Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • sprash
    03-08 11:49 AM
    My PD of JAN 27 05 became current with the March bulletin. While folks from TSC got GCs from March 2nd itself, NSC seemed to have little action.

    By some random combination of POJ options, which changed recently, I managed to get a service request in on March 2nd (Type of service requested: -- Outside Normal Processing Times). The same day, I had Infopass and I was told its been "Preadjudicated, under review" and there was some recent movement on my case (transfered internally). This got my spirits up, but in just 2 days, I got a pretty horrible response to my SR, which made me feel this is going to be an uphill battle:

    Due to the pending caseload at the Nebraska Service Center, the processing time of your I-485 application has been extended. Allow extra time for an Officer to review your application. Furthermore, if all initial evidence was not included with you application, or a question arose during adjudication that required a Request for Evidence, additional time would be needed.

    Your application remains awaiting review by an Officer and you will be notified as soon as a decision is made. The Service is waiting for VISA availability.

    If you have any further questions, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

    I was about to contact the state senator today, but early today morning we got our CPO emails.

    My case is pretty straight forward:
    Processing center: NSC
    PD: JAN 27 2005 non perm which got approved just in time for July 07 fiasco.
    I-485: July 07 filer
    RFE in Nov 2008 (immunizations for wife, she had taken certain waivers due to pregnancy --- and Employment verification for myself)
    Approval: Today (March 8th 2010)

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  • f_b_2007
    07-19 12:38 PM
    Btw, NBC might not do anything with it at all, but NSC on the other hand might..

    PS: I know its a typo, so just kidding here..

    Oops! ;-) yeah... dont think NBC will care much about my EAD :D

    And yes.. i want to get EAD asap! ... I read it starts counting from the moment it gets to NSC.. but different versions abound..


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  • haider420
    02-22 03:47 PM
    I just got my I-140 approval and my priority date is 02/2008. I fall in the "All Charge-ability Areas Except Those Listed" EB3 and the March bulletin PD is 01MAY05. My lawyer is telling me I cant apply yet and since I am 2 semesters away from completing my Master's I should finish the course and just apply in the EB2 class. I dont have the funds to apply for this whole damn thing all over again. Can someone please help!? I've honestly turned suicidal dealing with this BS..

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  • eastwest
    04-16 04:32 PM
    How early can we apply for EAD before it expires? I know it is either of these: 180 days, 120 days or 90days ?

    Does someone know the exact days?


    You can apply exactly 120 days early.
    About my earlier post, You do need to send your papers such cutout from previous EAD, 485 receipt copy etc..



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  • sledge_hammer
    02-23 12:44 PM
    I would say YOU need that "good luck" more than the members that answered your question!!!

    Thanks for your response.

    I will stay in touch & keep posting if I need more clarifications in my case.

    Until then, Good Luck:)


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  • franklin
    02-12 05:52 PM
    No, experience from current company does not count.

    If you have a masters, and the job requires one, it doesn't matter how much experience you have.

    From Department of State (

    There are two subgroups within this category:

    Professionals holding an advanced degree (beyond a baccalaureate degree), or a baccalaureate degree and at least five years progressive experience in the profession; and

    Persons with exceptional ability in the arts, sciences, or business. Exceptional ability means having a degree of expertise significantly above that ordinarily encountered within the field.


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  • priderock
    05-31 03:43 PM
    14. S.1397 : A bill to increase the allocation of visas for certain highly skilled workers and to reduce fraud and abuse in certain visa programs for aliens working temporarily in the United States.
    Sponsor: Sen Lieberman, Joseph I. [CT] (introduced 5/15/2007) Cosponsors :
    Sen Cantwell, Maria [WA] - 5/15/2007
    Sen Hagel, Chuck [NE] - 5/15/2007
    Sen Voinovich, George V. [OH] - 5/15/2007

    Committees: Senate Judiciary
    Latest Major Action: 5/15/2007 Referred to Senate committee.
    Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.

    Excerpts of text:

    (a) In General- Section 201(b)(1) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1151(b)(1)) is amended by adding at the end the following:

    `(F) Aliens who have earned a master's or higher degree from an accredited university in the United States.

    `(G) Aliens who--

    `(i) have earned an advanced degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics; and

    `(ii) have been working in a related field in the United States under a nonimmigrant visa during the 3-year period preceding their application for an immigrant visa under section 203(b).

    `(H) Aliens who--

    `(i) are described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of section 203(b)(1); or

    `(ii) have received a national interest waiver under section 203(b)(2)(B).

    `(I) The immediate relatives of an alien who is admitted as an employment-based immigrant under section 203(b).'.

    (b) Adjustment of Status for Employment-Based Immigrants-

    (1) IN GENERAL- Section 245 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1255) is amended by adding at the end the following:

    `(n) Adjustment of Status to Employment-Based Immigrant-

    `(1) ELIGIBILITY- An alien, and any eligible dependents of such alien, may file an application for adjustment of status with the Secretary of Homeland Security, whether or not an employment-based immigrant visa is immediately available at the time the application is filed, if--

    `(A) a petition filed under subparagraph (E) or (F) of section 204(a)(1) on behalf of the alien has been approved; or

    `(B) in the discretion of the Secretary, the adjudication of such petition is pending.

    `(2) VISA AVAILABILITY- An application filed under paragraph (1) may not be approved until the appropriate employment-based immigrant visa becomes available under section 203(b).

    `(3) FEES- If an employment-based immigrant visa is not available on the date on which an application is filed under paragraph (1), a supplemental fee of $500 shall be paid on behalf of the beneficiary of such application. Such fee may not be charged with respect to any dependent accompanying or following to join such beneficiary.

    `(o) Extension of Employment Authorization and Advanced Parole Document- The Secretary of Homeland Security--

    `(1) shall issue a 3-year employment authorization and 3-year advanced parole document to any beneficiary of an application for adjustment of status if a petition has been filed or is pending under subparagraph (E) or (F) of section 204(a)(1); and

    `(2) may adjust fees assessed under this section in accordance to the 3-year period of validity assigned to the employment authorization or advanced parole documents issued under subparagraph (1).'.

    (2) USE OF FEES- Section 286 of such Act (8 U.S.C. 1356) is amended--

    (A) in subsection (m), by striking `provisions of law, all adjudication fees' and inserting `provision of law, all adjudication fees and the fees collected under section 245(n)(3)'; and

    (B) in subsection (n)--

    (i) by striking `All deposits' and inserting the following: `(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), all deposits'; and

    (ii) by adding at the end the following:

    `(2) All deposits in the Immigration Examinations Fee Account that were originally collected under section 245(n)(3) shall be used to clear security background check delays.'.

    (c) Applicability- The amendments made by subsections (a) and (b) shall apply to any visa application--

    (1) pending on the date of the enactment of this Act; or

    (2) filed on or after such date.

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  • waiting_4_gc
    07-18 10:49 AM
    This is a personal Message from me TO the IV Core and its founder.People can keep it alive by thanking the core.

    I Thank the Core and Aman for their dedication, support, campaigns and whatever they have done to bring about the latest development and a big big releif to everyone in the Legal community.
    While all other web sites and forums were just picking things from IV , IV was leading in updating and keeping the members informed about each and every development.I am sure they had been primarily instrumental in getting this done.The issue has and their effort has not only given this releif but have brought the burning issue to the limelight and in the eyes of lawmakers and the Govt, which will now lead to a larger and sustainable solution to the IV community.
    I once again THANK each of the IV Core members and other members for really making the IV a force to reckon with...


    Thanks, IV. Again, you guys are great and this is a great achievement from you.

    I'm really impressed and donated $100.00.


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  • malibuguy007
    07-17 12:36 AM
    Very well written article indeed and quite balanced.

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  • meridiani.planum
    06-19 03:54 PM

    I am posting this on my friend's behalf. Here's his situation:

    a) He's on H1
    b) Applied for 485 / 765 / 131 through his employer.
    c) Still on H1; EAD & AP approved.
    d) Priority date no longer current for 485
    e) He gets married.
    f) Wife comes to US on H-4.
    g) He's interested in switching jobs so that he can move on to new company and utilize his EAD, but since his wife is here on H4 - she would lose status.
    h) Another thing is, she is also interested in working but can't do that on H-4.

    Question: Is it possible to add her name as a dependent on his existing 485 & apply for her 765 & 131 (EAD / AP), even if his PD is not current? I've heard that some lawyers can file petition; but they charge hefty amount. But I've also heard that PD needs to be current in order to add his spouse's name as a dependent to 485 / 765 / 131.

    Please let me know if it's possible to add the dependent regardless of PD being current or not.

    Thanks in advance.

    She cant file her 485/EAD/AP if the spouse's PD is not current.

    her only option if she wants to work is filing her own H1. Until she changes status to her own H1, husband cannot use EAD (he needs to maintain H1 so she has H4 status).

    However he *CAN* change jobs using AC-21, the new employer must sponsor his H1, he cant join on EAD. You dont HAVE to use EAD to switch jobs using AC-21, switching on H1 is also ok.


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  • sudiptasarkar
    07-29 05:23 PM
    I entered US using AP on Feb 27 09. My current AP is valid till 17th Oct 09. The date on my I-94 Feb 26 2010. The parole stamp on my passport also has the Feb 26 2010 date. What does the date on the I-94 and parole stamp mean
    My question is if I go out of US in early October and want to come back after October 17th (AP expiry date) but before Feb 26 2010 (I-94 date) do I need a new/renewed AP, or can I enter US with my old AP since my parole stamp has Feb 26 date.


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  • gc_on_demand
    09-19 11:24 AM
    If I go for appointment and they put case under PIMS review as I just got ext approval last months. Will they take passport with them ? if Not can I travel with passport and ask to close case of stamping ?


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  • BPforGC
    11-05 04:22 PM
    Do not enter on AP and lose your underlying VISA status unless you have no other choice. Maintain your H1 as long as possible till you get that piece of plastic in hand.

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  • edgarrecto
    10-09 01:18 PM
    i predict the november 2008 visa bulletin will come out on monday, october 13,2008. however, even if all categories will become current, it is still useless as the processing dates of the different service centers have processing times of july 2007. hence, almost everybody will not be able to have their papers processed.


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  • s_r_e_e
    09-28 10:54 AM
    Even if he sue, all you may need to pay is the expenses (lets say, at the worst 10K ) according to ur contract.

    if u find a new job with 10k hike, you can pay off this from first years salary ... remaining 3-4 year's(until ur GC) 10K is for you to keep :)

    After 180 days (AC21), I want to change my employer. In the above scenario, can my present Employer sue me if I leave him? Please suggest�

    Thanks in advance,

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  • saint_2010
    07-11 05:09 PM
    Thanks Aah_GC


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  • eb3retro
    03-11 11:59 PM
    No probs, we owe as much for all the hours you have put in with the EB number analysis.

    But why don't you still talk to your lawyer about the blank line 14? In my case my educational qualifications were listed and so on.

    check this out from website.

    03/12/2006: Comprehensive Immigration Reform: EB-2 vs. EB-3: Time to Consider Filing of Concurrent EB-2 and EB-3 I-140 Petitions?

    * All of the comprehensive immigration reform bills in the Senate except the border security bills propose to increase the annual EB-3 numbers substantially. On the other hand, these bills propose to reduce annual allocation for EB-2 in terms of the percentage. When combining EB-3 for skilled workers/professionals with EB-3EW for unskilled workers, the combined EB-3 will run as high as 60% plus and minus. Besides, should Sen. Brownback amendment be legislated into law, a large number of nurses/physical therapists will be taken out of the burden in the EB-3 visa numbers. In the BECs, there still remain a huge number of mostly EB-3 cases including unskilled workers which will take out the immigrant visa numbers in the future, probably before the summer of year 2008. Still, 60+ of the total "increased" employment-based immigrant visa numbers must add upto a large number. Contrary to this trend, a large number of cases are filed in the EB-2 category these days. Considering the fact that EB-2 numbers may be reduced or maintain at the current level at best, EB-2 visa numbers may increasingly face the pressure.
    * We hope that the history will not repeat itself. In the 1990s, there was a time when the EB-2 numbers were more oversubscribed than EB-3 for China. One may wonder whether it is time for the EB immigrants who attain the EB-2 labor certification to consider filing of EB-2 and EB-3 I-140 petitions concurrently or sequentially against the situation which reveal worse oversubscription of EB-2 over EB-3, particularly P.R. China. EB-2 labor certification is eligible for both EB-2 I-140 petition and EB-3 I-140 petition. It is a matter of paying additional $195 filing fees. Something to think about.


    all i am saying is whether u r in eb1 or 2 or 3, we are all in a deep sh**t of this retrogression, you would never know, whether its good or bad being in a certain category in GC process, cos, most of the process su***s according to me. my perception is , if u have job in this country u work, and in this period, if u get ur GC, its good, if not, its not our fault. We are doing our part by supporting organisations like IV. But there is so much anti-immigration scentiments out these days, we get defeated so easily (eg S.1932). Work with IV and leave the rest to time.

    my 2 cents..

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  • ameryki
    06-27 04:05 PM
    I got the e-mail that card prodn. is ordered. Not sure if i'll get one year or 2 years EAD renewal now. I filed in Nebraska center. I called USCIS and asked them but they are not sure either.. I hate to miss out of 2 yr EAD just 'cos it got approved today but not Monday. Is there any way to appeal for a 2 yr EAD ????

    I think it is 2 years for approvals that occur after June 30th. Which means yours might be a 1 year deal

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  • GCard_Dream
    04-09 01:12 PM
    Hasn't he given many speeches like this before as well? I mean he has been giving speeches on immigration since 2004 yet nothing has happened so far. He addressed it on State of the Union speech, prime-time speech from the oval office, and countless other occasions but what has been the end result - NOTHING. I wouldn't keep my hopes very high just because Bush said so. It’s all up to the congress now.

    02-18 06:49 PM
    Last December, 2006 I got laid off because of company downsizing. My last pay stub was dated 12/15/2006. My LC was pending more than 365 days in my last company. Recently I got new job offer. My new company attorney is collecting all my immigration related information for filing H1-B extension from me. I have almost 60 days employment gap when my new company attorney file my 8th year H1-B extension.

    I like to know the consequence of my 60 days employment gap. Whether my H1-B extension will be denied by USCIS? I will greatly appreciate your valuable suggestions as I am very much worried.

    06-25 09:39 AM
    What GLUS said is right but the problem is that it was lost 15 years back . There might not be computerized records from that time or if by luck there are they must be archived that there would be no way to retreive them.

    Try harder to get any kind of records that you or your lawyer or anyone else in your family might have as additional proof.

    And file for the documents as mentioned above . God knows you might get lucky !

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