Monday, May 23, 2011

Tristane Banon French Beautiful Writer | Tristane Banon Bio | Tristane Banon Pics, Images, Photos

Tristane Banon is a French writer, born (born: 13 June, 1979) in Neuilly-sur-Seine. She is the daughter of Anne Mansouret, Socialist vice-president of the general council of Eure, representing Évreux-Est, in Upper Normandy.

Tristane Banon was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Île-de-France on 13 June 1979.Banon earned a diploma from the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Paris in 2000, and initially worked in casual jobs as a journalist, as an anchorwoman on a television show about new information and communication technologies, and as a sport journalist. She was employed in the politics department, and later the cultural department, of the French weekly Paris-Match, then worked at the daily newspaper Le Figaro.

She published her first book, a long essay entitled Erreurs avouées…(au masculin) in November 2002 (Anne Carrière Ed.).

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