Monday, May 16, 2011

justin bieber on csi getting shot

justin bieber on csi getting shot. Justin Bieber Gets Shot - CSI:
  • Justin Bieber Gets Shot - CSI:

  • bubbalwz
    Sep 6, 03:55 PM
    cmon apple. get a clue.

    these little mini's are nice but not great. there is a real void in your product lineup.

    we need something with like a intel conroe chip, larger case, the ability to put in a better graphics card, and the basics like more ram, bigger hard drive and stuff.

    give us a bigger mid sized tower type computer.

    we all don't want to buy something with a screen. nor do we want some tiny puny non-upgradeable thing like the mac mini.

    give us better options.


    justin bieber on csi getting shot. Watch: Justin Bieber Gets Shot
  • Watch: Justin Bieber Gets Shot

  • chrismacguy
    Feb 26, 03:09 PM
    Wrong. The earlier widescreen acrylic models are also called Cinema Displays :) @Lifeinhd is correct, the display shown in the previous post cannot be a first gen cinema display.

    The rule is actually very simple as far as the LCD ones go:
    LCD <20" = Studio Display (15" and 17")
    Any LCD 20" or larger = Cinema Display (Watch the G4 Sawtooth intro on youtube, and you see the very first 22" DVI-D (Pre ADC) Cinema Display which was a BTO option on the 450 and 500Mhz PowerMac G4s in 1999. That was the first gen. The Aluminium ones are about the 4th I believe (22" DVI-D, 22" ADC, 20 and 23" ADC/Acryllic, then the 20" Aluminium ones).

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  • SandynJosh
    Apr 2, 08:57 PM
    This is something people need to realize once in a while. It�s not about CPU and RAM. A Droid Incredible can have an 8 megapixel camera, and the photo quality may be not be the best people expect. An iPhone 4 can have 5 megapixels in a sensor and people are delighted with the quality!

    Specs are nice, but learning that it actually WORKS, is something other.

    My HTC Incredible came with a 73 page manual. . . I get loads of pop-ups asking me if I want to do this or that. . . They disappear while I'm trying to figure out which course of action I want to take. . . The 73 page manual doesn't mention them. That's why it's not "Magical." it's "Incredible."

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  • SockRolid
    Jun 22, 01:17 PM
    From Wikipedia on "touch screens" -

    'The proposition is that human arm held in an unsupported horizontal position rapidly becomes fatigued and painful, the so-called "gorilla arm". It is often cited as a prima facie example of what not to do in ergonomics.'

    It doesn't really matter whether a touch-screen iMac runs Mac OS X or iOS. It will be uncomfortable to use for more than a few minutes. Unless the screen is more horizontal than vertical. And just look how well that worked out for Microsoft Surface (aka Big-Ass Table.)

    So I'm not sure exactly how beneficial a touch-screen iMac would be for Apple or its developers or its users. If it runs iOS, would there be yet another class of apps in the App Store? For full-screen iMac apps? And if it runs Mac OS X, wouldn't it be better to simply replace the Magic Mouse with the Magic Trackpad? (And keep the non-touch screen?)

    If anything, I see a convergence of the user experience of Apple's MacBooks and desktop Macs. The keyboards are already virtually identical. Maybe the Magic Mouse was just an interim step toward the Magic Trackpad...

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  • Carl Spackler
    Nov 30, 08:47 AM
    Why not put wheels on a boat?

    I like the cut of this man's gibberish.

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  • iTouch.lover22
    Oct 24, 11:41 PM
    Hey guys, I just noticed that there's a pixelskin HD for the iPod 4th gen. I saw that the original Pixelskin was out for a while, but not the HD version. Has this been out for a while or was it just released?

    justin bieber on csi getting shot. Justin Bieber Gets Shot on CSI
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  • NebulaClash
    Sep 14, 12:02 PM
    I think you are a minority of one on this interpretation. Apple is saying you now won't get the case unless you are exhibiting the problem. Toyota's recall applies to ALL cars in the affected series, and they will repair/replace the questionable part whether you are exhibiting problems or not. Moreover, Toyota's sends a recall notice to all the impacted owners; with the new Apple policy, you have to read the news or contact Apple to learn of the program.

    Toyota fixes all vehicles because they all have the potential to have dangerous problems.

    Most iPhone owners have no problem whatsoever, and there's no danger at all to anyone.

    So Toyota HAS to fix them all. It would be pointless for Apple to fix all iPhones in the field when most of them never have an issue needing a fix. But if you do have a problem, let them know and they will fix it for you for free. That's hardly a burden for such a non-dangerous situation.

    We live in this ridiculous era of expectations. Apple comes out with a reasonable solution to a problem that affects a tiny percentage of users, and they get slammed for it. Hypocrisy.

    justin bieber on csi getting shot. Still, we are getting closer
  • Still, we are getting closer

  • kelving525
    Sep 30, 02:48 PM
    So, did you keep it?

    Just curious ... I'm on the fence here, really just waiting to see what else comes out in the next few weeks.

    Yes, I'm still using the case. It's the only case that feels nice from what I saw in Best Buy.

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  • Eidorian
    Aug 25, 12:09 PM
    CPU temp is a result of how efficient the heat dissipation is relative to the heat generated by the CPU... so without knowing how the heat dissipation capabilities varied between the two systems you cannot make much of a judgement on the CPU itself.

    The first generation iMac G5 had worse heat dissipating capabilities then later revisions of the iMac G5.Oh I can be sure that a Conroe placed in an iMac will run into the volume constraints and effective heat dissipation of the heat sink when compared to a full blown BTX tower.

    The original G5 and the Rev. B ( stuck with the wonderful heat channel. The 17" models ran a lot hotter then the 20" due to the internal design and volume.

    The Rev. C ( and Intel use similar internal layouts with the CPU and power supply toward the top of the machine.

    Here ( is a good comparison.

    justin bieber on csi getting shot. Justin Bieber Gets Shot On CSI
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  • MaenXe
    Apr 26, 01:33 PM
    trademarking app store. How pompous. What's next, trademarking computer store, book store, pet store? LOL.

    App is shorthand for Application, it's been in use for almost 20 years:

    App Store is a descriptive term for a shop selling a specific product. Such as Pet Store rather than Domestic Animal Store, or PC Store rather than Computer Store. By Apple's reasoning, the first person who used the term Pet Store should have Trademarked it and cornered the market. But since several companies started selling Pets at their Pet Stores without a Trademark, then the term was considered common place.

    Personally, I think that the terms iPhone App Store, iTunes App Store, and Mac App Store should be trademarked and would be respected by the general industry.

    Also, in Amazon's defense, there usage is Amazon "AppStore", not Amazon "App Store". So, splitting hairs, it's not the same.


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  • *LTD*
    Apr 22, 10:03 PM
    I am more interested in knowing what good or purpose this is even been added for?

    plus unencrypted is a major privacy concern ... just of the top of my mind, I can see where someone's house could be broken into by tracking the owners whereabouts.

    As opposed to the much easier method of everyone in your neighbourhood noticing you're at work all day? :confused:

    There are many people whose movements are best kept secret from certain others, with risk of life if revealed.

    Battered women or kids in a secret shelter home, witness protection participants, undercover agents of all sorts, dissidents and rebels.

    On a less serious note, there are probably some bosses who gave out iPhones, checking company iTunes hosts this weekned to see if their employees' travel receipts and sick days match their movements.

    A HUGE stretch. There are other, easier ways of finding people. People in witness protection . . . carry items and live in areas that suit their situation. They are told what to do and not to do by the authorities. Personal phones are taken into account. Duh!

    Undercover agents? LOL WTF is this, Russia House? I'm pretty sure they're "UNDERCOVER", meaning, tracking them would be useless, since there is nothing advertising their personal information. All anyone would get is random location data that could belong to anyone.

    Dumbest examples ever. And you're a smart guy otherwise, so it's surprising.

    justin bieber on csi getting shot. justin bieber getting shot csi
  • justin bieber getting shot csi

  • pika2000
    Mar 22, 05:05 PM
    For all those saying about SSD - don't forget that after approx. 2 years of regular use, the drive is pretty much useless. read/write speeds drop off considerably as they age. As unbelievable as it may seem, SSD still has a long way to go before it can replace the hard disk drive.
    :rolleyes: SSD is far more reliable than a spinning platter on a highly portable handheld device. Read/write speed? This is for an MP3 player, not a gaming PC. And it's not like the performance of the hard-drive on the current classic is great either. There's always a lag here and there for the drive to spin up. Try browsing cover flow on the classic, it's painful.

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  • theBB
    Jul 18, 12:18 PM
    You cannot rent an HD movie from Blockbuster or Netflix, so what makes you think "Apple has to offer HD quality". There is no need to have better quality than competitors while also providing more convenience.

    What is so wrong about stereo sound? A lot of people use the speakers of their TVs for the sound of a movie. Most movie do not really take advantage of sourround sound that much, where you feel like the sound is coming from the left or from behind etc. You might as well use your 5 speakers in stereo mode.

    $2 per rental ain't gonna happen. That's a pipedream. If movie indutry is licensing movies to Movielink for $4-5, it is not gonna let Apple do this for much lower prices. At that price it would be much more expensive than Netflix and with a much smaller library, so my subscription will have to stay. I can only use Apple's service as an add-on, when I really want to watch a movie, but Netflix DVD is still in the mail. Besides, I would have to get a Mac mini for the living room. Well, the cost just keeps adding up.

    justin bieber on csi getting shot. Justin Bieber#39;s Life Comes To
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  • liketom
    Jul 19, 04:56 PM
    Wow, he basically just revealed they're working on an iPhone...
    nope just putting iTunes on the phone

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  • FearNo1
    Apr 23, 01:39 AM
    Using your example, couldn't they do that with the GPS tech in most fones today simply by saving your location info in a server side database? I wouldn't put anything pass these companies and govt today.

    If LTD wants an example other wise you can see companies start using these feature on the phones to track employees at all time and what they do. Or in court cases them being pulled it to use against one spouse in a mess divorce.
    Spying on ones spouse is another example.

    justin bieber on csi getting shot. Welp, it turns out that Bieber
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  • AidenShaw
    Nov 18, 08:50 PM
    When Intel multicore processors are used (as in the Mac Pro) which support hardware virtualization, you can run software (such as Parrallels Desktop) that lets your run additional operating systems (such as Windows, Solaris, and Linux) concurrently with OSX at near full native speeds since one or more cores are used for OSX and one is used for each of the virtual operating systems.
    The virtualization example is the same as your multiple application example.

    Cores are not dedicated to virtual machines - each virtual machine is an application that needs to use CPU power from time to time.

    With multi-core, there are more CPUs so that the VM applications can be scheduled at the same time. Just like more standard applications (or application threads) can be scheduled simultaneously.

    Assigning processors to specific applications is almost always a bad idea. It is better to let the operating system schedule any thread that needs CPU on any idle CPU in a multi-CPU (multi-core) system.

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  • pope
    Jan 13, 09:28 AM
    introducing...MacBook Error

    justin bieber on csi getting shot. Justin Bieber gets taken down
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  • MacRumors
    Jun 22, 11:46 AM (

    justin bieber on csi getting shot. episode+with+justin+ieber
  • episode+with+justin+ieber

  • jmann
    Apr 10, 12:21 AM
    I've tried to drive a stickshift when I was test driving a car. It was interesting. I did okay at it. I've never driven it full time though.

    Feb 17, 12:55 PM
    No remote login?

    Aug 16, 01:16 PM
    This whole iPhone thing is really annoying me I was about to start a contract and get an LG chocolate but these rumors are putting me off if its not announced at the next apple meeting it'll be the luscious LG chocolate,

    In all honesty though I don't care for a iPhone I just want a true video iPod!!!


    Aug 7, 04:31 AM
    If done the right way I dont see how it could be a problem. For one, the user has to explicitly add the 3rd party product, apple could also act as a intermediary or something, the update will only become available through software update once apple has tested it (can download it youself when released), and even though the update comes from the 3rd parties webserver the hash is stored on apples servers and the update HAS to be verified and compared to the hash.

    edit: spelling

    Or distribute from Apple's servers like the OS updates and the problem disappears, no more security problems than if you were going for OS updates.....

    Mar 26, 10:30 PM
    Just got my hands on the latest DVDs and I hope to have this ( soon. I'll let you guys know how it turns out on my Mac Pro 3,1

    Apr 19, 11:59 AM
    Just in time for the back to school promo!

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