Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oprah's Last Show

It airs at 9AM in Chicago.

I worked in the media for Oprah's entire Chicago run, and met many people that worked for her (and they never ever talked about her...they signed agreements saying they wouldn't), but I never met Oprah. I never talked to her on the phone. I was never even in the same room as her. And this, despite the fact that I tried to book her as a guest for twenty years. (If you knew the lengths we went to...oh boy, what a huge load of wasted time.)

So, I have mixed emotions about her last show. I didn't watch her show very often because of the time it was on, but I understand and appreciate her impact on the people that did. I have to give her credit for all the good she has done over the past ten years or so. But I also wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that I never really considered her part of Chicago's media community. She just happened to do her show here.

There has never been a Chicago figure that was more difficult to reach, including Michael Jordan. For the people in Chicago, Oprah's departure to the West Coast won't change the access to her in the slightest.

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