Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • gameface
    Apr 12, 08:28 PM
    I was at an NAB supermeet in maybe 2003? There was all of 30 of us there. That pictures is insane.

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  • nsayer
    Nov 15, 12:13 PM
    Seems to me this might be a way not for Apple to release an 8 core machine, but perhaps to release a one-chip, 4 core Mac Pro. That might result in slightly lower manufacturing and/or parts costs.

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  • bommai
    Nov 27, 01:56 PM
    I don't think 17" is going to happen. I would rather Apple drop the price on the 20" drastically. $699 is way too much. Dell has two 20" widescreen monitors. One for the office crowd. It has a USB hub built-in, can rotate, has DVI, VGA and S-video inputs. It has identical specs to the Apple monitor. This monitor is about $350. You can get it for lower sometimes. I have one of these (an older model actually - and it cost $500 18 months ago).

    Dell also has a new 20" widescreen that does not have USB hub, no rotation capability. However, it has a HDMI port with HDCP (High definition content protection). This is a requirement for HD-DVD and Bluray playback. This monitor is only $250. It has the same 1650x1050 resolution like the Apple 23". You can get the Dell 24" 1920x1200 LCD for $600. Paying $999 for Apple 23" is nuts!

    I love my PowerMac G4, but Apple's display prices need to come down.

    Also, my powermac is 3.5 years old and I would really like to buy a new MacProsumer. Something that is half the size of MacPro. Has one dual core Conroe, space for 2 HDs, space for one optical drive, 2 PCI express slots, firewire 800, 400, USB 2.0, 802.11g/n, bluetooth, optical audio in/out, DVI/HDMI with HDCP. I want all this to cost $1500 or less.

    This would give me the flexibility to buy my own monitor and stay in the iMac arena. iMacs would still sell well for people that want all-in-one. Apple can sell this Conroe towers for business as well as people that want to upgrade. This machine is more of a successor to the PowerMac G4 compared to the MacPro. MacPro is overkill for most people for home use.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 20, 06:41 PM
    Please quantify that. Homeopathy might make you feel better about your cold, but if you're persuaded to rely on it rather than chemotherapy to cure your cancer, you'll be in for a shock.

    Lots of little good placebo outcomes outweighed by pretty serious consequences I'd bet.

    Hang about for a moment. I think you have struck on something brilliant.

    We let them trust God to cure them, from a disease He has allowed them to acquire, and there will be less of 'them', in the long run.

    I like this line of thinking. Mother Nature would be amused.

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  • longofest
    Jul 19, 05:46 PM
    not as long as Vista customers will have to wait :D

    It never gets old... ;)

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  • sam10685
    Jul 14, 03:34 AM
    So, how long till it comes to laptops? :D

    And on top of that, its only going to be a viewer, right? I mean have they created any Blu-ray burners, yet?

    I really don't want to buy a Macbook Pro until it has Merom, 802.11n, and blue-ray, cause I know those are all going to be standard in less than a year and I can't afford to have a crippled laptop for 3 yrs.

    Hopefully it won't be too far, I've saved enough cash.

    ur goin' to be waitin' a while... just get one now.

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  • DavidLeblond
    Apr 21, 11:35 AM
    So...this guy Levinson...he spends all his time breaking down all the data and info in iOS...and then writes a book about all the locations of these files and how to manipulate them?....and he complains how people may easily get hacked?

    Hmm... I'm missing something here...

    Yeah, you are.

    Levinson wasn't the guy complaining about that, he was the forensics guy.

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  • kelving525
    Sep 30, 02:48 PM
    So, did you keep it?

    Just curious ... I'm on the fence here, really just waiting to see what else comes out in the next few weeks.

    Yes, I'm still using the case. It's the only case that feels nice from what I saw in Best Buy.

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  • 4God
    Nov 27, 03:26 PM
    I don't understand this. Apple has carried a 20" monitor as their low end for two years. Why offer something even smaller after so long? This seems like a step backwards.

    Exactly, as someone here said earlier, "the 20" is the new 17"

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  • peharri
    Jul 18, 09:32 AM
    ...but why on Earth would Jobs announce this at a developer's conference?

    WWDC showcases the new hardware and software, but this isn't either, it's a product of little or no interest to developers. It's the wrong audience.

    A more realistic possibility is a seperate, unrelated, keynote. The iTunes Music Store was announced at a special event, and I'd imagine any "movie download service" would be announced similarly.

    I don't think the idea is impossible. I can see a $5 fixed fee thing working quite well, with $1 going to Apple to cover their operating costs. They can probably get an hour or so of moderate, better-then-VHS-resolution, quality for 100 megabytes if they choose a reasonable codec. The system probably fits Apple better than a selling system, where questions like "I can burn my music to CD, how come I can't burn my movies to DVD" will be asked. The major issue I can forsee though is that most of us want to watch movies on a large screen. Most Mac users don't really have anything that would work for that. Perhaps a little, cheap, Firewire widget that does TV out should be in Apple's future.

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  • FreeState
    Mar 23, 06:29 PM
    Interesting. So, how large of a group does a "special interest" have to be for it to cease being "special?" :rolleyes:

    I think that one thing a lot of people have missed is a very palatable shift in how anti-gay groups are viewed after the passage of Prop 8. No longer is using your religious beliefs to deny civil rights to gays and lesbians seen as acceptable, it's now joined the ranks of racism and many hate groups who rightfully are not given an elevated place in a civilized society. Prop 8 has been called Stonewall 2.0, but I think it is more like the first Stonewall for those outside of the gay community. It woke a lot of people up to how the GLBT community is treated by an oppressive majority (in the last year they are no longer the majority, a tipping point has been reached and hopefully there is no turning back).

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  • miloblithe
    Aug 31, 12:42 PM
    If the $499 model has a superdrive too, what's the incentive to get the $599 version? Larger HD isn't enough, and I don't see Apple either dropping the higher-priced model or putting anything faster than 1.83 in the mini.

    And I'm basing this on the guy in on the link above having his $599 current core solo replaced with what I put for the $599 model.

    So maybe:

    $599: Core Duo 1.66, 100GB, Superdrive, 512MB
    $799: Core Duo 1.83, 120GM, Superdrive, 1GB

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  • Al Coholic
    Apr 3, 01:15 PM
    I don't think you understand how this works.

    You can't be that thick. No way. You're just being a contrarian for the sake of it. Have to be.

    It doesn't take much to get the iPad pom pom's a-wavin' around here.

    Don't get me wrong. It's a "cute" ad but that's the point of my protest. It's just insulting. Why, if this thing is capable of so much must they resort to these kinds of antics? You guys are just gullible.

    One of my patients has locked in syndrome, a condition in which he could only move his eyes. Over a year he regained use of his right hand. The iPad has given him a new lease of life - his voice, entertainment, etc. He would disagree with your idiotic statement.

    So the iPad saved him? So much for giving the medical staff their due. LOL!

    There will be other tablets eeking out iPad's market share soon enough. Don't be too quick in lobbying the Pope for Mr. Jobs' sainthood just yet.

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  • Photics
    Mar 26, 07:43 AM
    But remember that the PS3 was $600 at launch, but is $300 now. Each PS3 game is $60, while Real Racing 2 is $7. So the cost proposition after a few games is not that different.

    I don't think the problem here is cost. Lots of people want an iPad, so this is like a fringe benefit. It's more about logistics. I don't think it makes sense to run two screens, and tether an iPad to the TV.

    Heh, true, I use my iPhone as a Netflix player. Yet, I don't have to hold the iPhone to do it. I just set it up and enjoy the movie. An iPad is a nice tablet, but not a great controller.

    I think a USB controller, going to the iPad 2 - that's connected to a TV - makes more sense. Then, it's like a real gaming console. Another possibility... the iPad 2 camera could be used for motion detection. Then, the gaming can be like the Wii or XBOX 360 Kinect.

    My problem here is the cable — HDMI cables are usually short.

    This is progress though.

    All from the same device. The iPad does a lot things, but it actually does them well. That's pretty significant.

    I'm not bashing the iPad. I think it's cool. It's clearly the leader in the tablet market. Yet, I don't think this is the direction to go for gaming. I think the Apple TV makes more sense.

    Apple TV — With a Camera — and that changes things.
    FaceTime, Games, Apps on the TV.

    But again, the controller is the problem. Apple is not leading here. It should set the standard, not let developers create Frankenstein gaming consoles. This isn't the Pipen. Apple has a strong opportunity to enter the game console space. I don't see a reason to delay.

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  • Krovem
    Feb 6, 12:02 AM
    2002 Audi A4. 18th birthday present

    That looks pretty sick. I was looking at Audi a4 or a6 (02-05), and infinity g35 sedan.

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  • PBF
    Apr 1, 09:28 PM
    ^ Yup, same here. A little bit annoying having to reopen the same window.

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  • jgould
    Feb 22, 07:15 PM
    Couldn't afford an iMac just yet so I'm using I have my Mac Book Pro 13" hooked up to an HP w2207 monitor!

    How are you managing your cables behind the BookArc? I just picked one up and am doing what I've been doing for years: A binder clip with everything except the display cable attached to it. I wish I could find a Mini DisplayPort to DVI cable, but those don't seem to exist.

    I'm going to post a new picture of my desk shortly.

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  • marksman
    Mar 26, 04:18 PM
    Hardcore gaming will never change to the extent it doesn't need a controller and as such the market isn't going to change. Sure I can't wait until I play starcraft or the like on an ipad, but I won't be ditching any of my consoles.

    You clearly lack any sort of vision. You couldn't be more wrong about the future of gaming.

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  • GregA
    Dec 30, 02:42 AM
    At least our TV's aren't upside down :D :cool: ;)Touché?... ;-)
    (I feel like the "I'm a PC" guy).

    Actually, while 576i is good for standard def, our government has defined 576p as high def (or 720p, or 1080i... it's optional). 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.

    Apr 21, 07:13 AM
    You're forgetting that if the iMac user was shunting video to a big-screen TV via HDMI, the user might want to keep that port for that. Would leave the Thunderbolt port for other devices that they might want to keep plugged in without having to swap.

    Not all of us want to plug and unplug...plug and unplug

    Thunderbolt is daisy chain-able. Now I give HDMI *in* a 1% chance on the 27" model since Apple sold a few on the virtue of the Mini-DP in on that model. However, HDMI costs Apple money and it is more likely you'll see Thunderbolt capable of turning the internal display into an external display for another device, or perhaps, TWO thunderbolt ports with said functionality.

    I give the two thunderbolt ports a 2-3% chance but for me that's worth dreaming about.

    Aug 16, 09:25 AM
    as i have said in a previous thread there was a big article a few months ago that discussed the idea of homes having 'media servers' and you stream your music from home to the ipod instead of having it all stored locally.

    Obviously this concept is for the wireless world which we don't really have at the moment but i think we will rapidly move to that stage.

    For those saying the download functions could be via an iphone....well from a UK perspective i hope not becasue currently the UK mobile networks charge a fortune for GPRS data transfer that to be honest would not make it at all viable to use that service unless apple has cut a deal with them but i very much doubt that.

    Apr 27, 01:00 AM
    You got me there. Here's a bit of interesting tech trademark trivia (Microsoft vs Lindows):

    Exactly. I find it quite funny people don't understand that the "Windows" brand is referring to the windowed metaphor on desktop GUIs. So, Windows technically is just as generic as App store, considering all desktop UIs use the Window metaphor for displaying content.

    But I think we'd all agree that when you hear the term windows, you think of Microsofts OS. Thats the exact same thing going on here with App store. Companies trademark "generic" terms all the time. Most trademarks ARE generic. But once it becomes used to associate a brand or product, its no longer generic.

    Apr 12, 09:31 PM
    People detection or NSA spoofer code. People should have the right to turn this stuff off. Hope FCP doesn't impose it without an option to disable.

    Mar 21, 02:52 PM
    I hope so, but the next question is how long Libya will have multiple governments, and under what conditions the rebels recieve official international recognition.I don't think there will be any conditions: at some point, effective authority will simply be seen to reside with them, rather than Daffy the Duck, and at that point, they will become the de facto recognised representatives.

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