Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  • Psychic Shopper
    Jul 18, 11:18 AM
    I must have watched 20 different video clips from the Daily Show on You Tube, streaming in almost real time. Why would I want to buy that content on the Itunes store?

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  • T'hain Esh Kelch
    Sep 1, 12:28 PM
    Apple legal taking action? down now..

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  • twoodcc
    May 3, 03:45 PM
    They are fine on my 07 8 cores Mac Pro. Even light encoding is fine...

    I also have the terminal going with 6 tabs, each running folding on another machine. I worried about iTunes because I had heard that it took quite a bit of cpu, but not for me it doesn't seem to have any effect on folding.

    interesting. well i might get a mac pro someday. my homebuilt machine is a big hassle and i'm not there to work on it. i would rather have a computer that i can fold and use regularly

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  • Billy Boo Bob
    Jan 2, 02:57 PM
    I wouldn't mind seeing some Skype integration alongside the cell... When in range of a Wi-Fi, be a Skype phone (optional)... When out of Wi-Fi range, work as a cell.

    Granted, it's not as smooth sounding as a real cell phone, but the way the kids in the house burn up minutes during the day, I'd rather have them use Skype so they can call their friends all they want. That is when they are wanting to talk privately (like most of the time) rather than use MSN Messenger. Maybe some Wi-Fi / Bluetooth option to use it through audio iChat, too. :-)

    I doubt that they would do that, though. Especially if they end up being a virtual carrier... They'll want you to use up minutes like any cell carrier.

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  • pigwin32
    Aug 25, 03:27 PM
    I guess we're diverging from the actual rumour - new Mac Mini real soon.

    I look at the existing Mac Mini, and your wish, and see too many $ signs!.

    Perhaps our wishes require a range of options. Mac Media HD vs Mac Media. ;-)
    I would be happy with FW800 although it would be hard to justify an immediate upgrade on that basis. It's annoying to have a FW800 raid device that can only operate at half speed. Of course esata ( would be nice but then I'd also have to upgrade my drive.

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  • fwoppers
    Sep 29, 11:30 PM
    is that lime case tpu or silicon?


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  • MattG
    Aug 7, 07:23 AM
    In addition to printing and font management, how bout adding to the list networking access. The way one accesses networks in Windows seems much more straight forward, consistent, clean and intuitive in Windows XP than it does in OS X. That's my oppinion anyway. Maybe that's just me. Anyone else agree???

    Totally agree...that's one aspect of Windows that I do like better. Local networking on my Macs seems very sluggish compared to Windows.

    Ever connect your laptop to a share on the network at work, put the laptop to sleep without disconnecting that share and then bring the computer home? Once the computer notices the share is no longer there, it basically hangs for about 30 seconds until it asks you to disconnect. Windows handles stuff like this MUCH better.

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  • leekohler
    Mar 24, 12:15 PM
    This is kinda funny actually.

    "Our country wasn't founded on a "God" principle. well lets see

    July 4, 1776:

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

    Creator.....not god then who was it? Those atoms that just happened to bond together gave us rights?

    Oh and again.

    "he separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them"

    So you'll argue. Separation of Church & State.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

    Respecting: admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements

    Congress shall make no law in favor of one religion, or prohibiting one. Lets see Christianity isn't the only belief system that frowns upon homosexuality so that kills your one religion statement.

    There's so much wrong here that I don't even know where to begin. So let's start here- there are also religions supportive of homosexuality, such as Buddhism and Wicca. So there goes your argument. There are even many branches of Christianity that are supportive as well.

    Now to the app. I don't see how its offensive. Would an anti-smoker app be offensive? Diligent smokers sign a petition with a minority of iOS users because it discriminates again their lifestyle.

    This app is offensive because of what Exodus does- uses junk science to try to "cure" people who are not sick in the first place. They have done serious harm to many people. If you'd like sources and data, I'll be glad to provide it.

    Apple holds the right to take it down, but I don't think it should have been.

    They can do what they want.

    No trying to substitute facts and history with your own beliefs. Homosexuality is not natural, there is no natural way for reproduction which is the whole purpose of sex or the "reproduction system" as it may be classified.

    Oh- there's one in every bunch. :rolleyes:

    Homosexuality is indeed natural. It's found in every animal species on the planet. There are good reasons for it- population control being one of them. Don't know if you've noticed, but humans are hardly at risk of dying out. We could do with less people. It's nature's birth control.

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  • lordonuthin
    Feb 17, 12:16 AM
    dang. well all my computers are down back at my apartment, so my production will be very little. i just started folding on my mbp with an a3 unit, so we'll see how it goes

    Sorry to hear that, when will you be able to get back to your apartment to get everything started again?

    My points are down too for some reason, not sure what the problem is as everything is running ok.

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  • fr0
    Aug 16, 11:43 AM
    The Register has an article claiming that Apple Taiwan has come out and denied this claim.

    Read it Here (

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  • Doraemon
    Mar 18, 09:35 AM
    I didn't sign either.

    a) I don't think that market growth is necessarily good for Apple.

    b) We don't need to save Apple. It's not endangered.

    c) I wouldn't want a Commodore-type of computer. My TV is smaller than my displays. Besides, a TV cannot handle the high resolutions state-of-the-art video cards deliver.

    d) With the eMac, Apple already has a good entry-level computer. What I'd like to see would be a <$1000 head-less iMac. But with the full range of features (so not a Commodore or whatever).

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  • kerryb
    Apr 26, 01:01 PM
    Wheres FullOfWin when you need him?

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  • blybug
    Jan 12, 07:03 PM
    I've always been a fan of the device that lets you remote access your computer (like a Star Trek PADD). Doubt we'll see one anytime soon though.
    I wonder...Apple would definitely be a bit ahead of the curve (wouldn't be the first time) releasing an iPADD :p but there are a lot of puzzle pieces coming together suggesting we're close to a first-generation of such a device. It's the logical "top-end" of the Touch-iPhone family. Apps and widgets created with the upcoming SDK could span all 3 devices. But the killer app for the big iPADD due to its actual usable screen size would be VNC/BTTM.

    Think of all the people in corporate/hospital/university environments carrying laptops around to meetings, rounds, classes, Starbucks, then back to their offices where their desktops are no longer "up to date". In these WiFi saturated environments why not just bring your home/office/dorm computer with you through "the air" on your iPADD? Could definitely cut into the actual laptop computer market, but I bet whatever MacBook sales are lost could be more than made up for by folks buying the iPADD instead of a Windows laptop! Would also make a cozier gadget to curl up on the couch with at home than a traditional laptop, and could literally control and manage all your other local WiFi devices (:apple:TV!).

    OK I've convinced myself. Mark this thread...may be referring to it on Tuesday...:D

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  • hulugu
    Nov 29, 08:58 PM
    Why are we still talking about the Zune. Does anyone really care? It's just another mp3 player among so many others behind iPod. :rolleyes:

    It will never match the iPod's popularity, ever.

    I think the feeling was, this is the last full measure for anyone expecting to knock the iPod off its pedestal without a serious sea-change in technology, to mix my metaphors a little.

    Sony tried, Dell tried, Creative is trying, and really only Samsung and SanDisk are having any success. The real threat it appeared was from Microsoft who could use their money and leverage the support of WMA, the XBox, and other technologies to support the Zune.

    Instead, Microsoft made a clunky box, reinvented the software wheel, and severed the Zune from all the PlaysForSure companies. The only real leverage the Zune has is it's connection with the XBox, which the iPod can do as well. The Zune is a massive duplication of effort, and will surely do more to eliminate the smaller players in the market, such as SanDisk, than affect the iPod's sales.

    Furthermore, I would ask anyone to avoid buying the Zune, no one should reward Microsoft for releasing a product that is effectively unfinished. Really for $250.00 you get to do their beta testing, and that's not a privilege anyone should have to endure.

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  • ~Shard~
    Nov 29, 01:34 PM
    Can't wait for MWSF to get some more details from Steve! Between this, the iPhone, an iTablet and the new widescreen video iPod there will be plenty for him to reveal - along with our iLife 07 and Leopard previews as well. ;) :cool:

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  • Jopling
    Nov 29, 05:19 PM
    Maybe you can do video iChat sessions with an optional iSight camera right from the livingroom TV?

    This reminds me of the old Zenith TVs with space phones where you could talk to a caller from the comfort of your sofa. (but voices usually sounded like it was underwater).

    I still have one of those

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  • petej
    Jul 18, 02:30 AM
    Movie rentals good. I rarely watch a movie more than once so this would suit me fine. I don't rent as much as would like to currently because I hate the trudge of taking the damn thing back to the rental store.
    Movie subscriptions bad. I don't watch enough of them for it to be worth my while to subscribe to any Movie service. Work and kids make sure of that.
    Movie download to own - no way. The last thing I want to do is fill up my HD with mountains of films that I'll probably never watch again and then have to back them all up to CD/DVD.
    Kid's movies - These do get watched over and over again so hey, I can buy the DVD.

    Now what would be cool added value is if I could choose the movie I want to rent from anywhere in the world and get it downloaded to my playback device (doesn't have to be a mac as such could just be an apple media center box) at home so that it is sitting waiting there when i get back. That could be great use for WAP / 3G mobile phones.

    Streaming movies are hopeless. My broadband may be fast but it still suffers from way too much congestion at my ISP for this to be reliable for anything other than a low res movie.

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  • leandroc76
    Nov 28, 09:54 AM
    Here comes the Antitrust lawsuit from Micrsoft!:o

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  • Tmelon
    Apr 4, 07:34 PM
    Then don't use full screen �? No one is forcing it on you.

    I use full screen for mail on my 27". Would be useless to put Safari on FS on that size, but I can see why it would be useful on an 11" Air.

    Similar with me. I have a 13" Macbook which really benefits from the ability to go into fullscreen. The extra screen space makes it much easier to concentrate. But when I'm at home I have it plugged into a 24" monitor I don't have a need for it.

    Apr 12, 09:08 PM
    What's pretty funny is that you're bitching about a layout complaint that's been rectified with an option since last October.

    Fine. You all go and apply to work at a post house and put "iMovie" on your resume. See how long it takes for them to laugh you out the door.

    I haven't really used iMovie since HD, so to be honest I don't really care what they do to it. It's "Super quick to capture and edit DV" time has come and gone.

    Apr 12, 02:12 PM
    I can only drive stick, I don't know how to drive automatic.

    Apr 3, 07:56 AM
    I like the ad. At least it does not end like this.

    "If you don't have an iPad, then you don't have an iPad."

    Mar 24, 01:59 PM
    Great news:D:D

    Mar 7, 03:22 PM
    That'll be the marshmallows they use to replace the springs to make it a little softer for the yanks. :D

    While I haven't driven the Insignia over in Europe, the Regal drives solid and is very stable. So I don't think they did any modifications to the suspension.

    A SPEED TV show went over to Europe to drive a US Spec Buick Regal and drove it on the autobahn and nurburgring.

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