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justin bieber grammys 2011

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  • kadajawi
    Sep 7, 05:56 AM
    "Sin City was 40 million, Renaissance 14 million �, A Scanner Darkly 8.5 millions"

    These were cheaper because they relied on digital effects to make a visual impression, rather than a couple hundred tons of actual explosives blowing up a genuine Boieng 747 as you might have in a Hollywood blockbuster.

    Good to see you mentioned 2046. Great movie ^^ Wong Kar-Wai is awesome.
    Right, but there were tons of artists working on the overpainting of A Scanner Darkly. And they don't blow up 747 anymore... they did such things with Tora! Tora! Tora! and other old movies, but today there is a lot of CGI involved. Remember Batman Begins and how proud they were that the car scene was without any CGI?
    Initial D had a tiny budget compared to The Fast and the Furious I and II, yet it had great car scenes with lots of drifting and a nice story. I thought it was by far superior to the Fast ... movies, and it's far more stylish. But it had the Infernal Affairs directors, so that's pretty obvious.
    I think big budget today means the studios think it appeals to the masses. They will try to put in a star not for the acting talent or because the star fits in the role best, but because of the name and the promo. They movie will be made for the mainstream, so there will be a bit of a love story, some action scenes, or just some obscene humor. Maybe a remake. And don't experiment. Shouldn't be intellectually challenging. Boring!

    Yeah, Wong Kar-Wai is awesome, though I prefer his Chungking Express. Dunno how the budget was on that one, but I'd guess pretty much non existant.

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  • Erwin-Br
    Mar 24, 04:40 PM
    Because they suck, and have put up subpar product offerings. Also, those products need a NUCLEAR REACTOR to power and burn houses quicker than gas does.

    Okay, so it's more power hungry. Not an issue on a Mac Pro workstation, though. Anything else?

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  • Clive At Five
    Sep 1, 12:55 PM
    Dammit, you see what they're doing with this 23" iMac, don't you? They're trying to plug up the gaping hole in their product line by introducing a "Pro" iMac of sorts. They'll use it as an excuse NOT to make a freaking mid-level Mac.

    It'll still be a gaping hole, even with the top level Merom, but it'll be small enough for Apple to ignore it. Infidels!

    Prove me wrong, Apple. Prove me wrong.


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  • Al Coholic
    Apr 21, 06:34 PM
    Apple sucks positioning data from our phones, potentially violates untold laws and their stock goes up 8 points.

    Freaking amazing. Only Apple.


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  • SFStateStudent
    Sep 14, 01:55 PM
    Oh, great! We listen to a company that says "all generic brand foods taste the same as brand name foods!" I'm waiting to hear what Ralph Nader says...ROFL :p

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  • Stridder44
    Sep 6, 07:05 PM
    A Netflix subscription and a spindle of DVD-R discs is cheaper then one new movie from Apple.

    Sorry, not interested.

    HA I like your style. Think I'll adopt it too.

    Honestly though, am I the only one who thinks they should change/add/replace iTunes and just keep it for music, and make a separate app for videos & films (or something)? The "iTunes Movie Store"? That sounds like the "Home Depot Car Dealership & Laser Tag Center". I understand Apples' all about simplicity, but buying movies from the music store to play in iTunes...then again it does make it simpler for the iPod...meh. I just think some form of change should be made here.

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  • MacSA
    Aug 29, 11:21 AM
    Apple's laptop sales have soared in the last 12 months or so, while desktop sales have seen quite a drop. A price cut to the Mini might go some way to rectifying that problem.

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  • plokoonpma
    Apr 12, 09:59 PM
    This is a huge change! Dam.. on the sheet looks awesome. Will make editing in all environments more friendly and scalable.

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  • supremedesigner
    Jul 19, 05:53 PM

    Quoth Jim Cramer.

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  • tristangage
    Nov 26, 05:26 PM

    Wanna know something awesome? (if that game is the same as the one released for xbox/ps3/other consoles,) My brother did the voiceover 'sounds' for Harry Potter in that game :D

    .. I say sounds, as there isn't actually any speech, but noises made when jumping, or pushing, or being hit by spells etc were all my brother :)

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  • ipodG8TR
    Aug 16, 12:31 PM
    Thats far too complicated for Apple.

    Couldn't the option to listen to Sirius be just another menu item?

    Bookmarking a song could be as simple as hitting one of the buttons on the click wheel.

    Satellite radio is just beginning. Why not partner up now and set the standard. Sirius subscribers would consider buying an ipod, current ipod owners like myself would want to upgrade...

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  • lordonuthin
    Nov 18, 07:57 PM
    ^yeah almost seems unfair to ppl that want to compete but dont have access to high end hardware. i guess if you look at it from an aggregate standpoint then low point crunchers make a bit of a diff.

    the amount of power sucked from the wall per unit would be WAY less i would imagine. from an environmental standpoint it wouldnt make sense

    That's why I dropped the G5 after I saw how little it was doing against the Mac Pro and even the low end amd's, it just wasn't worth it in terms of the electric bill.

    And speaking of electric bills... I'm just kind of guessing here but I think folding is costing me about $50 a month :eek:

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  • kirky29
    Jun 22, 01:14 PM
    Maybe if they made it a bit like Front Row etc.
    .. But with the ability to have it in a window mode. :)

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 22, 11:38 AM
    Does the classic have the tracking software too, or is it just the Touch?

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  • Balaamsdonkey
    Apr 22, 01:43 AM
    I could be wrong but I think the GPS recording has more to do with GPS locating for photography than anything else. Isn't that how GPS enabled cameras work? They check the GPS signal every few seconds and record it? I could be wrong.

    It would make more sense to just record the GPS info when a photo is taken though.

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  • WildPalms
    Jan 13, 01:08 AM
    this is crap,

    no one in their right mind would make something with 0 ports, you have to at a bare minimum have an audio out.

    Bluetooth headphones?

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  • TalonFlyer
    Sep 14, 10:48 AM
    Does the iPhone have an inherent design issue with regards to antenna performance. The answer is, absolutely YES. Does the bumper mitigate this issue, in my experience it does, however only a marginal amount.

    I have dropped calls every day, in places where I would have near full signal if I was not holding the phone. I have 3G data issues, especially in the fringe areas where I did not have an issue with my 3Gs.

    The iPhone is a great device and I agree that consumer reports is splitting hairs with the antenna issue.

    Apple agree's there is a problem or they would not have given away bumpers to everyone.

    Fortunately, I use my iPhone as a phone only about 20% of the time, so 80% of my use is great. The other 20% is only a problem about 1 in 7 calls.

    So, while it is a little inconvenient when a call drops when I hold the phone in that way, or short data interruptions on 3G from time-to-time, overall I get a lot done with the iPhone.

    I do look forward to changing my iPhone to a newer device at the first reasonable opportunity, primarily because of the antenna issue.

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  • Starchitect
    Oct 24, 12:46 AM
    Here it is! 8 hours early!


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  • archer75
    Apr 20, 08:00 AM
    I'm sure it's been done to death, but I spent some time actually thinking about realistic-ish speculations of what the new line could look like. I think they're going to get rid of one SKU ( the step up 27" without the quad i7), because it's kind of redundant, and for the $100 price difference, I can't imagine anyone NOT spending the extra modey to get the quad core). The only spec that is more of a wishful thinking piece is the inclusion of the HD6800M 1GB card in the 27" quad i7. THAT would be a beast!

    A 6800m would be a downgrade. Keep in mind the current imac with the 5750 is actually a 5850m. 6850m is a downgrade from a 5850m, though only slightly. There are only two cards they could use that are upgrades over the current one and that's the 6950m and the 6970m.

    I would also hope for the 3.4ghz i7-2600 sandy bridge processor.

    Aug 7, 01:39 AM
    Blah, it should read "Mac OS X Leopard, introducing Panter 2.0"
    I think apple would at least use a spellchecker... :p

    Feb 6, 08:01 AM
    Here in the upper midwest, we're having a nasty winter. However in a couple of months it'll be warm enough to get the top down.

    May 2, 04:54 PM
    The more I see of iOS for the desktop, umm sorry I mean Lion, the more I dislike.

    Definitely skipping Lion. Perhaps Mac OSX will return to being designed around a screen larger than the ipad/ iphone and (gasp!) a keyboard.

    Mar 24, 01:28 PM
    Well, that's because all of Apple's other products are constrained by power and/or space requirements.

    Mac Pro's have big power supplies but thats mainly for the CPU and Ram, adding a 6970 would be pushing its limits, especially for gaming.

    Nov 15, 07:53 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Intel officially introduced (http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/7120/53/) its family of quad-core processors on Tuesday. The new processors include the Xeon 5300 (Clovertown) and Core 2 Extreme (Kentsfield) models.

    The quad-core Xeon 5300 (Clowertown) represents a pin-compatible replacement for the current dual-core Xeon 5160 (Woodcrest) processors that currently reside in the Mac Pro. This possibility was previously demonstrated (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/09/20060913074907.shtml) by AnandTech when they successfully dropped Clovertown samples into the current Mac Pro. No benchmarks were available at that time, but CNet has now posted (http://reviews.cnet.com/4531-10921_7-6663792.html?tag=blog) benchmarks of this same configuration:

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