Tuesday, May 24, 2011

justin bieber died in car accident

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  • TallManNY
    Apr 19, 11:15 AM
    My Mom's iMac is on its last legs. I think I got it for her in early 2006 and its screen is having some streaking problems. Otherwise it still works, but a lot of the latest Apple software won't load on it. Once the refresh is out, I'm handing down my early 2008 iMac. That will be a big upgrade for her. I will get a new one for myself. I'm excited!

    I suspect I will do what I always do though, I will look into the Mac Pro, price it out, hesitate, and then go buy the iMac again. I can never justify the money for the Pro.

    justin bieber died in car accident. Justin Bieber Car Accident.
  • Justin Bieber Car Accident.

  • CorvusCamenarum
    Mar 19, 01:23 PM
    Doesn't seem to stop Obama from going on TV to claim credit though.

    Maybe he thinks if he does enough of nothing, he'll get himself another Nobel Prize.

    Still, it's good to see other governments taking the point on this. We've got enough on our plate as it is.

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  • VyseTheLegend
    Sep 14, 09:33 PM
    NYC-- there are 6 of them I went to and each sells different cases. Some more than others. Yes, it is dark purple. ;)

    Which store in NYC? I've been looking for that dark blue/dark purple one.

    justin bieber died in car accident. justin bieber dead in car
  • justin bieber dead in car

  • St0rMl0rD
    Nov 28, 03:52 PM
    Just ordered some Affliction and BCK stuff from U.S.!

    Affliction Spear T-Shirt - 26 EUR

    Affliction Scripture T-Shirt - 54 EUR


    Got this Affliction shirt for free as their bonus:

    And two BCK bracelets:

    justin bieber died in car accident. Did+justin+ieber+died+in+
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  • Luveno
    Sep 1, 04:05 PM
    If they did offer a 23" iMac, that would be their first "HD Ready" iMac. I was just about to buy a 20" ACD for my 20" iMac, because I needed more screen real estate, now I need to wait 2 weeks to see how i'm going to handle that, too. Bloody Hell :)

    justin bieber died in car accident. justin bieber dead in car
  • justin bieber dead in car

  • twoodcc
    Mar 28, 12:03 AM
    I just realized that mc68k hasn't had any points since the 14th of March, hope he hasn't gotten in trouble for folding on company machines...

    yeah i noticed that also. i hope he's able to fold again soon

    I have it all back together now and hope to ride it tomorrow, weather permitting. The paint chip didn't look like this, but I love it! The original silver frame and pipes contrast nicely.


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  • jettredmont
    Apr 12, 10:25 PM
    This all started just because I said I hope Final Cut doesn't turn into iMovie. Somehow that turned into iMovie is pro and Final Cut is the Model T of editing.

    No, no one said iMovie was Pro. You said you didn't want FCP to take the same "backward step" iMovie did. The hue and cry here is that, where we stand now, iMovie is a far more capable editor than iMovie HD ever was, and has room to grow where iMovieHD did not. It was NOT a step backwards.

    Your rebuttal has been that iMovie is not pro, but that's obvious. iMovie HD was not pro (and was significantly less capable than iMovie today is in terms of precision editing, audio work, etc).

    For my hobby work (NOT pro), I went from a die-hard Final Cut Pro user (I worked for Apple and got a hell of a discount on FCStudio) to an iMovie user with the past two revs of iMovie. I tried and simply could not use iMovie HD for what I wanted to do. I hit some barriers with iMovie today, but nothing like the crap that iMovie HD and before gave me.

    justin bieber died in car accident. Did Justin Bieber die today?
  • Did Justin Bieber die today?

  • KnightWRX
    Apr 10, 06:31 PM
    OK, so apparently you don't have experience with automatics...

    But yet you have an opinion on how superior your choice of manuals is.

    Yes, obviously the thick sarcasm and the pointing out of P R N D 2 1 means I've never stepped in and driven an automatic ;) I was kidding about not knowing how to drive automatic if it still isn't clear.

    Really, is there even someone who doesn't know how to drive an automatic ? It's pretty self-explanatory, not much of a learning curve shifting from Park to Drive and hitting the gas. Of course, if one were to put it in Neutral not much would happen and Reverse is a very bad thing if you're looking to go forward.

    I think we have a winner for the "humor impaired post of 2011".

    I feel that coupes should be manual and the rest autos, except for 2 door suvs (wrangler, D90). Just my opinion.

    Coupes are just awkward. Give me a good hatchback or wagon anytime. The agility of a coupe, the interior room of a light SUV.

    Subaru doesn't make coupes, that should tell you something. No need to sacrifice all that interior space to get a sporty feel. Heck, a WRX feels much sportier than a damn Hyundai Tiburon and is much more convenient to boot (god I miss that car... stupid TS wagon I'm stuck driving these days...).

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  • Man killed in crash as he

  • rasmasyean
    Mar 26, 09:33 PM
    Well, the US controls the AWACS so that kind of says the US still prolly running a big part of the show in reality. Also the tomahawks are flying arround too. I would doubt US command is taking orders from the Canadians. I wonder if the US is purposly trying to "hide their face" given the fact that much of the muslim world resents them for leading the past 2 wars.

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  • acslater017
    Aug 6, 11:04 PM
    you know everyone's going mac nuts when it says "update: photo of cloth covered banners".... :)

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  • justin bieber car accident

  • cleric
    Mar 23, 01:22 AM
    As mentioned above,some people want to listen to their songs uncompressed.

    I find it hard to believe anyone keeps their music uncompressed thats just dumb and plain lazy.

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  • justin bieber died in car

  • Kingsly
    Sep 6, 06:08 PM
    Makes sense. Steve is, after all, a major player at Disney.

    My guess: Disney and Lions gate now, more in a month or so.

    It would be nice to have a streaming service, in which you pay for a netflix type price model and are allowed to stream movies on demand.... talk about bandwidth charges!!

    justin bieber died in car accident. justin bieber died in car
  • justin bieber died in car

  • (marc)
    Mar 18, 07:35 AM
    You know it. I would even go so far as to say it's ridiculous! :rolleyes:

    In full disclosure, I've had a borderline man-crush on Obama since he announced he was running for POTUS... but when I heard about this UN resolution, my heart just sank. Eight years of Bush "forcefully spreading the gospel of democracy 'round the world" idiocy and we appear to have learned nothing. Nothing. :(

    Would you rather have the Libyan people (who have called for help!) slaughtered by Gaddafi?

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  • zv470
    Jul 18, 02:13 AM
    ...ok, and what about an iTunes Music Store for New Zealand and all the other countries that are missing out? :eek: please :p

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  • Young Justin Bieber fans were

  • yg17
    Mar 22, 11:43 AM
    I love how "gays" freak out when non-homosexual people do something. But yet when "gays" want to do something extreme it's because we don't accept them, so when they get in trouble it's a huge ordeal.

    To me this is like the people that don't support war. If a veteran was killed in action and a funeral is happening they can picket the funeral all day long (talk about bull ****!) But yet if we don't let them picket they freak out scream free rights free rights. Well guess what those veterans (me included since I serve) gave them that freedom to stand there in picket.

    Gays are the same way. I have no issue with gays, I don't agree with it but if your gay, be gay. Just don't expect the world to conform to your way of life, especially a country (United States) founded on Christianity. If anything go to a foreign country and complain then see how bad it really is to come out, unless it's Amsterdam, Iraq or Afghan they'll love your butt over there.

    The US was not founded on Christianity, and some 2,000 book written by man about an invisible man in the sky should not be basis for law.

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  • pope
    Jan 13, 09:28 AM
    introducing...MacBook Error

    justin bieber died in car accident. Helping hand: Justin Bieber
  • Helping hand: Justin Bieber

  • Spica
    Sep 7, 09:55 AM
    I just bought a brand new core solo from a reseller 4 days ago!!! Is there any remedy for me?

    This sucks.

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  • Habakuk
    Mar 26, 03:13 AM
    touchArcade wrote (http://toucharcade.com/2011/03/25/digging-into-ipad-2s-hdmi-out-and-what-it-means-for-games/): "…clean digital signal while the VGA and component cables provide analog output only (and lack audio information)."

    This is not true. The component (and composite) cable provides audio. The VGA does not. It's okay that the small iDevices offer multiple video out (and audio out) options:

    - Headphone out
    - Docks (balanced analog audio out only)
    - Component cable
    - Composite cable (not compatible with Component)
    - VGA adapter
    - HDMI
    - and last but not least wireless Apple TV 2

    They all offer different options and techniques for different purposes. Digital/analog, CRT TV sets, balanced/unbalanced audio, mirroring or not. Serves for just viewing your photos and videos, for DJs, VJs, video editing, presentations etc.

    I am using them frequently. There should be an article that points out the differences. I am sure even the software devs don't know exactly everything on that topic.

    justin bieber died in car accident. Did Justin Bieber Die Today In
  • Did Justin Bieber Die Today In

  • macidiot
    Jul 19, 04:41 PM
    How could the analysts be off by almost a billion dollars? Are they held to account for this?

    Of course not. Their job is to not be accurate. Their job is to generate revenue, usually in the form of stock trades. If they are accurate, it is usually because the company they are covering essentially gave them the EXACT numbers.

    Analyst downgrades stock, people sell. Analyst upgrades stock, people buy. rinse, repeat every couple of months.

    However, most analysts are pleasant people. Must be from those mid-six figure salaries.

    Nov 27, 01:33 AM


    Feb 9, 04:57 PM
    million = mio

    oh ok. that's what i thought. but how do you have 6.4 million?

    Machead III
    Sep 7, 04:58 AM
    "Sin City was 40 million, Renaissance 14 million �, A Scanner Darkly 8.5 millions"

    These were cheaper because they relied on digital effects to make a visual impression, rather than a couple hundred tons of actual explosives blowing up a genuine Boieng 747 as you might have in a Hollywood blockbuster.

    Good to see you mentioned 2046. Great movie ^^ Wong Kar-Wai is awesome.

    Apr 12, 09:26 PM
    I found this audio stream of the keynote. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/foxtrotyankee

    It hiccups now and then but not awful.

    That hasn't worked for me in the past 10 Minutes.
    I guess the pictures will suffice for now.

    Oct 23, 10:52 PM
    There is no way I am buying a MBP without NAND.

    Weird... While the NAND flash/cache would be nifty, it's hardly a feature I would consider to be vital. FW800 and DL DVD writer on the 15" MBP are much more worthy causes. ...I doubt we'll get those features either. :( You won't see NAND with this update - probably not until spring/summer '07.

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