Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • rasmasyean
    Mar 21, 04:31 PM
    we can only hope that that point will be reached with as little casualties as possible.

    I think this would be conterproductive to the end result though. If you inflict swift and high casualties on the opposition, the rest might be detered from dragging out a lengthy insurgency where even more people suffer (including lots and lots of bystanders).

    It's human nature and you can put yourself in their place. When you see your comrades (not just machines that you didn't even pay for) die ruthlessly in a hopeless battle, chances are you would be grateful that you were spared and realize both that you will surely get killed for nothing if you continue your defiance...and that the new regime will be strong. i.e. Most people want to be on the winning side. It "might" be different if you have been oppresed all your life and don't give a crap anymore, but in this case, it's just changing some ways to run the country.

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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Aug 24, 05:58 PM
    I thought Yonah and Merom are basically the same cost-wise. That's why everyone thinks including merom in new systems won't raise the price of those systems. I could be wrong.

    They will be - at least initially - but Intel will undoubtedly lower prices on the Yonah chips shortly, making a cheaper Yonah-based Mini feasible.

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  • cjc343
    Apr 4, 07:16 PM
    Save Apple!!! Sign MY petition.....

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  • macgeek18
    Feb 18, 12:59 AM
    Oh, it was mostly my media. I have a large collection of music/movies/tv shows and I can only fit a certain amount on my iPhone and iPad. I turned off my mac mini at home since I was going to be gone for 2 months here so I can't stream from that. Even if I could, my wifi here is terrible, Netflix is always poor quality and has a hard time keeping up with that. So I bought the macbook and a 1TB hard drive to install when I get back home and then I'm headed off again for my mobilization and then deployment in the summer. Just wanted to be able to take my whole library with me. The MBP will also be used for college when I get back from Afghanistan.

    Wait..You said military school then you say deployment to Afghanistan? Do you mean bootamp or tech school? I'm confused. lol Btw which branch are you in?

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  • CWallace
    Jan 11, 07:43 PM
    they also think the macbook's gonna have a super drive standard across the line, so they're obviously not talking about the same thing

    Considering how inexpensive DVD burners are now, it probably costs Apple more to stock non-burners (for builds and AppleCare) in addition to burners then just moving purely to burners, so that would support a move to SuperDrives across the board.

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  • supermacdesign
    Jul 18, 09:50 AM
    I hope the rental thing is true--I don't want to own. I'm not with Steve Jobs on this one (assuming the rumors are true that he opposes rentals).

    Owning music downloads fits my habits/needs. Owning movie downloads does NOT. The vast majority of movies I watch I never see again. And I don't want to store big movie files long-term. And I don't want to pay a higher price! Lower the price and make it short-term. I like that better.

    For the few movies/shows I'd want to own, I want the discs (Blu-Ray preferred :) ) and the ability to take them to a friends' house.

    Also, if it's a rental model, I can be more forgiving on quality. They'd have to be better than iPod 320x240 (except, obviously, when played ON an iPod), but if they're a little bit short of DVD quality, I'd still be bored enough to seek instant gratification and rent some. The price would have to be right, of course. Netflix rentals cost about $2.50 each on my plan. For slightly-sub-DVD quality and near-instant delivery, I'd pay maybe $2. For FULL DVD quality I'd certainly be willing to match Netlflix's price, or even pay a little more (for iTunes convenience/speed).

    How often would I rent? Depends on selection... which means, probably not often :) At first. But it would be cool to see it grow to a collection that could rival Netflix.

    After all, I already do all my movie watching on my Mac (sometimes connected to TV).

    This is exactly how I feel about the situation. Renting is the key, and a $1.99 price point is perfect. The movies I purchased for $15 I almost never watch again, I am a sucker for impulse buying. I rent movies now for a buck at RedBox anything more that $2 isn't worth my time when I can have the disc in hand to watch when I want in beautiful DVD quality.

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 13, 06:15 PM
    congrats to whiterabbit for 13 million points!

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  • yellow
    Jan 3, 02:14 PM
    Mine: 2006 F-150 SuperCrew

    With or without integrated M249s? :D

    2011 Subaru Legacy. Our first Subaru. So impressed we're selling the other cars and buying a 2011 Outback for my wife!

    It's not a fancy looking car, in fact it looks easily can be mistaken for any other boring sedan from GM/Ford/Toyota/Honda/Nissan.

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  • Linito
    Sep 6, 09:24 AM
    Still cant see any sign of MBPs.*weeps*

    Maybe next tuesday...

    new processor needs new motherboard, there for new sistem needs new case, i think their gonna release a new mbp and will be aa killer!

    selena gomez exercising. selena gomez 4 years old
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  • brianus
    Sep 1, 01:25 PM
    The problem with adding tuners from what I understand is that there are many different standards throughout the world. Anyone knows if there are there tuners that do it all at the moment? Even without a tuner though, it'd be a pretty slick machine.

    Also, if Apple markets those as HDTVs-that-are-also-computers instead of computers-with-big-screens, I think they could go after a part of the HDTV market that would more than compensate the "downgrades" from the Mac Pro. But a 23-inch model would not only cause downgrades from the Mac Pro. People like me would upgrade from the Mini too! I wanted more than the 20-inch iMac's 1680x1050 for my main screen. Since I bought a Dell screen to go with my Mini, Apple lost a sale there.

    A 23-inch iMac would also crank up Apple's coolness factor a couple of notches. I mean... the Mac Pro is cool and all, but few people - the regular folks, not us gadgets freaks - want to have such a huge box in their living room, and Apple could give better specs to a 23-inch iMac than those of a Mini+screen. Anyways, I think it'd be an awesome product. I hope we'll see something like that in the near future.

    Um, hate to break it to ya, but Apple sells television shows.

    Relax. Merom in C2D iMacs is only a Rumor. It is not a fact at all. Conroe inside a new design is much more likely.

    Says who? AppleInsider is now confirming this story. They have been dead-on accurate all year. Read 'em and weep (I'd like to see Conroe instead of Merom, but it ain't happenin').

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  • Plymouthbreezer
    Sep 1, 03:11 PM
    This would give me a lovely reason to ask for a nice 20" iMac for Christmas!

    My 1GHz G4 iMac is starting to show its age!

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  • Ktulu
    Jan 1, 07:02 PM

    This year better be good!

    Where did you find that image? Are there others?

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  • chutch15
    Sep 13, 07:04 AM
    It does not. With this new glass, I don't feel I need one. A screen protector is far softer and would take more damage in dents and scratches, not to mention expensive (and a pain) to replace.

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  • roland.g
    Aug 29, 11:29 AM
    IF they go to a 1.66ghz Core Duo, 512mb RAM, GMA950, 80gb 5400rpm HD, SD, AE, and BT model for $599 I'll get one immediately.

    You can update the Core Solo to a SD for $50. They won't give a SD to the low end stock. But $50 upgrade isn't bad.

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  • SchneiderMan
    Sep 9, 07:47 PM
    Incipio is now shipping DermaSHOT cases

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  • ThaDoggg
    Apr 2, 07:41 PM
    Great ad! Glad to see something new from Apple.

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  • dextertangocci
    Jul 14, 02:20 AM
    HD-DVD all the way.

    Why? It has worse specs than Blu-ray...

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  • backsidetailsli
    Nov 24, 07:31 AM
    add Shnitzlizr lets race!

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  • interestedabit
    Apr 19, 11:18 AM
    Yay, I'm hoping for a redesign..

    not needed..

    Aug 26, 11:33 AM
    Gee, you'd want to be damn sure of that announcement next Tuesday or risk looking like a complete idiot. We shall soon see..

    Mr. Shaw is pronouncing this since late no surprises here... :rolleyes:

    Feb 27, 09:51 PM
    Here at school it is my only computer, and I used it almost exclusively last year because I was on the move so much. So yeah I guess you could say I do a lot of typing on here haha. :)

    lol, I just realized how stupid my previous comment sounded :o

    Jan 10, 12:11 PM
    My 2010 Evo X. Soo fast, and so fun!

    Sep 7, 08:18 AM
    My prediction FWIW: What will not happen on the 12th: We will not see Jobs stand up in front of the crowd and make go on and on about a new fantastic movie download service. There is no need to do that. Movies on iTunes store is not revolutionary, unless they have developed some way to undo the laws of physics. We won't see Jobs demonstrating how easy it is to download movies, because it will take hours. Movies on iTunes is merely an incremental improvement. Could be done with a simple announcement. Everyone knows it is coming anyway.

    THe 12th, I think, is all about hardware. It will be about an integrated system of hardware to manage and play music, movies, data, email. It will be about either a video iPod or the iPod cell (with video). This is the media center mac introduction. I also think that it may look like the g4 cube, roughly. Did you notice that the new flagship store is a cube? Those are my predictions. I am preparing the condiments to be ready to eat crow...

    Jan 12, 05:53 PM

    Maybe the �Air� branding is taking a que from the sucess of one of Apple's international partners, O2.

    It's certainly something different from the obvious nano/mini/thin branding that people are expecting.

    it might be because it so light

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