Monday, May 16, 2011

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I want to travel the world. But no matter where I go, my heart will always be in the best place in the world, the state of Georgia! For some, that might be a really random state. But with its sweet tea, beaches, and southern charm, it seems just right for me. My perfect day here is when the sun is out, and I'm just by the pool or beach.

A big part of my life right now is school - and getting into a good college is my number one goal. A typical day at my school consists of:
1. math - as a freshman, I'm taking geometry this year.
2. spanish - I use to take Latin, but this year I decided spanish would help me if I wanted to go to a foreign country. Like I said, I love to travel!
3. free period - this is my favorite! my friends and I sit and study together, and talk about whatever we want.

4. drama - in this class, we get to show off our acting skills and learn about the history of acting. my teacher is so funny!
5. english - I LOVE THIS CLASS! especially because we are doing this blogging competition...:)
6. freshman rotation - this is a class designed only for freshmen. one trimester is public speaking, the second is health, and the third is another free period! Right now I have public speaking.
7. history - right now we are learning about Ancient Egypt, which is very interesting because my friend is from Egypt, and it's cool to learn about his past!

If you wanted to visit Georgia, you would have an amazing time! Make sure to bring clothes fit for warm weather - we havn't had snow in years! If you are visiting around the Atlanta area, which is Georgia's capitol, going to a Georgia Game or visiting downtown is always a highlight. But if you are more into relaxing by the beach and seeing historical sites, on the coast of Georgia lies Savannah, a beautiful and relaxing city that is known for its artsy downtown and touristy Tybee Island. Anywhere you go in Georgia, you are sure to have an amazing time!

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