Friday, May 13, 2011

Laura Vandervoort | Laura Vandervoort in Smallville Finale | Smallville Finale Complete Info

My thanks to blog friend Jason for forwarding me this link about Supergirl and Smallville. As always, the whole article is worth reading.

In the article, Laura Vandervoort talks about her role as Kara on Smallville and how she is returning later in this season. Here is the blurb that caught my attention.

But if you are worried that Vandervoorts return will leave things open ended with the character you have nothing to fear as her return this time will include some form of finality and conclusion
“The fans will be happy,” she said. “I didn’t really want to have the show end without Kara kind of wrapping up her future. I didn’t want her to be off flying around and no one ever see her again. I return in a particular way or I’m found ... uh, yeah. I can’t really say anything."

So I am glad that she says the fans will be happy. That makes me think she isn't going to be killed off. But how else can you wrap up her story if the show is ending ... unless she says something like she is going to live in Chicago as a grad student and protect the city. But the cryptic 'I'm found ...' sounds a little concerning.

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