Monday, May 16, 2011

Window Of Haven Pictures | Peer Patho Tomb Sindh Pakistan | Strange and Unseen Tomb or Place In Pakistan Sindh, Thatta

As Due to my Visit to That Strange Place In Pakistan, Sindh, Thatta, Peer Patho, There is a Place Called Tomb Of Peer Patho. I am Surprise To See the Strange Thing There is The Windows Called The " Window Of Haven" There, When i Went to See that Window and Feel what is happens in that window, I Feel a "Conditioner Air" From That Hole or "Window of Haven " With a strange Fragrance and when i ask some body there where this air and fragrance come from that they told me that there may research held there but No Body Knows that where it come from.

The Other Picture of "WINDOW OF HAVEN"
Well an other interesting thing about that Tomb is in 1980's There was a British women that was infected by Cancer Disease and and all the doc's response her in negative that and told her that you don't have enough time, due to people of that place that British women see that tomb in her Dream than she fond that place and come here .. after that she live here for approx 6 months, and after that she become a healthy and fit women and than she go back to her home town and send send some of engineers to build that Tomb of "Peer Patho" and she build that tomb as well as she can.

Well in my Opinion that Tomb or that Place is Ow some and every body have to take an Experience there there are a Couple of People who know about that tomb but i wish every body have to know about that tomb. i am sharing some of the Pics and photos

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