Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • gldfsh419
    Jan 1, 07:39 PM
    So let's say that Steve announces iLife 07 and a release date for Leopard...

    If I buy a new MacBook Pro on January 10, is it possible that either of those items might be a free "upgrade" or add-on once they're available? I'm trying to remember how that's worked in the past, but I just can't recall.

    Can anyone help me out?

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  • peapody
    Nov 28, 09:20 AM
    Well that MBA didn't last too long. How come you're bailing on it?

    I didn't even open the MBA to be honest. Bailing because it was $1500 haha. And I just couldn't bring myself to have a second computer that is that price with those specs. And I have a feeling in my bones that the resale value will suck on the first gen 11.6".

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 21, 05:57 AM
    7 mil; I remember those days, not so long ago... Grats!

    thanks. hopefully this weekend i can get some things straightened out

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  • Bodypainter
    May 3, 04:30 AM
    I have a question. If u delete an App that way does it mean its completely gone, i mean under windows if you delete something you still find lots of folders related to the deleted program somewhere in the WINDOWS folder. I am not a Mac specialist so I am wondering, and is this the same when moving an app to the trash ...

    first of all: this way of deleting programs will only work with programs you bought at the app store.

    second: a program file is often a folder that has lots of other files inside. but it is locked and hidden in front of the user. so when you delete a program file in most cases you delete a lot more files. You can check this yourself by going into the program folder, right click and select "show package content".

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  • SciFrog
    Dec 14, 06:34 PM
    Do far grand central/open cl has done nothing for mac users...

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  • Erwin-Br
    Mar 24, 03:07 PM
    Can anyone explain the nVidia hate?

    I, for one, miss my old GeForce 8800.

    I have a Radeon HD 5770 now, and there are these little annoyances. For instance, when I run my bootcamp partition inside VMWare, the AMD driver software starts complaining. The GeForce didn't give a damn. Speaking of which, I had to install the .Net framework to install the AMD drivers. Kinda cheap. And every now and then I get a slight flicker in the screen. To be honest, I'm not sure if that's the Radeon, but I've never had it before.

    Don't get me wrong, the card is performing superbly overall. But the driver side still needs some polish. (And that's a complaint I've been hearing for ages!)

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  • PowerFullMac
    Jan 12, 11:35 AM
    You never know. The same thing happened with the fat Nano rumor:

    True! People can spectulate all they like, but no one knows what Apple are planning! The "daft" Nano rocks! And so will this MacBook Air if it comes out, Apple NEVER fails to amaze! :D

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  • reel2reel
    Apr 12, 09:22 PM
    "Rebuilt from ground up"


    Wow that makes me happy. No more KG Core plugin errors???

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  • currentinterest
    Jan 13, 02:23 AM
    Why does the banner have to reference only one product or service? Perhaps it refers to a theme shared by all introductions at MacWorld.

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  • MUBiomed
    Feb 20, 09:43 PM
    Current setup... my sig.

    It is time to drink the intel Kool-aid my friend

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  • hyperpasta
    Sep 1, 03:40 PM
    you can always wish but there is no chance in hell we will see this kind of pricing.

    Maybe. But this is a lineup I would wish for in January. The pricing is meant to reflect what I would expect them. Also remember that the Mac mini was replaced with the Mac Cube, which would use cheaper, larger components.

    EDIT: Oh, and I wouldn't dream of it actually happening. I think it COULD, but it WON'T.

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  • Wang Foolio
    Mar 25, 04:25 PM
    There's a reason why you don't see millions of people snatching up copies of Call of Duty for the Wii or handhelds. As has been mentioned before, there are tons of genres that still require the precision of a controller, or simply buttons. Something like Dragon Age is hard enough without a keyboard.

    That being said, underestimating the casual gamer market is a big mistake. I think a lot of analysts enjoyed the taste of foot after the Kinect sold a bajillion units in its first couple of months. The Penny Arcade guys were right, the sales figures are inversely proportional to the nerd rage over the idea of casual gaming on a console. Kinect was subjected to some serious hate, but is making MS a ton of money.

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  • Aeroflux
    Mar 28, 09:22 PM
    Honestly? My launch day xbox is still going strong with nothing but 2 freeze ups. And my PS2 is still going strong too - i understand some peeps have had some significant problems (60% failure rate on launch 360s).

    The crap I had to go through was insane. DHL never found my house. They shipped me 360s that went RRoD right out of the box. One 360 box mysteriously had a LOT of dirt in it. Another was scratched up. I had to fax them my receipt twice just to prove I bought the premium console (pro for customer service). My collection of reference numbers:

    Life cycle in relation to a platform isn't relative at all. As it stood prior to MS going for the 4 year lifecycle with the 360, it was a new platform every 5 years. With the advent of the playstation, there was significant overlap. This is what will happen again with the PS4 - hell, the PS2 has just recently been delisted by NPD - up until then they were still selling. That's the kind of overlap we are talking about - you still have the '10 year cycle' but a new platform will be released about half way through. T it before you said it the first time. By saying "life cycle is relative" I was referring to the whole paragraph I wrote before it, as in how long they last.

    Methinks the fact that you don't blink that much would probably exacerbate your issues bud.

    Yeah screen tear may be problematic for you, but some people don't even experience it - I do and I'll admit it's irritating, but it's hardly an issue where it will stop the majority. All I'm going to say it must suck to be you.

    Try it on a big screen and get back to me...maybe it is just me. Who knows.

    It sounds like you are a serious PC gaming fanboy and that's cool. There's plenty of room in the market. Granted, most of the PC devs are switching over as you make more money on the console side, but hey ho, you won't feel sick :rolleyes:

    Gaming fanboy. PCs just have the most flexibility. I don't distinguish between hardware when seeking a great gaming experience, but when the hardware isn't up to snuff I don't hold back my criticism.

    You are thinking the console market is like the PC market - it isn't I agree, I'd love a new gen console right about now, but they are doing some interesting things with kinect and to a slightly lesser extent, the Wii so I'll at least be amused until the new gen arrives - but that's the thing, you can't release consoles like ipods - there has to be a decent amount of time to gather pace and sales.

    Every five years is fine with me. I don't like every year for another iPod either, too damn expensive.

    Ask tony hawk? don't make me laugh, that was activision's decision, Tony sold his likeness a long time ago. You are just showing how....little you know. And seriously? you bought one of those pieces of crap?

    I'm sorry, but you are clearly clueless with some of your ideas. Which is fine with me, I at least am getting a laugh.

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  • Dicx
    Apr 12, 10:10 PM
    $299... but this isn't studio

    I am guessing it will be like iLife, buy the box with all, or purchase individual FCP in App store. Can't imagine FCS with all the media for Motion and LiveType being on the app store, approx. 32GB of data. Some people would blow a few months data cap on that.

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  • viperguy
    Aug 29, 01:55 PM
    The discussion in thinksecret is so fun at the moment, you can't even imagine how.
    Basically everyone was talkin about it's video card, how it should be upgraded and things like that
    But then these messages came into topic

    I think the Mac mini has a future as long as they can get a better video output and a DVR.

    It'd be great if they added a nuclear reactor.

    Will it include a pony?

    Coments? Mine: LOL

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  • eenu
    Aug 16, 09:25 AM
    as i have said in a previous thread there was a big article a few months ago that discussed the idea of homes having 'media servers' and you stream your music from home to the ipod instead of having it all stored locally.

    Obviously this concept is for the wireless world which we don't really have at the moment but i think we will rapidly move to that stage.

    For those saying the download functions could be via an iphone....well from a UK perspective i hope not becasue currently the UK mobile networks charge a fortune for GPRS data transfer that to be honest would not make it at all viable to use that service unless apple has cut a deal with them but i very much doubt that.

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  • twoodcc
    May 8, 02:59 AM
    After I read your suggestion it occurred to me that I have access to the console (through inCrease) and can change it there (also where I told it not to do large units, wouldn't get done in time on the 08) I am running a3 on the 09 though (not sure if those are bigadv)

    wait, so are you running a3's on your 09s? or bigadv units?

    also, congrats to whiterabbit for 15 million points!

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  • minnesotamacman
    Sep 1, 03:30 PM
    You know.... If you wanted to have a beautiful ACD 23" or 30" and hide the computer, there is a bracket that allows a Mac Mini to sit behind the display. I personally don't mind the all-in-one. I was against it, until I got an iMac 2 months ago and love it. So, wouldn't bother me to have the 23" imac... I would get AppleCare and be happy for 3 years.

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 19, 11:13 AM
    So, is this the fast iMac refresh in years?

    Apr 2, 07:47 PM
    This ad makes me want to buy one...

    so magical!!!

    May 8, 02:59 AM
    After I read your suggestion it occurred to me that I have access to the console (through inCrease) and can change it there (also where I told it not to do large units, wouldn't get done in time on the 08) I am running a3 on the 09 though (not sure if those are bigadv)

    wait, so are you running a3's on your 09s? or bigadv units?

    also, congrats to whiterabbit for 15 million points!

    Apr 20, 08:00 AM
    I'm sure it's been done to death, but I spent some time actually thinking about realistic-ish speculations of what the new line could look like. I think they're going to get rid of one SKU ( the step up 27" without the quad i7), because it's kind of redundant, and for the $100 price difference, I can't imagine anyone NOT spending the extra modey to get the quad core). The only spec that is more of a wishful thinking piece is the inclusion of the HD6800M 1GB card in the 27" quad i7. THAT would be a beast!

    A 6800m would be a downgrade. Keep in mind the current imac with the 5750 is actually a 5850m. 6850m is a downgrade from a 5850m, though only slightly. There are only two cards they could use that are upgrades over the current one and that's the 6950m and the 6970m.

    I would also hope for the 3.4ghz i7-2600 sandy bridge processor.

    Dec 30, 11:01 AM
    ... the Apple iCARus

    People would complain about not being able to drive it in hot weather and having to buy expensive Apple iWax.

    Oct 23, 04:33 PM
    If this update is for 15", it does make sense. I think 15" was the first intel Mac, followed by 17" and MB.

    ya but unless there is a stock issue of C2D's, it makes no sense to only update the 15 inch. All the iMac's were updated at the same time regardless of their original release date.

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