Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • inskrish
    04-11 10:51 PM
    I lost my job.My 140 is approved and I 485 is over 180 days.I have 2 yr EAD .I was laid off on 6 th April and I see LUD on I-485 on 9 april.I am so much worried that I may get RFE.
    What are my option if I get RFE on Employment before getting new job.How can I get my RFE from company lawyer becase Lawyer address is on my 485 Receipt.


    I am 99.99 % confident that the soft LUD has nothing to do with your job loss. Had USCIS been that efficient to update our cases with in a couple of days of change request, we wouldn't have this messy immigration system. Lately, USCIS has been working aggresively to reduce the backlog of pending 485 applications applied during the July.2007 fiasco, by processing those applications. The "processing" means validating the application and the documentary evidences. If everything is fine with the application and the applicant's PD is also current, USCIS approves the I-485. If the PD is not current, USCIS preadjudicates the application and the application is kept pending until the PD becomes current. This triggers a soft update in LUD in I-485; besides, there are also several other scenarios that might trigger soft LUD in I-485.


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  • amsgc
    01-31 09:47 PM
    If you are planning to interview at Delhi, then check out the policies of the Delhi Consulate here:

    As of last Sept, there was no requirement to drop off the application a week before the interview, however, Mumbai did have that requirement.

    By the way, did you investigate the delays due to PIMS? Any update on how one can request the information about the approved H-1B sent to the consulsate?

    I am planning on taking an interview date in Delhi. I read that for mumbai, you have to drop your docs 1 week prior to your appointment. Can anyone explain the procedure for Delhi, please?

    I am still waiting for it to show the availablity. But I got HDFC receipt from India.

    Once date is shown- I will apply for non immigrant visa on the website. Now will they ask me to put my petition info (I-797) at this time? Or I will just fill in DS 156 and DS 157 forms??

    Once I fill in the forms (with bar code), I will have to take them along in the interview. Is it true?? Or I will have to drop out my docs. at VFS location even for Delhi consulate????

    Please help ppl...this stamping ordeal is taking toll on me now...alas! I was born earlier ;):p

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  • coopheal
    12-09 07:31 AM

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  • abe1
    06-22 10:56 PM
    Although I filed the Labor Certification Application (regular filing) in mid 2004, I couldn�t apply for I-485 in July/Aug 2007 because my LC was still pending at that time. Later in 2007 I got the Labor Certification and in 2009 I received the I-140 approval.

    While may case was stuck in a DOL backlog elimination center, many people who started their permanent residency process in 2005, 2006 and 2007 were able to take advantage of the I-485 filing window because of RIR and PERM filings.

    I am wondering if I could request USCIS to extend to me the same EAD Card benefit that applicants with a later priority date are enjoying. Is it something I can appeal to an immigration board or to an immigration court? I have been working in H1B since 1999. Would 11 years in H1B (and 3 years in F1 prior to that) carry any humanitarian consideration in a court of appeal?

    Could someone please advice?

    Thank you.


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  • sertasheep
    09-04 08:43 PM

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    01-24 01:44 PM
    Yeh you guys are right, almost everyone is doing it. Don't know whats up with her.....

    If I was you, would give a second thought or have a plan B in place to switch to better attorney who at least knows some basic not like your current lawyer....(ask your lawyer to take some crash course & refresh her memory!!!)

    not to scare you but a friendly advise you many want to re-think about this attorney who filed your 140/485 and don't know what type of damage she must have already done with your application and having good attorney will at least helpful if something goes wrong (for god's NOTHING wrong should happen to you or anyone in this whole GC process). this GC journey it self is a toucher!!


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  • waitin_toolong
    08-15 06:51 AM
    and since you applications are not being filed with I-485 you will have to pay the new fee.

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  • smiledentist
    06-22 12:47 AM
    You would be best served with the services of an experienced attorney in this area. This is a rather difficult situation. Any answers on this board are likely to be speculative. Some money spent in this critical juncture would be money well spent.
    From what I can see, you have 2 options, either to continue with your currently approved 140 and file for a 485 or get a new one and try to affix your PD from the old approved 140. Either way once you get to the 485 stage you should be more secure in things, and can then look to invoke AC 21 rules.

    What I want is that if I could use this approved 140 thenI could be safe,but with a new 140 I am scared that it will take 4 months and I could not take advantage of filing 485.


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  • purgan
    07-27 12:30 PM

    I believe your friend and his wife will be fine. They have 180 day+45 day grace is taking NSC quite a while to generate RNs so she will probably get the GC after FY2008 quota is effective in Oct

    But seperately I wish I had such good friends:-).

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  • whattodo21
    07-09 03:08 PM
    i have sent him about three emails. The response is the same - word for word. If they see any immigration related email from a constituent, all they get is this canned response. Sen. Conryn is anti-immgrant for all I know and care.

    Could be true...
    However, it is better to get a letter that actually relates to our problem instead of a standard letter talking about amnesty


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  • gc007
    06-30 09:39 PM
    Can someone tell that If USCIS says that 29 June 07 is the last date to receive applications for premium processing for I 140 . Does that mean that they shud receive the application by 29th or application shud be post-marked dated 29th in order to be considered for premium processing.


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-22 08:40 AM
    Another sign we're about to get in to a serious debate over immigration reform. From Roll Call: According to Senate Democratic aides, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) agreed during a Tuesday afternoon meeting that a �moral imperative� exists to move immigration reform in 2010. The decision to press ahead on such a controversial issue now � in an election year � comes even though Democrats have had little success attracting GOP support for their initiatives in the 111th Congress.

    More... (


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  • hiralal
    12-28 05:42 PM
    I have a valid H-1B valid till 18th feb 2011 for employment with my previous employer. I had changed employment and now have I797C for the new employer valid till Nov 2011. I plan to go to India and be back in 1 week, my employer would issue me a leave approval letter. My present employer is a big hospital-non profit and I am a health professional.

    Can some one tell if would need to get a new visa stamped if I come back by 15th January 2011. What documents should I carry. Should I talk to a lawyer before I leave. My mom is stable now but I am afraid If dont go now, I might not be able to gor a long time as I dont want to get re-stamping done.

    Please advice
    Just GO ....and stay for a longer time (atleast a month !!!)...r u a doctor or a nurse ..either way you are in a profession which will always be in demand

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  • Michael chertoff
    08-04 03:09 PM
    Someone gave me red for this post...i dont understant why???


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  • pd_recapturing
    02-29 03:16 PM
    Oh my God. This is too much. I cant believe it that these desi blood suckers employers can go to that level. This is height of explotation that person even does not know that when exactly his labor and I140 got applied.

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  • optimist578
    02-12 01:48 PM
    Currently its taking the same amount of time at both Nebraska & Texas service centers.

    My regular I-140 case took Nov - Feb at NSC.


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  • black_logs
    02-18 12:08 PM
    Yes, most of the states are going to implement it. It is allready existing in P.A. and I know atleast 2 people who's friends picks/drops them to work. It's a shame, living in this country for 6 years and suddenly your DL is snatched away. Getting 3 years H1B extensions in all circumstances is on of our main agenda at please see our brochure in resources section. This will solve atleast some part of the problem.

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  • sivakumar
    01-25 09:06 AM
    Hello everyone,
    I went online to check the status of my I-485 and it displayed me the following message


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On December 19, 2007 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    What does it mean? Does it mean that I-485 is approved.

    Pls guide.

    call customer service as it says they will tell you exactly waht happened

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  • nat23
    02-13 08:29 AM
    I just read about the Lifetime learning credit and it says even the taxpayer can claim upto 20% for $10,000 out of his pocket

    03-16 10:36 PM
    I am sorry to hear that they lost your papers. The same thing happened to me when we were filing our 485 papers in '05. This was just before the EB -2 retrogression....we had to mail in all papers including medicals before sept 30th.

    My lawyer sent all the papers but USCIS had a huge volume of applications come in before the pending retrogression and they lost my papers. We had the delivery confirmation, but they wouldnt accept the 485 papers, they only accepted the I-140 papers and I had to wait until the July fiasco to apply for AOS.

    I would suggest that you fight and get them to accept the papers, in hindsight I feel I should've fought a little harder and pushed my attornies a little more to get justice. Oh well hindsight is always 20-20!


    03-17 09:29 PM
    regarding the below question while using AC21

    2. first join the new company using EAD, then ask the new company to apply for H1 transfer. will this work?

    can somebody tell if there is any issue with this? as i mentioned, i havent used AP and existing i-94 still indicates H1b status (not AOS


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