Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cubs attendance is down

Anyone that has tried to sell tickets this year knows about this already, but the press is starting to notice too.

Cubs attendance is way down.

I've already had to turn down tickets to three different games this year. Those tickets normally would have been sold on sites like StubHub, but the people offering me the tickets can't get rid of them, so they offered them to me for free...and I still couldn't go for one reason or another.

When I have gone, I couldn't help but notice the empty seats. The same thing was happening at the end of last year. Look out, Cubs fans, we may have a trend here.

Now let's see if this gets the attention of the owner. For years Cubs fans have been hearing that it's our fault the Cubs don't win because we support them whether they win or not. I always thought that was a load of doo doo because nobody went to the games when I was a kid, and that didn't seem to make a difference either.

I guess we'll find out whether or not it's true...again.

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