Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • thefunkymunky
    Aug 7, 08:12 AM
    Man, thats not enough.... we need dual Nvidia mobile GPUs with SLI...just like Alienware has! (Each with 512MB, for a total of 1GB video ram!)

    Imagine trying to keep those puppies cool.

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  • vvv
    Nov 28, 07:29 PM
    I know someone brought it up earlier, but XBOX people, XBOX. When the XBOX first came out, people said it was too big, that they didn't know what they were doing, that they would fail, and it had a pretty, ok very rocky start. And now the XBOX 360 looks like it may very well dominate this generation.....

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  • Synchromesh
    Apr 21, 12:21 PM
    Amazing that a thread on whether or not a person CAN drive a stick shift car has turned into a full blown debate on the merits of automatic vs manual transmissions.
    Nothing amazing about it. Absolutely natural flow of conversation.

    Umm porsche not exactly a valid argument of a car and that falls in the sports car catigory. Complete different field
    There are several cars that sell more manuals: WRX, Miata, Wrangler, etc. Some cars are available ONLY with a manual, example: Civic Si. My Integra GS-R is manual-only. While most of these are specialty cars hardly any of them are expensive or not mainstream.

    As for the rest of your arguments there is way too much misinformation in there to be worth digging through. The point is that a newer automatic is fairly sophisticated and does pretty well, in some cases even as well as the manual. But for pure driving pleasure there is no replacement for the 3rd pedal even in a Ferrari. Anyway you slice it. That's why I buy mine manual only and I would NOT drive an automatic car at all.

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  • Tronic
    Mar 25, 08:26 PM
    What I would like to see is 1080p out via wifi to apple TV, thus negating the need for dock connector out as seen in the video. Then companies will start developing in the opposite direction. IE apps optimized to take advantage of the apple TVs power while using the ipad/iphone/itouch as remotes/controllers.

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  • Kilamite
    Apr 21, 11:20 AM
    Read the letter. I'd like an open response from Apple which specifically answers those questions.

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  • kungming2
    Jan 11, 09:42 PM
    Not that the eraser head is that great of a pointing device, it's just that not having to move your hands from typing to moving to typing to moving is really convenient.

    They could achieve the same by just merging the keyboard and trackpad together.

    Seeing how many people complained about the new keyboards, a touch keyboard would generate even more flamed passions...

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  • Porchland
    Aug 16, 08:19 AM
    I thought Zune was not ( going to support wireless music downloads? So many rumors.

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  • Rocketman
    Jan 2, 11:24 AM
    Thereby adding $300 to the price...? Doesn't seem likely.
    Need four cores? Buy a Mac Pro.

    Since Intel is releasing the 2.0 Ghz C2Q chip this week, it seems likely to find its way into an iTV and/or iMac device. That's four cores on the cheap.


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  • Ravich
    Mar 20, 05:07 PM
    And like I said, they dont have to be worried because homeopathy is not directly harmful to people. Ex-gay therapy is. This is not just an app based on christianity. Exodus International is an organization dedicated specifically to ex-gay therapy.

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    Mar 21, 11:36 PM
    I think that allowing Gaddafi to remain in power at this point is not an option for anything but the immediate short-term. But it is the Libyan people who ultimately must remove him. The rebels' policy is ending the Gaddafi regime, and they have refused to negotiate on that point. Currently they have a strong hand - as long as they can keep Gaddafi at bay (effectively with coalition help) he will go nowhere. At best he can try to hold on to Tripoli and the remaining loyalist towns. Any attempt to re-take rebel-held territory will be opposed by both the rebels and the UN-mandated coalition.

    The smart thing to have done would have been to sit this one out, then make nicey-nice with the victors. Why we think the Arab common masses will suddenly love us once we go in with bombs flying and reduce a sizable portion of their country to parking lot status is beyond me.

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the end result of all this is not at all dissimilar to the goings-on in Iraq.

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  • regtamac
    May 2, 07:27 PM

    As was already mentioned this feature just deletes (and only apps from the Mac App Store it seems) not uninstalls an app along with its related files. To find out more or to ask any questions just visit my site below. All the best!

    Reggie Ashworth
    AppDelete Developer (

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  • t0mat0
    Aug 31, 07:51 AM
    ...why do you want the wireless? I have seen one (maybe two) ideas that caught my eye; but not enough too change my opinion on the negative cost/benefit impact including wireless as envisioned by many here would have on my beloved device.

    Blue sky on wireless? Think a device which works out presence of others, and can connect safely.

    Imagine being able to *share* (not stream, but share) your tunes with others on a "I'm interested in your... can I share/get that from you).

    Being on the tube/commuting for ~ 1 1/2 hours a day or so and seeing >6 ipods through glancing for white buds alone, the possiblities are huge.

    What are net connections used mostly for (in terms of Mb up/down) It's P2P. There wouldn't be any roaming charges, any peak rates. You could do it in a lecture room, whilst you were studying, or having coffee with friends (sharing tunes, rather than listening )

    Think one big interacting social darknet :D Think virality without PC's needed.
    Someone has a cool tune, and it could replicate exponentially!

    For more benefits: Linking up to USB wireless receiver chips - you can wireless move files to/from PC.

    Hands free driving - using changeable function paddles/butons on the steeering wheel. Hell - You could have a HUD of iTunes on a car soon (or at the very least, hook it up to those screens in the back of those orrible 4x4s )

    In terms of illegal possibilities, think discogs. The amount of music you'll bump into increases a lot, so the rarer stuff might be out there. You could strike up a friendship with someone who had say, the entire back catalogue of (insert your fave band/movie/TV series). People could be walking lossless discographies of current artists. A discog of an artist is at most probably under 10Gig, so for a >60Gig player...

    Who needs radio when you can stream? You could get it to actively hunt for a MP3 id tag genre - rock/pop, or highly rated artists. You could have the function to hunt for certain artists/songs...

    That's another reason why I want wireless.

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  • interestedabit
    Apr 19, 11:18 AM
    Yay, I'm hoping for a redesign..

    not needed..

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  • henrikrox
    Mar 24, 01:37 PM
    anyone want to guess what we will see in the new imac?

    gpus i mean

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  • rtjstevens
    Sep 7, 05:11 AM
    this surely is good news. but i wont be watching movies on my current 'pod...the window is too small. all this being dependent on wether or not it's gonna be available in the UK. it's a real bummer not to be able to download TV shows i love like you americans can!

    This can easily be done with the excellent Miglia TV Mini with the latest EyeTV software -it even has an ipod button on it!


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  • ajkrause
    Sep 1, 01:08 PM
    Dammit, I just spent $3200 on a MacBook Pro 3 months ago! Apple is going to drive me into the poor house if they don't stop making stuff I want to buy.

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  • twoodcc
    Sep 6, 06:37 PM
    i just hope the quality is good

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  • quadgirl
    Sep 1, 02:04 PM
    Merom is 64 bit enabled, IIRC

    So is Conroe

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  • Maclver
    Mar 30, 08:35 PM
    Launchpad is now fixed.. Click and hold to move multiple apps (shakes like iPhone)

    When launching expose dock doesn't crash any more...

    Much snappier in performance

    Has anyone noticed when shutting down the menu bar up top stays into the blue screen?

    Aug 7, 07:58 AM
    When apple releases new products are they normally ready to ship that day? Hopefully they won't need to charge my card right away until they ship it at a later date...I have no money but am still gonna buy a new expensive mac pro.... :confused:

    I have no money either. Thats why I'm just going to watch, get goose bumps and feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D

    May 3, 03:25 AM
    But they could have made it much better, intuitive and easy. It doesn't mean that going from iOS to MacOSX, you are going to deal with the computers, the same old way.

    People are not pointing with fingers and now they have an extra real estate. A mouse has both right click and left click which in my opinion, every computer user knows about.

    For a second, forget that you have never seen iOS, but you want to delete the app from launchpad, the only way that comes to your mind is either:

    holding the app and dropping into trash OR
    right click -> delete

    It doesn't have to be the same, seriously.

    Actually, in my experience, a lot of nontechnical people DON't use right-click. Also, if you're new to the Mac, (and possibly not very computer literate), dragging an application to the trash to uninstall it is not very intuitive (if you even realise in the first place that applications should be uninstalled).

    As the whole Launchpad is new, I personally think that it's OK that it operates differently too. I actually quite like the idea of it and am interested in trying it.


    Apr 3, 12:04 AM
    Marketing geniuses :)
    You got that right.
    People also forget that Apple is, at its core, an engineering company.
    I can't wait to get my ipad 2 64 gig only . I'll get the wifi because I ain't paying no body for tethering and I'm too chicken to jailbreak my iphone 4.

    Sep 6, 09:04 PM
    Netflix is made for movies! I love Apple but they'll never do for movies what Netflix has! In the past 5 weeks, I've had 21 movies delivered to my door. I'm on the 3-at-a-time plan (unlimited for $17.99/mo). Also, I can buy tons of used DVDs for $5.99 that are 100% guaranteed!

    I think a dollar a song is one thing because you can pick and choose from an album so the trade-off for quality is justified. However, $9.99 is a lot to ask for something that is very low quality, only looks really good an a 2" screen and takes a long time to download. Right now, we don't even know if you can back the file up or burn to a DVD. I think Apple will do ok, but I don't see it being the same bonanza that that music was/is.

    May 2, 08:21 PM
    they're all used for DTP (AI, AP, QE, etc)

    the older one (at home) needs to be paused anytime I need to do anything processor intensive (not the issue with the 09s) especially HB and the like.

    The 08 wont make deadlines with the bidadv units (not after pausing it for hours at a time LOL) unfortunately, I am unable to select the number of processors it will use (like I use to <4>) so now I have to pause it.

    It looks like people are aware of the user name issues over in the "F@H Widget needs testing" thread


    oh ok.

    you know, if you use the console client, you can tell it how many cores to use - like smp 7 would only use 7, instead of 8. but i'm not sure if it would make the deadline with only 7. probably not with less than that though.

    so with the 09's you can do other things while it's folding bigadv units and no problems?

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