Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • nixone
    05-10 09:58 PM
    I would like to know the answer too, but my research tells me that only in few cases, you can use I-140 premium processing. In my case, I am not able to use it as my H1B started on Oct 07 (it is not expiring anytime soon).

    More can be found here: D&vgnextchannel=54519c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • voicerj
    05-12 01:43 PM
    Where do we need to send the questions for the free conference call today ?

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  • sriramkalyan
    02-06 11:22 AM
    So what ... r u scared will be deported ...

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  • Dhundhun
    10-26 01:28 PM
    I'm just curious. How will the driver read "No right turn on red"? There is no sign for that.

    As far as "No right turn on red" is concerned, there could be text only ( or sign only ( or both.

    For "text only" cases also drivers of other languages must honor. The sign test has several "text only" questions. I think, DMVs are making effort, so that other language driver also must know all the signs and texts - at least by taking exams.


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  • PD_Dec2002
    08-27 04:53 PM
    I sumited my wife's & my I140 and I485 together in this July 2nd, 2007. I already got receipt and the requesting for fingerprinting. If i file a divorce now does it going to have any effect on my processing?

    this is very important.

    Depends on who the primary applicant is.


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  • gogal
    01-02 10:49 AM
    It is said that 140 premium takes around 15 days... Is it true that, if there is any query during the premium processing, the 15 day count is not applicable.. I mean it goes back to the normal processing time in case of any query


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  • sri1309
    04-10 06:28 AM
    I know a case where i-140 was deniied similarly. If you dont really trust the attorney, as it looks to be the case, CHANGE the attorney 1st. Go to a big firm like Murthy.They handle cases like this & in my fren's case, it was successfully cleared using MTR in less than a month.
    Make sure you have all the documentation needed for ATP and they ask for 1 out of 3, but if you can get more than that, its good.

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  • msyedy
    02-05 02:29 PM
    Is the 45 day approved labor validity Rule already in place?

    Jonty ask a lawyer.... that is the best solution because no one here will be filling your application for I-140.


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  • sukant71
    02-12 08:15 PM
    Is not weired funny dicriminatvie while 2003/2004 already gor GC while April2001 are waiting for approval.
    You do not think there should be once a year declaration for clared date upto so n so not a single file is pending.
    Why April2001 has to wait for 8(eight!) years

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  • CADude
    07-02 03:05 PM
    People can married because date are current. :D INDEED AMERICA IS GOOD PLACE. :p

    USCIS and DOS played ping pong on us.

    USCIS played June Fool.

    We are panned.

    I told my wife that I will get her EAD in 3 months. Now what I should I say. I am insulted embarassed.

    I planned to leave my company in 6 months. Now again I am struck.

    I decided to marry a girl just because the dates are current. Now I am struck.

    Oh USCIS(GOD)!!, Why did you do this me?


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  • wandmaker
    10-23 08:50 AM
    If I don't receive a response from USCIS before Jan 15, can I work till I get the notice ? or my employer is required to terminate my employment on Jan 15 according to the recapture time as mentioned on application ?

    Your employer should terminate you from the job on Jan 15, as you will not be authorized to work after that.

    I would like to apply for B2 transfer so I can stay for 2 months and travel around US. I also own car, house, and a ton of personal belongings etc. My house is under water (I mean I have $390K loan left on the house which is probably worth $250K). I might have to take it into foreclosure and eventually file for Bankruptcy and the process might take anywhere between 3 months to 18 months in present situation. I plan to leave US with in 2 months as I want to complete the mandatory 1-year outside before I could be eligible for new H1 visa but I might have to come back multiple to US for legal purposes during foreclosure or bankruptcy. Can I request a long term B2 visa (like 2 or 5 year) ?

    COS will get you max of 6 months of B2 - If you apply B2 at consulate in your home country, you *may* have a chance of getting multiple year/entry B2 visa.

    If my employer does terminate my job on Jan 15 2010, how early should I file for B2 transfer ?

    Make sure COS application reaches them before Jan 15th.

    If my employer say that I can legally work till I get notice from USCIS, when should I file for B2 transfer ?

    Dont work beyond the date requested in your H1B extension.

    what are the typical costs of filing for H1b to B2 transfer ? (application fees, attorney fees etc.)

    Minimum of 1K attorney fees....

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  • vallabhu
    11-29 03:26 PM
    My attorney received a letter saying "Intent to Deny" reason being not having Mats in graduation.

    But the fact is I have Maths and I did 4 Math courses in graduation and provisional clearly shows maths1, Maths2, maths3, maths4.

    Letter says Vallabhu has done Courses in Sanskrit,English, Physics and Geology but nothing in Maths.

    and This how each year of transcripts look like




    I don't know how can he miss Maths from this.

    Does any one else heard/faced a similar issue in the past.


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  • ganguteli
    03-02 03:34 PM
    Its pathetic that nobody is looking at this thread. IV should not be wasting its time and effort on people who are ungrateful and do not value it. They are more happy picking up fights with each other and spending time on threads that do not do any help

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  • j751
    07-17 03:19 PM
    Karanp25 I know where you come from...and honestly seems like you've got a worm up your axx... You deserve to get laid on a block of ice and get your axx whipped....


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  • newworld
    03-08 09:57 PM
    These talks never mention legal immigration. Americans don't want all sort of immigration: legal or illegal.

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  • anjans
    07-10 08:54 PM
    H1gurus pls advice


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  • andy garcia
    09-27 02:07 PM
    "Flight Capital: The Alarming Exodus of America's Best And Brightest" by David Heenan describes how many other countries are working to become world leaders in technology. Because of new opportunities in their native countries, fewer ultra-high-talent foreign students are seeking higher education in America.

    What isn't well understood by most Americans is just how dependent America is upon imported, foreign talent.

    Heenan writes: "Today, the country continues to benefit enormously from being a magnet for inventive and ambitious people who stimulate the economy, create wealth, and improve overall living standards. Chinese and Indian immigrants run nearly a quarter of Silicon Valley's high-tech firms. Half of the Americans who shared Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry in the past seven years were born elsewhere. Nearly 40 percent of MIT graduate students are from abroad. More than half of all Ph.D.s working here are foreign-born, as are 45 percent of physicists, computer scientists, and mathematicians. One-third of all current physics teachers and one-fourth of all women doctors immigrated to this country."

    Many talented students come to America, because America has the best graduate schools in the world. That strength gives America a brain influx from other countries. But, other countries are catching up. We learn the Indian Institutes of Technology are more difficult to get into than MIT or Harvard.

    This guy needs to talk to Lou Dobbs:D

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  • desi3933
    03-30 11:00 AM

    (a) What will be the status of my wife and son after the 2 month period?
    (b) How will I be able to keep my wife and son in a legal status, after the 2 month period

    Congratulations on your permanent resident status (aka green card holder).

    1. Your spouse and child are NOT in H4 status anymore effective your I-485 approval date.
    2. Since they have filed for I-485, they are in valid AOS Pending status.
    3. They must use AP to re-enter USA

    Not a legal advice.

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  • ssd213
    02-25 04:53 PM
    Bear in mind the following

    You dont need to pay any tax in India for money that you withdraw from your 401k for only upto two years after you return back to india. (your are no longer a nri and the 2 years is the buffer)

    For any money you withdraw after 2 years, you need to tay tax in US (which shouldnt be a lot if you withdraw little by little and you being non-resident of usa) and also pay tax in india (which could be quite a bit)

    04-08 02:13 PM

    06-17 05:18 PM
    I heard this from a Chinese friend once and believe its true to its extent. I think most of us, including me, come to this forum and either read the stuff about immigration or take out our frustration one way or another and the anger and frustration dies down there. I am sure IV core team is working day and night for the cause but they are limited with options. I believe the best way to create some gain is to do a collective non-violent rally throughout the nation. The way I see it if you dont make noise nothing gets done in this world. I have been here for almost 9+ years surviving f1,h1b and with very vague future ahead. Satyagraha was started by Gandhiji, and was followed by leaders throughout the world under Non-violence movements. As matter of fact even Obama advised it in the Cairo speech.

    I understand that the cause is not as dire as in the other movements but we are here fighting for our freedom. This nation is built upon liberty and yet we are under agreed slavery for employers, which is somehow supported by the government. My point is if we really want to make a difference then we need to be collectively heard. What the worst could happen?

    Welcome to IV.

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