Sunday, May 22, 2011

justin bieber tour bus

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  • walshlink
    Mar 28, 03:00 AM
    Really newbie? You logged in to tell me that?

    I guess you missed the point.

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    Get a life

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 6, 12:08 PM
    regarding cars as very international affairs: the history is plastered with failed attempts at "world cars" .. even more so when a car makers call one of their cars a 'world car' in their PR before the release

    That's true, though there have been a few successes, like the Ford Focus.

    For the record, I walk to work unless the temperatures is around 10F or below. I intentionally located myself near my job, and made some sacrifices in order to do so.

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  • MacNut
    Jan 1, 06:26 PM
    Steve will take the stage and announce that they have created artificial life that can sing every song on your iPod while cleaning your house, he says they will be called PodPeople.:rolleyes:

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  • BenRoethig
    Nov 28, 07:59 AM
    Congratulations, you just lost any arguments you wish to make. If Apple monitors are vastly overpriced for what you get, if you don't have any need for something that is superior to a regular consumer model, then why in the hell did you buy one?

    Might have something to do with the fact that it matches the computer. However, the vast majority of Apple vs Dell display battles, even in the Mac community go to Dell. By the way, of the 23" displays tested last year, the one recommended by Macworld wasn't the Cinema Display, it only got 3.5 mice. The winner was actually an HP, which also by the way, was roughly the same price as the ACD at the time. It's 24" successor is about the same price as the dell. Same of their 20" Give all the "professional quality" justifications you want, the price of the components went down. Apple's making a ton off of giant margins because they know there are some who want that Apple logo so badly they'll pay twice as much to get it.

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  • vand0576
    Sep 1, 01:51 PM
    While I write this there are 176 posts already.

    Since initially posted (3 hours ago), there have been an average .9 posts per minute with no signs of slowing. This rumor is really keeping everyone here quite entertained. Cheers to slacking off at work on a Friday!

    edit: corrected "off"

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  • BigBeast
    Apr 19, 07:57 PM
    Large SSD's are just too expensive and often times not big enough. And you only get a finite number of writes on them before they're garbage.

    While technically correct, you should provide context.

    While SSDs DO have a finite number of write available, an SSD that's 256 GB (a modest drive size) with 10,000 writes = 2,560,000 GB of writing capacity (or 2.56 * 10^6 ;))

    That means you could write 100 GB of data PER DAY for slightly over 70 YEARS!

    Feel free to be amazed. :D

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  • treblah
    Jul 19, 05:51 PM
    Good Lord, 9.5 Billion in the Bank!

    Dear Apple,

    This just makes .Mac sucking that much more incredible.

    Please hire some .Mac engineers.


    Every Apple User in the World

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  • twoodcc
    Dec 2, 06:51 PM
    ^ depressing but true. desktop computer hardware taking a back seat to iphones :( sad day

    having been to CES, it's about 100x cooler than macworld i must say. it may just be the perfect forum to drum up more business

    well apple isn't showing up to macworld anymore, right?

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 12, 09:21 PM
    Which was understandable back in 2003 but with today's machines it was downright sad you had to 'wait while rendering'.

    Hey...forget about Final Cut Pro was the Compressor exporting that mattered more to me! It was so frustrating to see a 20 hour render using only half of my computer's resources. I'm more excited to see how that all works now.

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  • liamkp
    Sep 12, 09:29 AM
    Does anybody know how it will fit in a last gen case?

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  • mjteix
    Mar 25, 07:02 PM
    Intel's TDPs are not actual power consumed. So yes, the 130 W scenario still kicks.

    Correct, the power consumed is less than any of the TDP ratings.

    Then why "2x CPUs 130W rated. So thats 260W, right there."?
    If the power consumption is less than the TDP, it should be: 2x CPUs 95W rated. So that's 190W max, anyway.

    If you want an example of power consumption from a similar computer, go here ( The maximum power consumption is 570W for 2x Xeon X5570 (TDP=2x95W), 12GB RAM, FX4800 gpu (TDP=150W), 2x 1TB HDD, ODD, Ethernet, on a 650W 80PLUS� BRONZE PSU.

    If you change the gpu for one with a 300W TDP, and if the power consumption is still less than the TDP, then a 800W PSU would do the trick. No?

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  • JFreak
    Jul 18, 03:18 AM
    Thing is Steve Jobs is going to pull the usual trick (stupid contracts) and only release this to the American public.

    We can always hope that they also want to make business outside US.

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 26, 07:00 PM
    A Little OT but mini TV related: Someone here made a post I can't find that said the EyeTV hybrid HDTV tuner was only relevant to less than 5% of the market. So I did a little Google and found out we are already at 20% HD penetration in USA ( So I thought I'd just let you all know the Mac mini as an HDTV + Tivo with a 24" display can be set up for about $1300. With the cheapest Dual Link DVI 15" MBP you can find would drive a 30" display for a total of about $2900 soon.

    I have a 2GHz Dual Core G5 that can support a 30" Display only paid $900 for. When Dell puts the 30" up on the 20% off block it will only cost $1900 - $380 = $1520. So we are looking at Mac TVs in the 24" - 30" size for as little as $1450 - $2500. That seems pretty amazing to me.

    $599 Mac mini Core 2 Duo + EyeTV hybrid $150 + 24" Dell $700 (20% off Sale Price) = $1450 new.

    Used any solo or dual G5 PM with a Dual Link Video Card + 30" Dell $1520 (20% off Sale Price) = $2500 or less.

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  • W1MRK
    Apr 16, 05:17 PM
    I can drive a 18 wheeler but I haven't tried a manual car or pickup yet. I think its different. LOL

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  • djejrejk
    Jan 11, 08:36 PM
    If this notebook has no optical drive and no cables (as 9 to 5 mac suggests), how will customers hook up the optical drive? How will they reload/upgrade os x?

    This is not very thought out.

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  • eenu
    Aug 16, 11:05 AM
    As much as i love ipod and apple rumors it is getting stressful and frustrating that we hear these rumors every damn week and nothing comes out of them. Last week we had the iphone, the week before we had the 2nd part of the none touch stuff it just goes on and on and its peeing me off, im begining to doubt wherther there will ever be a phone or touchscreen thing.

    I agree to an extent but this is a rumours as such your going to get this. If it stresses you that much just don't read the ones you think are the same.

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  • kokako
    Apr 26, 01:27 PM
    This annoys me, no way in hell should another plagerist company be allowed to ride apples high, why should they, c'mon mac users get behind apple on this one.
    On mac computers we've always had "Applications", windows have had "programs", when apple made the iPhone they put mini applications on it and called them Apps which is short for small Applications, so amazon call yours PROGS and call it a Progstore but don't STEAL man !remember the widgets on your macs they are where the idea for the Apps on Iphones came from, Windows came along and stole the Widgets idea and initially called them Gadgets but now every other copycat calls them Widgets too, the same is happening again man it's bull, apple sue these leeches all of them.

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  • stompy
    Nov 27, 02:11 PM
    I think Apple will specifically NOT make a 17" Monitor as Digitimes are so astonishingly innaccurate :rolleyes:.

    LOL, right you are. Anything from Digitimes should automatically go to page 2.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 24, 01:16 AM
    Could anyone tell me what is "Santa Rosa " ?

    Uh, sure... Click Here (

    Apr 21, 12:45 PM
    Al Franken isnt tracking me, my iphone is.

    What a lame ass attempt to politicize the issue :rolleyes:

    When it comes to politicians, EVERYTHING is political. They don't do or say anything without some idea on how it can help them politically.

    Mar 25, 05:21 PM
    30fps is far from "silky smooth", but that's still pretty cool.


    Jan 12, 01:48 PM
    I'm pretty sure Lord Steve is sitting back with a cup of coffee reading all this and laughing.

    Sep 20, 08:12 PM
    I have no idea haha.

    I was also looking at some 3g Leather Cases (those are my favorite style) is there any reason they wouldn't work with my 4g? For example, this one looks good:

    but would my 4g fit in there?

    The new iPod touch is more thinner and narrow compared to the 3rd gen. It's just gonna wobble around the cases if you did that.

    Unless my memory is off, things don�t line up correctly. I considered a couple of 3G cases as a temporary fix (until something irresistible comes out) while at the Apple Store. Everything I liked either made getting to the volume/power buttons challenging or they covered up something critical. Can�t recall in great detail, since each was such an obvious no-go the moment I slipped the 4G in.

    Nov 16, 06:25 AM
    I was an early adopter on iPhone 1st gen. I upgraded to iPhone 3G 18 months later. Skipped 3GS, and ordered the iPhone 4 on June 15th during the big frenzy.

    My iPhone 4 was delivered to my home the day before launch day.

    Granted I have always had a cheap thin rubberized case around my iPhone 4 (but I have also had one on all my other iPhones as well)...but the iPhone 4 has given me BETTER service...fewer dropped calls...increased versatility...amazing battery life...better screen...faster response...than any of my other iPhones...

    While long ago, I generally enjoyed Consumer Reports, I believe their stance is nothing more than a blatant attempt at sensationalism based on initial reports of iPhone issues.

    Personally, over the years, I have seen Consumer Reports almost imperceptibly slide into what it is today...a largely commercialized rag which long ago lost its "pro-consumer, anti-establishment" focus.

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