Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sony Online Entertainment | PlayStation Network (PSN) Back Online From This Week

PlayStation Network (PSN) back online from this week

Sony has confirmed that it will begin a phased restoration of PlayStation Network (PSN)and Qriocity streaming services this week, rolling out region by region, and bringing back newly-strengthened online gaming, music downloads, PlayStation Home access and more. Meanwhile Sony has also detailed its “complimentary offering and “welcome back” appreciation program” with which it hopes to sooth frustrated PSN users.
As for security, Sony says it has added automated software monitoring and configuration management so as to prevent future attacks, as well as giving it an “enhanced ability” to spot software intrusions, unauthorized access and unusual activity. There are extra firewalls in place, along with boosted data protection and encryption. The data center itself will be physically moved to a new, more secure location

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