Sunday, May 22, 2011

justin bieber update

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  • ag227
    Apr 13, 01:52 AM

    In this image, what screen is that they are using? the stand looks like something by apple, the silver border around the screen is not a cinema display as its too thick and its not an imac as there is not enough silver along the bottom??

    or am i just seeing it funny?

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  • celticpride678
    Apr 2, 01:59 PM
    Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but the kernel under Lion boots 64-bit by default. In Snow Leopard, you had to press 6+4 upon boot to use a 64-bit kernel.

    Was like that in DP1 too.

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  • Apple OC
    Mar 21, 07:21 PM
    The gist of the statements currently coming from UN-mandated coalition members seems to be that once that "all necessary measures" have been taken to protect Libyans under attack by Gaddafi loyalists, the coalition military will simply seek to maintain that protection. Any political progess from that point on will have to be negotiated between Gaddafi, the Arab League, and the UN.

    It will be important to get the Arab League onboard, but just now they are pretty distracted with internal instability and rarely agree on anything anyways. They neither want to keep Gaddafi around nor show him the door.

    I agree ... interesting progress this UN decision has become, the Arab partners seem to now be on the fence.

    Getting Gaddafi to step down seems like a logical solution ... however that may not happen if he tries to all of a sudden play ball a bit.

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  • Digital Dude
    Mar 24, 02:03 PM
    Ok, the sorta-kinda support of the cards listed means what? I have a 2009 MP but I'm not sure anyone knows the power supply rating. Likewise, this whole 'hakintosh' vernacular is confusing and suggest the cards are not really plug n' play out of the box.

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  • noodle654
    Jan 11, 09:46 PM
    If that is the real name I will be shocked. It is horrible.

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  • Vegasman
    May 2, 05:58 PM
    That Windows dialog is horrible. Why is there so much info? Are the file size and image dimensions really helping me decided whether or not I want to delete it? And it has the classic Windows "Yes" and "No" buttons (instead of having something useful like Cancel and Delete). If that dialog pops up, you have to squint your eyes and look all over until you see "Delete ..." in the upper left corner, then take a second to make sure "Yes" actually means "Delete". And if you want to cancel, should you hit "No" or the X in the top right?

    That OS X dialog IS NOTHING like that Aero dialog.

    Weird. When I ask someone a yes/no question, I expect a yes/no response.

    Do you understand what I mean?

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  • mape2k
    May 3, 05:44 AM
    I hope I can right-click and delete them too. Pointless to click and wait while holding if you have an input device with more than one button... :rolleyes:

    Maybe this is already a step for future touchable MBP screens then?

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  • J the Ninja
    Apr 12, 09:15 PM

    Looks like same basic layout, after you get past the iMovie-likeness.

    Also, no more render dialogue and it uses all cores to render. :)

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  • twoodcc
    Aug 24, 11:51 PM
    bring it on! i sure hope they release something

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  • nporteschaikin
    Feb 26, 09:43 AM

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  • evilgEEk
    Jul 18, 08:16 PM
    i wouldnt even pay a $1.99 if the resolution is the same as the current video content on iTunes... HORRID!
    I'm definitely with you there. I want to both rent and purchase movies, but if they're going to be 320x240 then forget it. I'm not paying my hard-earned cash for that.

    DVD quality and at least 5.1 surround is what I would require before I rented any movies from Apple.

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  • ciTiger
    May 2, 06:06 PM
    That's a very nice feature! Too bad it won't work for apps not from the app store...

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  • Consultant
    Mar 25, 04:01 PM
    There's still the practical limitations of using a touchscreen as a control device, though. It's never going to be as tactile as a controller with buttons and joysticks. Not to mention having the HDMI adaptor sticking out of the side of the iPad while you're holding it to play games...

    Apart from that, I'm glad to see the iPad is able to hold its own as a gaming machine.

    Good luck performing multi-touch and gestures with buttons and joysticks. :rolleyes:

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  • gr8whtd0pe
    Jan 19, 03:25 PM
    Some pics of my Impreza after a night of freezing rain:

    awesome shot.

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  • copykris
    Nov 23, 06:52 PM
    Small Pelican case for my Oakley Glasses, (as seen on the last page of the XIV Purchases Thread)

    Have room for another pair too, Maybe I'll find another pair that I like in the future.



    that seems awful clunky as a container for a pair of sunglasses...

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  • Zaty
    Mar 20, 09:52 AM
    If you want to compare Macs to PCs, you just can't take any PC being sold for $500. Like other people said, you get what you pay for. On the other hand, not every PC is a piece of crap (hardware wise). I bought a top of the line PII 450MHz in late 1998. It cost almost $2000 back then. But guess what, it's still running happily. The question is how long is the computer going to last? The more you pay, the longer your computer (Mac or PC) normally lasts. The good thing about Apple is that there is no $500 crap.

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  • jxyama
    Mar 19, 04:44 PM
    well for just once I would like the fastest single cpu in one of the consumer models and give it a good video card. thats all not asking for the world.

    for "consumer prices"? doubtful, because you are asking for a top-notch gaming machine. it's not a consumer machine at all. so why should it be priced as such?

    do you call a PC with PIV EE with a top notch radeon video card "consumer"? is it priced as "consumer" machine?

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  • vitaflo
    Nov 28, 11:15 AM
    Microsoft lost billions on the Xbox and likely to lose hundreds of millions on their Zune attempt. iPod sales have been profitable for Apple since their introduction. How one measures success in this industry can't always be marketshare.

    Given that the Xbox's market share was only about 20%, you probably can't use market share as a measure either.

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  • Surely
    Nov 25, 11:39 AM
    True, but it's a lot of fun to occasionally leave the house! :D

    Yes, but shopping online ≠ never leaving the house

    I buy online because I find things that:

    May 3, 04:11 AM
    I have a question. If u delete an App that way does it mean its completely gone, i mean under windows if you delete something you still find lots of folders related to the deleted program somewhere in the WINDOWS folder. I am not a Mac specialist so I am wondering, and is this the same when moving an app to the trash ...

    Apr 12, 10:19 PM
    Super stoked!! Very much looking forward to this!

    Aug 29, 04:28 PM
    you can be certain that the price-difference is there. since merom and yonah are 1:1 compatible, why would anyone use yonah istead of merom? but since the two will be sold side-by-side, yonah obviously has some benefits that merom does not have. and that benefit is most likely price.

    Who says Intel will keep selling Yonahs for long time once Merom comes out?

    Mar 24, 01:02 PM
    Excellent, now I can upgrade my Hackintosh's GPU.

    Jan 12, 04:37 PM
    These whispers seem to have possible validity. I feel that people waiting for a slim MacBook Pro may come away from MacWorld disappointed. A thin machine doesn't seem like it will fit the bill for many pro customers who are often using their MacBook Pros as desktop replacements, but may be great for another market: non-creative professionals, many of whom would like something along the lines of a successor to the 12" Powerbook. (Rumors of an aluminum enclosure don't mean all that much as Apple is going toward aluminum enclosures in more and more of their product lines, regardless the price point or 'pro' image. iPod Shuffle anyone?)

    Let's enjoy the show!

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