Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • ahuman7341
    Aug 16, 07:30 AM
    Whens Wireless USB coming? That could be an option.

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  • SciFrog
    Apr 1, 12:45 PM
    No kernel panics here, but I noticed some a3 core units being send back early, usually in the first 10%, it started before 10.6.3

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  • xIGmanIx
    Apr 3, 02:43 PM
    let it go about microsoft, they won, get over it. It just seems petty to hold on to some nonexistent fight for something that has already been decided. Both companies make lots of money. Just out of curiosity what industry sector do you work in because it's apparently not the IT space.

    This is the key word here.

    Apple's priority is to delight the user. Now "delight" invokes a lot things - some emotional, tactile, things which might even be disparate.

    But when you apply that priority to consumer tech, it brings together a lot of requirements to achieve this - how the device must feel; how it must look - say, on a stylish glass table or beside modern sculpture; how the UI should function; colours, fonts . . . the list goes on.

    This is why Apple is so successful. They don't focus on bringing to market a competing device that ranks high on spec sheets. They simply focus on how to delight the user.

    Thus, you get something like the iPad. While the competition still can't figure it out. Priorities, people . . . it's all about priorities.

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  • TheRock88
    Sep 30, 04:22 PM
    Something like this, except on an iPod

    Like I said, get one where the inside has a pattern on it to avoid that or a matte one

    I saw a youtube video of someone having that same problem. His tip was to use a very small pinch of baby powder and put it on your finger. Then rub it thoroughly all over the back of the iPod. Once you put on the case the watermarks should disappear.

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  • jakemikey
    Aug 25, 11:59 AM
    Sadly, I've tried to make cheaper VIA based mini-ITX systems. I usually end up getting a better buy from a Mac Mini.

    Not if you're going for an embedded system that doesn't need a heavy duty CPU and graphics. I built a fanless home server/internet filter/firewall box for less than $200 (and this is in the mini form factor - mini-ITX). A mini would be overkill for that and almost all of the other above listed embedded applications. Get the right tool for the right job is all I'm saying. I would never use a VIA system for a desktop, but for almost every embedded application they're fantastic.

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  • macman2790
    Oct 23, 07:45 PM
    if you are gonna wait - macworld 07 will be the big update.
    i hope you're right. this is what i'm waiting for. What do you think's in store for mwsf?

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  • Killyp
    Aug 7, 05:32 AM
    Apple releases a "Windows killer" :p

    Apple Bricks for Windows? :p :p :p

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  • poppe
    Sep 1, 01:36 PM
    I would laugh (because I'm mean like that) if the iMac 23" or iMac with Conroe took a long time to come out. So many of us MBP lovers have been waiting for Merom, and to see others squirm like us... muah hahaha

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  • scottlinux
    Nov 27, 01:32 PM
    Many find two 17" LCDs more useful than one big LCD. Esp graphic artists, film composers, etc. They can have their tools/mixer open on one monitor, and the image or sequence open on another.

    Or if someone already has a big LCD, it would be a good compliment to put a 17" alongside it.

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Aug 7, 05:50 AM
    An iPhone, not as a cell phone, but as a landline skype style wifi cordless phone to go with iChat. Wouldn't that make sense for Apple to make? Ties in with their computers & iLife, would work in all countries, and would be easy, and possibly cheap for them to make.

    Steve Jobs, would probably want want to make a phone that transitions seamlessly between indoor wifi and the cell networks.

    I was thinking that. Maybe thats why the iPhone pix look more like a house phone instead of cell phone?

    Hmmmm... ?

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 6, 11:55 AM
    I just bought a Core Duo on the 21st, needless to say I'm pissed. Anyone know apple's price match policy?If you call and complain, they might give you a refund for the difference.You're just over 2 weeks. Be persistent and ask to speak to a supervisor.

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  • skunk
    Mar 21, 02:19 PM
    But the rebels are not in contact with the rest of the world through any official channels, and media access is poor.Twitter ( is informative, but after 42 years of impotence, normal service cannot be resumed instantaneously. The prospects seem remarkably good, though, that what emerges from this will be an unusually honest democracy.

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  • MarcelV
    Sep 7, 02:19 AM
    Apple was offering 14.50 wholesale for the 14.99 movies and the studio's don't agree. That's more than they receive wholesale from Wal-Mart and Best Buy. Also, collectively it looks like they are not agreeing with those prices. Looks to me as price fixing. The studio's want to set the individual prices for movies to consumers, and to me it looks like they are forcing same prices on Amazon, MovieLink, CinemaNow and iTunes. That's dangerous waters for them......

    As for picture quality and HD, the market doesn't seem to be there at all. VOD on cable and satellite has become a huge market, and those aren't HD either. In addition DirecTV and DishNetwork use 'HD-Lite' (1080x1280 in stead of 1080x1920) on most if not all of their HD channels. And SD channels are heavily compressed in the digital line-up on both cable and satellite. Most consumers just don't care....

    And every single person asking for 1080p, you maybe out of touch with reality. Official HD standard does not even include 1080p. 720p and 1080i are the only official HD recognized resolutions within the broadcast standards. Broadcasters don't even distribute their signal that high!

    Would I love it in HD, of course :D Do I see it happen, nope.

    And an additional thought just occured. Currently FrontRow already allows you to watch trailers. What if you have the same interface but you can purchase the movies that way and it will add the purchased movie into Itunes for iPod sync. (Of course, you will be able to buy it dircetly thru iTunes if you like). It would be a very nice integration, with a high degree of simplicity.... Just a thought.

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  • mefck
    Apr 26, 02:57 PM
    And for all the non-legal "experts" out there.

    Windows can be trademarked because while it is a generic term, it is not a generic term that describes the product or service.

    If "Windows" was a window company, it could not be trademarked because it is a generic terms that describes the product or service.

    A huge difference.

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  • iRobby
    Mar 24, 01:46 PM
    Buying my first iMac is getting even better!! can't wait for the refresh!

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  • applefan289
    Mar 24, 01:08 PM
    Excellent, more compatibility is what's hurting the Mac the most. This would be a great next step to make the Mac a more flexible, multi-purpose machine.

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  • nemaslov
    Mar 22, 06:41 PM
    I have 50,000 plus songs in lossless. Mostly from my own CD collection. I know lots of people who want to take ALL there music on the road, to their studios when they travel or are DJs (we don't want to select a portion of our catalogues) . Maybe not a huge audience but a solid one. We just want to play back great music and not have multi touch web capabilities. It's about the music stupid!

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  • popelife
    Jan 3, 10:31 AM
    What any of this has to do with MWSF rumors I'm not sure, but...

    I agree about the word processor. I never could understand why Apple didn�t offer a few more features to make AppleWorks useful.

    I�m using FrameMaker, but that was discontinued for OSX on Mac.

    Too many mine fields in Word.

    I always liked AppleWorks for what it was (remember, this is over ten years ago now), but yeah, there was a long period when AppleWorks was hung out to dry. In fact, unless we get that spreadsheet app in iWork next week, things are still a bit "transitional".

    Problem is, because MS Word has become so dominant, it's been tough for anyone to develop a viable competitor. Which would be fine, except Word has sucked for years now. MS can't design interfaces.

    I bought Office for the Mac out of necessity, but I find myself using Pages these days. I don't need power-user functions that much, I just need to be able to write words and enjoy doing it. With Pages I do. With Word I find myself screaming in disbelief at how awful it is every five minutes.

    If Steve unveils a Pages update at MW which adds a little more power, that would be nice (although the only things I really need are full "based-on" style sheet hierarchy, and the ability to count words in a selection. If I need to do proper page layouts, then I pull out InDesign.)

    If you're a big Framemaker user then I don't know what the solution is. What do you need that current WP's don't do?

    I was set on a new lap top and Mini, but it�s going to be a difficult decision. There is a lot of misinformation floating around, and sometimes the Mac community isn�t as forthcoming and honest as they should be. It�s like they are more concerned if the stocks go up or down than providing an accurate assessment.

    You've lost me here. "Not as forthcoming and as honest as they should be?" Have you seen the bitching about MacBook Pro displays, iTunes 7, graphics processors, and so on? Doesn't seem like anyone's holding anything back.

    On the whole though, there's comparitively little to complain about in the Apple world. You want to see some complaining? Let me boot up my PC ("New hardware detected" my ass. Cancel, cancel, cancel... ah, a cursor, good, it's working... no it isn't... wait... hourglass... wait...)

    As for misinformation... er, do you mean the MWSF rumours? That's not misinformation, it's people guessing. The idea is to grab yourself a pinch of salt and enjoy the fun.

    My first powerbook was good to me, but the climate/quality has changed, and I�m going to keep my options open.

    Which climate are you're referring to?

    Over the last few years, competition has forced all computer manufacturers to drive prices down dramatically, sometimes at the expense of quality. Apple have similarly slashed prices, yet their industrial design standards are still way ahead of the competition. I've never seen a PC that comes apart as elegantly as a G5 tower or Mac Pro. There are equally great things about the iMacs, the MacBook, the Mini (I would also leave out the MBP - nothing particularly wrong with it, but I think it needs a design update to bring it into line with the rest of the range. Didn't stop me buying one just before Xmas mind you).

    It's always possible to find criticisms, but if anything I think the quality of Apple products has gone up, not down. Crikey, when I think back to some of the Macs I've owned - PowerBook 5300c, PowerMac 8100... ugh.

    I�ll wait and see what�s behind curtain number three, but not sure a Mac is the best choice for the average person.

    What is then?

    Unless your number one priority is to spend as little cash as possible, I think Apple's products are strong contenders simply on design and quality grounds (I have a friend who got a MacBook Pro purely to run Windows on, after he'd had so many PC laptops fall apart on him). OS X makes Macintosh the best choice for anyone concerned with usability (which should be every computer user). And Boot Camp makes a Mac the only sensible choice for anyone wavering between Windows and OS X. Have cake, can eat it too.

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  • mscriv
    Mar 24, 01:44 PM
    This thread reminds me of a show I saw recently about this topic and one of it's segments featured Exodus International. It was an interesting program.

    I'm not familiar with the Exodus International, but in the interview the current president says they make no claims about "curing" homosexuality, that they just provide support for those who have similar views. One of the founders who left the movement was interviewed as well. It seems their program has gone through many changes since it's founding over 30 years ago.

    There were similar programs with differing beliefs profiled as well.

    As far as the app goes, Apple as a business has the right to do what they please, but I imagine it's difficult to apply criteria based on what might be "offensive" to large groups of people. That doesn't really sound like much of a measurable criteria to me. But, that plays right into Apple's status quo of keeping a tight rein on their own ecosystem. With non-specific and unmeasureable criteria they can do what they want without violating their own "rules".

    Oct 23, 10:05 PM
    The MacBook (non pro) was released without any event or conference. That update included a completely new enclosure, new processor architecture (and obviously new CPU), increased screen resolution, brightness... well, it was a whole new machine. And again... no press conference.

    I stand corrected. Macbook does definitely qualify. And I have renewed hope that this update may be a bit more substantial!

    Oct 24, 06:20 AM
    Amazing! Here's to new MBPs today. *fingers crossed*

    Jul 18, 01:44 AM
    I'm sufficiently excited. Here's hoping for higher quality (than the current TV shows) and Netflix-esque pricing.

    Start "TS isn't accurate/only for the US" whining in 3, 2, 1…

    If I'm going to spend all that time downloading a movie, I should at least be able to keep it. Bah.

    You've never streamed a Quicktime movie? You don't have to wait for it to end before you start watching it, unless of course you were going to watch it on an iPod…

    Apr 21, 11:49 AM
    Once again, people are going off half cocked, without knowing anything about either the law or the technical details (and, sorry, but the details MATTER).

    Mar 26, 06:18 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    The Future of video games?

    In the future, your controller will cost �400, require a 10ft HDMI cable, a �25 adapter, and have the graphics of a PS2.

    Yeah, and you can unplug it, put it in your bag, play it on the train, surf the web, check your email, edit your movie ...bit more than a $400 controller

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