Saturday, May 14, 2011

Royal Couple's Kate and Willams Honeymoon in Paradise | ROYAL HONEYMOON

The honeymoon to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean – revealed yesterday by the Mirror – is a first for royal couples who have traditionally posed for photos while spending at least part of the break in Britain.

PRINCE William and Kate will get around their idyllic honeymoon paradise on two rickety old bikes...

The royal couple have snubbed an electric golf buggy in favour of cycling side by side on the unspoilt island in the Seychelles.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be completely alone on the isle apart from a few staff.

If there was ever a time to abuse their power, it's on their royal honeymoon. Kate and William can go anywhere in the world now that they're newlyweds and they've chosen North Island: a small, isolated archipelago in the Seychelles owned by a guy named Farhad Vladi.
"Yes, we rented the island to the British royal family," Vladi told a Hamburg newspaper. "Prince William and his Kate are spending their honeymoon there. But you will understand that we are not saying anything further."

Actually, he's already said enough. You'd think after brokering deals with Diana Ross and the Shah of Iran, Vladi would know how to keep a secret. Now that he's shared, we don't feel so bad poring over the details of their destination love-nest. Here are some factoids William is probably reading in his Frommer's right now.

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