

    Edit: Lion should also be compatible with any mac with a Core 2 Duo or newer (my Core Duo MBP will, sadly, be obsolete).

    Mar 25, 07:25 AM
    ...is an ipod that is just about music and nothing else. and yeah the sound quality of the classic thats out right now does suck...i'd like to see improved battery life, higher quality chips (DAC, amps,...), digital output, maybe airplay - and all of that in a sexy, indestructable metal case with a click wheel and a small non touch display...

    Nov 27, 03:30 PM
    The macbook is very competitive for it's size and portablility. Compare it to a similar Vaio or IBM. You'll be surprised.

    Sorry, I meant "monitors" - I just made the edit. thanks for the catch.

    Apr 2, 10:38 PM
    Virtually every unit huh.

    Well I have seen tons of postings all over about 'I got the new ipad' with no mention of said problems.

    I bought one opening weekend for home use and one last week for work with nada. All nine of the cast on my current gig have problem less iPad 2s, plus the office has gotten close to 100 units all with no issues.

    Perhaps by 'virtually every' you mean 'not even one percent of what has been sold' because that is probably the real number

    Every unit I've seen (admittedly only 3 friends but every one in the store) has had it. You won't notice it under bright lights... hence the "none of my office co-workers have it" or "nobody in band class" replies but if you ever watch any movies on it and have the black bars you WILL notice it. Any dark backdrop from any game or wallpaper will show it.

    I've seen some with very little and some with a horrible amount of bleeding.

    Best thing would be to go to the "using your iPad" forum here and see the dozen's of pics that fully show the problem.

    If yours doesn't look like this or if you never have a dark pic or app on it... great!

    But don't claim the issue doesn't exist... Apple's own forum has a monster thread about it and the thread here at MacRumors is HUGE :(

    Mar 24, 01:09 PM
    I would love to see more cards supported off the shelf offering a wider choice of upgrade and gpu options. Although I'd be then concerned with the effect it may have on the integrated optimized nature of OS X and the hardware.

    Would be nice to Nvidia being supported as well. If for some reason you wish to run Linux on your mac and you have an ATI card you are at a disadvantage as ATI make crap linux drivers.

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