Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ryan Theriot

He's baaaaack. But this time he's wearing red. Ryan Theriot is the starting shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals this year and the Cardinals are in town for a three game series.

You may not remember this, but in the off-season, Ryan said some things that angered Cubs fans. He told a St. Louis radio station in December that he was now "finally on the right side" of the rivalry and questioned his former team's commitment to winning a long-awaited World Series title.

Carlos Zambrano, when told about this comment, labeled Ryan as "the enemy."

Should be a great pitching matchup at Wrigley today (Zambrano vs. Carpenter), but all eyes will be on Theriot when he steps in the box the first time against Carlos. I'm guessing there will be a playful brushback, followed by a total overreaction from Tony LaRussa.

LATE UPDATE: "RP" writes in to make me feel guilty..."No overreaction from Tony tonight. He will not manage the game, but has stayed in Arizona at the Mayo Clinic there to receive treatment on the shingles that has swollen his right eye shut." (Read the story here)

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