Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meet the new Cubs

There are seven Cubs on the roster that weren't there when the season began, and after attending a game or two recently, I heard so many "Who is this guy?" comments in the crowd, I thought I'd provide a little primer for you.

The new guys...

Doug Davis (#32)
He's a veteran pitcher that used to kill the Cubs when he was with the Brewers and the Diamondbacks, but was completely out of baseball when the Cubs brought him back. His best season was 2007 when he went 13-12 for Arizona. He pitches very sloooooooow. You can go the concession stand between pitches and not miss a thing. (AP Photo)

DJ LeMahieu (#33)
He's another former LSU infielder who won a game for the Cubs with a walk-off homer in spring training, but in his first at bat yesterday, he grounded into a double play. He was playing in Double A (as a second baseman) when the Cubs called him up.

Lou Montanez (#39)
He was a #1 draft choice of the Cubs in 2000 (as a shortstop), but never made it to the big leagues with us after a very disappointing minor league career. The Cubs released him in 2006, and he signed with the Orioles. He made it to the bigs with the O's as a backup outfielder in 2008. The Orioles released him after the 2010 season and the Cubs picked him up again. He was hitting .369 for Iowa when the Cubs called him up. (AP Photo)

Tony Campana (#41)
Fastest guy on the Cubs. The outfielder wears his hat slightly askew and hustles all the time. Campana has no power at all. He has never hit a home run, even in the minor leagues. He has been a stealing machine, however. In his last two minor league seasons he stole 66 and 55 bases respectively. He also has a lifetime average of over .300. Today is his 25th birthday.

Rodrigo Lopez (#50)
Another veteran pitcher. The Cubs just got him in a trade with Atlanta, where he was pitching for their AAA team. He has quite a bit of big league experience, however, and pitched for the Braves just last year. Unfortunately, he also led the league in home runs allowed (37), had a 5.00 ERA, and was nine games under .500.

Brad Snyder (#56)
He got a cup of coffee with the Cubs last year at the end of the season and hit .185, but Snyder is also a former first round draft choice (Cleveland, 2003). The Cubs claimed him off waivers in 2009. He is power hitting outfielder who slugged 25 HRs and knocked in 106 runs for the Iowa Cubs last year (and hit .308). He had seven homers for Iowa already in 2011 when the Cubs called him up.

Scott Maine (#57)
The Cubs got him from Arizona in the Aaron Heilman trade. He's easily recognizable because of his unusual soul patch beard and his 10.29 ERA. He was a pretty effective reliever in the minors, and even closed games for Iowa, so there is hope he will be able to do it in the big leagues eventually. He's only 26. (Photo: Getty Images)

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