Tuesday, May 17, 2011

justin bieber in concert poster

justin bieber in concert poster. Justin Bieber Movie Poster
  • Justin Bieber Movie Poster

  • Expedition
    Apr 13, 04:01 AM
    Yes, I do!
    For me, TextEdit and Preview crash on launch. I suspected Dropbox 1.1.13 but killing Dropbox didn't 'cure' the crashes.

    I have solved the problem related to crashes of TextEdit and Preview on DP2. Like I had suspected it was indeed related to Dropbox, namely the use of an alias for the Downloads folder in /users/~/. The alias pointed to the Downloads folder, which sits inside my Dropbox folder. When I replaced the alias in /users/~/ with a new folder called "Downloads", TextEdit and Preview would run without issues. So, to me it looks like that whatever is saved to in /users/~/Library/Containers/com.apple.TextEdit / cannot handle aliases.

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  • Onlinejustin bieber concert

  • NAG
    Jan 12, 05:11 PM
    I just want them to get the thickness and weight down.

    justin bieber in concert poster. That Justin Bieber 3D concert
  • That Justin Bieber 3D concert

  • Kennywayne3295
    Apr 3, 02:51 AM
    Reminds me of the older Apple commercials.

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  • A Chance to Meet Justin Bieber

  • AidenShaw
    Nov 29, 08:37 PM
    Living room, car, blah blah blah.

    Nobody has yet delivered a truly GOOD streaming media solution for my hot air balloon. Are you listening Apple???!!!!! :mad:
    M. Jobs can be an expert at emitting hot air... ;)

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  • SciFrog
    Mar 5, 12:47 PM

    I see some new folks putting up some points, designed, DistortedLoop, and MAcProCPO is back at it again, thanks for the effort to those and other newbies!

    I had a problem with the MacPro after I upgraded to a 3 SSD raid for booting ... I forgot to set the machine to NOT go to sleep, DUH! I could not figure out why it was timing out of folding every so often with the remote Linux boards that I'm ssh'd into from the Mac. NOW that I have that figured out my points will pick up again. It was still impressive just running the 6 GPU's and 2 win clients at about 50k per day!

    And congrats for 10mio points!

    Still sIting for Gulftown to be released, and to see the price... My current 8 core 3ghz 2,1 mac pro isbbeyond my needs already... And still no GPU on OS X...

    On the good news front, SMP2 is rock solid, haven't lost a unit yet even after reboots.

    justin bieber in concert poster. Tune Talk now brings Justin
  • Tune Talk now brings Justin

  • gatearray
    Apr 3, 08:23 AM
    You can pinch to zoom on video now? How?

    Classy ad btw.

    You could always pinch to zoom video on the iPad, as long as it's a video in the camera roll.

    justin bieber in concert poster. Justin Bieber Poster
  • Justin Bieber Poster

  • rasmasyean
    Apr 8, 12:22 AM
    Off Topic from Lybia. In some way I think WWII (or parts of it) has become a bit too mythological. Oh, and I am personally getting tired of hearing "The Greatest Generation" line getting used all the time by prominent figures in the country.

    Back On Topic.

    I don't really know what you mean by "mythological", but I guess you might be talking about how WWII is in a lot of movies and such. But I think that's just because of the timeline of TV/Video advancements to rapidly spread stories about psuedo-history.

    If anything, the Cold War is more "mythological". Although not many ppl (of the belligerants themselves) actually fought and died, the existance of the Cold War gave rise to such advanced technology that has made the US "mythological". Rocketry, intercontinental filght, stealth, precision bombing, spacecraft, digital imaging, computers, the INTERNET.

    Before WWII I don't think you can call the US a dominant world power. If anything the British were better...and especially the Royal Navy (although today is like a pale shadow of the US Navy) was the sheet...next to the Germans some may argue, of course. The US was just "protected" by geography and was an industrial revolution giant able to covert impregnable factories into war machines. Not that the highly capitalistic nature of US business moguls didn't help, naturally.

    I mean, maybe the Nuclear Age was ushered by the US, but even that wasn't because of ppl who grew up in the US. It's more credited to ppl who like fled other parts of the world to be "safe" in the US. And of course, after WWII, many more "mythological minds" were "captured" and/or "found a haven" in the land of the last man standing...to give rise to Cold War toys.

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  • That of justin bieber through

  • Eidorian
    Aug 26, 11:00 AM
    Watch the WWDC keynote and note that the xserves now use Woodcrest which has a higher TDP than Conroe (95W compared to 65W). Also note what they say about Woodcrest having a better thermal environment that the G5's they were using before which were the same G5's (non-dual core) that the iMac used I believe. Conroe has better thermal characteristics than G5's, the Mac Pro and xserve prove that.

    iMac will get Conroe. 2.4Ghz and 2.66Ghz. Conroe is the best value for performance processor that Intel are offering, so they need to use it SOMEWHERE in their lineup.Err...I was defending that Conroe could fit in the iMac. Especially having the G5 in there. (Woodcrest's TDP is 85W by the way...)

    And look here (http://spamreaper.org/frankie/macintel.html)

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  • Lukeit
    Mar 31, 11:01 AM
    Yea it's a little buggy right now. You can delete apps the same as as before with some added frustration.

    1. Press and hold, CMD+OPT+CTRL (so they all wiggle)
    2. Next press and hold one app until they stop wiggling.
    3. Now click the apps you want once to delete them.
    4. Make sure you hold those 3 keys throughout all steps.

    The only thing I haven't figured out yet is adding apps manually. When I drag them to the LaunchPad icon, nothing happens.

    Thanks SO much... you made my day!

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  • Justin Bieber:Never Say Never

  • HarryKeogh
    Apr 19, 10:57 AM
    I heard a rumor that these will not have a retina display or BluRay. No, seriously. They won't. My source is never wrong.

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  • saxondale.
    Feb 20, 03:49 PM

    justin bieber in concert poster. Justin Bieber#39;s 3D Concert
  • Justin Bieber#39;s 3D Concert

  • roadbloc
    May 3, 09:02 AM
    THE KILLER FEATURE! :rolleyes:

    Seriously, clicking and holding, pressing an x and then confirming sounds a hell of a lot harder than dragging to the trash. This is change for iOS's sake.

    justin bieber in concert poster. of justinjustin bieber
  • of justinjustin bieber

  • rasmasyean
    Mar 20, 12:45 PM
    Yeah, that's worked so well for us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Yeah, you are right. They now use a lot of American arms, and American soldiers are there to train them and fight with them side by side. And Iraqi oil production is skyrocketing so much that they even invite economists to help their treasurers deal with "something never have been used to handling".

    Can we count on you to volunteer?

    No. It's not my place and my time has long past to be "volunteered" for such duties. However, should your children wish to become warriors and protect people like me, I vonlunteer them! ;)

    Hey, check out this mini mushroom fireball thingie. What kind of bomb is this? It looks kind of big. Edpecially the fact that it's in the backgorund and the camera naturally makes it small. If you were up close, it's gotta be HUGE! ...and makes a mushroom too instantly.

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  • Cygnus311
    Sep 7, 10:17 AM
    Low priced rentals only for me please. Not paying the same price for a movie as I can get the DVD for in stores, not to mention it needs to be playable on people's big HDTV's (which I'm sure they're aware of).

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  • Angrisano
    Sep 6, 07:40 PM
    I'm a bit disappointed by this latest update as well. I'm still waiting for a headless Mac that will support my 19 inch dual monitors for under $2K. I recently built a nice Shuttle mini PC (not much bigger than the mini) with a P4 3ghz processor, 2gb ram, 250gb hard drive, 256mb graphics card and Litescribe DVD burner all for under $500.

    Now I don't expect to pay so little for so much when buying a Mac. In fact I'm willing to pay double for the same specs. The trouble is, right now in Apple's line up you simply can't do it. Where is our mid-range expandable tower? I don't need all the power of the quad Xeon and my pocketbook doesn't need to pay that price.

    I just want a decent middle of the road, expandable Mac for around $1K. I can build two really nice PCs for this price. Why can't I get one Mac?

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  • Multimedia
    Nov 15, 09:34 PM
    No. The number of core in the system does not imply you need more memory however it does imply you may need more memory bandwidth (depends on what you plan to use the cores for).

    Running many applications, especially memory hungry ones, concurrently is what could require additional memory to run efficiently (depends on working set of the applications you plan to run).

    With that said ... to get the most memory bandwidth potential in a Mac Pro you need fully populate peer banks with DIMMs. For example in the following graphic you would want to populate slots A1, A2, B1 and B2 before any other slots to get the widest data path to memory.


    For more details on Mac Pro memory review Mac Pro RAM Expansion Details (http://developer.apple.com/documentation/HardwareDrivers/Conceptual/HWTech_RAM/Articles/RAM_implementation.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40003899-DontLinkElementID_3) or the simpler to read Mac Pro Memory Guide (pdf) (http://manuals.info.apple.com/en/MacPro_MemoryDIMM_DIY.pdf)One question about 512MB vs 1 & 2 GB mod bandwidth. If the Mac comes with two 512MB mods installed in Riser A and I buy two 2GB modules to put into Riser B - total 5GB, will the slower bandwidth (or whatever it's called) of the two 512MB mods slowing down the faster 2GB mods be offset by having RAM installed in both risers rather than pulling the 512's and only having two 2GB mods installed in Riser A only - total 4GB? The difference of 1GB of RAM doesn't seem like that part would matter if the 512 mods slow everything down.

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  • antster94
    Apr 3, 01:54 PM
    Nice to see there's one in existence without a light bleed.

    justin bieber in concert poster. rabid Justin Bieber fans
  • rabid Justin Bieber fans

  • jmsait19
    Jul 18, 12:56 PM
    A major consumer announcement at a developers conference? Not gonna happen. End of story!

    ThinkSecret hasn't been right about anything since they got in trouble over leaks.

    maybe so. but the lawsuit has been dropped now. maybe they are feeling ok to say the right things now...

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  • jettredmont
    Aug 16, 09:15 PM
    Here is a map of the Sirius satellite orbits. You can get a signal pretty far south, at least as far as southern Mexico. But to conserve power, Sirius shuts the power down once the bird goes "below" the equator. XM does have a owership in WorldSpace which does broadcast around the globe through a network of various satellites.


    Very interesting. Wonder why they did a "wobbly" geo-synch, and how their receivers cope with it. I'd guess it's a cost-related thing, but maybe there's an engineering reason for it (certainly does keep at least one bird near-vertical within the US at all times ...) Note that XM is depicted there as a "true" stationary orbit above the equator.

    In any case, still, you're not going to see those satellites from Bombay, no matter how long and hard you look, without a really big mirror ...

    Mar 22, 03:55 PM
    Do people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

    220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

    Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

    just because you don't want it, other people do. I have the 80GB and it's getting close to full. I have less than 10GB left and I know people who have way more.

    Chris Bangle
    Aug 25, 10:33 AM
    Why would updated mac minis be such a high security product. Its nothing revolutionary so why would apple want so much security on the shipping of them? Im hoping for something BIG

    Sep 14, 11:39 AM
    I guess you don't read my posts carefully. I said what you said, that Toyota issues a recall, but the onus is on the owner to bring in the vehicle for servicing. Exactly as Apple has now done: if you experience a problem, let them know and you can get a free bumper.

    To Consumer Reports this is an unacceptable way to deal with a design flaw. If it's Apple. For Toyota, it's fine and considered the normal way to handle a design flaw.

    I just have a hard time picturing Toyota mailing me a new accelerator pedal and linkage and expecting me to install it. Wake up!

    But why should Apple provide a permanent fix when the problem hasn't affected sales too much, and they can come out with a fixed phone next year and get you to stand in line to buy it.

    Consumer Reports are doing exactly what their subscribers are paying them to do. I'm sorry if everyone isn't Apple Fanboys, but they get paid NOT to be anyone's Fanboy.

    Apr 21, 05:52 PM
    To those laughing at this and pointing out that Android phones don't have a file recording your movements..



    Jul 18, 06:15 AM
    This does play into the news published about the industry allowing people to burn movies to DVDs but can someone do the math? What would the file size be for 2 hour movie at present? What about if it were compressed into a zip or tz file? What would it be if the quality were improved? How long would it take to download these files with dialup, on dsl, on cable. I would think that most people would not be downloading using their offices T1 connection ;)

    How long would you wait or tie up your computer's internet connection to download an old movie from Disney?

    Here is another issue to think about. With large files being downloaded to your HD and then errasing them you will have to defragment your HD quite often or you will suffer. Is there rumor of improved Disk Utility or other method of handling this?

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