Friday, June 10, 2011

food chain coral reef

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  • Administrator2
    01-20 01:51 PM

    I was not able to access website over the weekend and wondering why! Here it is.

    Great job. I saw that we still have the great feature and same login defect :)

    Hi ItIsNotFunny,

    Thanks for your feedback. Could you help us to understand the login defect. Will work to fix it promptly.


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    07-08 08:49 PM
    you can file 2 i140's.. ( I Have 4 in total)

    I filed 2 (EB2 Eb3) based on my perm (already approved) and another set of EB2 EB3 based on my old labor (in process)

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  • little_willy
    05-02 09:41 PM
    How could your friends get the 3 yr extension in their new company. Did they show their I-140 approval copy from previous company ?

    Yes, you do need the I-140 approval from your current employer. We contacted the lawyer directly and obtained all the relevant documents, told them we need for our records. Employer never got involved in this. Hope you can get the approval copy. All the best.

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  • Coral Reef Food Web

  • Dhundhun
    04-09 02:49 AM
    You must be filing under (c)(9). That is AOS pending.

    I feel that your current status is "Entered into USA using H1B Visa". I needed to e-file for my wife and mentioned "SPOUSE/CHILD OF H-1 THRU H-3" for that.

    Since no one has answered your question, I am just providing information, what I have done. It may not be accurate. I hope no one puts "RED" marks for this. RED marks have become pretty common for providing any suggestion.


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  • Coral reefs of the

  • kaisersose
    06-04 10:30 AM
    Your lawyer is correct. Since you are from India, you cannot apply for 485 at this time and hence you cannot get an EAD.

    You can apply for your 140-NIW and wait for your EB2 PD to become current - whenever that happens.

    Alternatively, you can check with your lawyer if you qualify for EB1 - extraordinary ability. In that case, the PD for India is current and you will be eligible for 485 immediately.

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  • validIV
    03-25 01:36 PM
    My employer paying for my work!

    You just said you were unemployed for 4 weeks? But you're getting paid?


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  • The Coral Reef Ecosystem

  • pmamp
    09-05 12:29 PM
    I had got RFE email on 8/28/08. I got the letter today in mail.

    My mother's name on G325A was written as her mainden name (as per form instructions) and its her married name on my BC. Now USCIS finds this discrepancy and needs evidence to establish my parentage. I will have to submit my BC which is already been done. I am not sure if that will suffice.

    Has anyone else had similar issue?

    Thank you in advance.

    I got an RFE email both for me and wife (9/03 from NSC). How long does it take to arrive in mail?.

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  • etiennelin
    04-02 03:49 PM

    My husband and I submitted I-485 last year (I am not currently working). He already got the green card and mine is still pending. I've got my Advanced Parole in hand. We plan to visit Canada in May . I'd like to ask someone in similar situation regarding applying a temporary resident Canada visa.

    On the column 8 of the 5257 Form "Applicant for a temporary resident visa made outside of Canada", "Immigration status of applicant in country where applying", which optioin should I pick? (Permanent Resident?) What date should I put in the box "valid until"?

    When mailing the visa application, which supporting document should I send? Only the AP and I-485 receipt?

    Anyone with similar experience could give some advice?? Thanks very much!!!


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  • amitga
    08-18 12:53 PM
    How do I find what priority date has been attached to my I-485?

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  • veereddy
    04-14 12:09 PM
    Congratulations, enjoy freedom.


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  • LC2002
    04-14 11:09 AM

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  • rkotamurthy
    09-16 02:03 AM
    If you ask " Why Am I responsible for low media attention?" My answer is each and every Legal Skilled Immigrant is responsible for this. We are a tribe who do not believe in shouting on the roads. We think this is cheap!

    Trust me, this is not being done in any cheap manner. It is not cheap to ask what you deserve. It is not cheap to express one's opinion in a diginified manner not offending anyone. It is not cheap to explain your problems to your lawmaker.

    If you think that participating in this rally is cheap and only uneducated would shout on the roads, then come to DC to witness PhDs, MBAs, PMPs, CPAs, Attorneys and some of the brightest and the best minds shout at the top of their voice to fix the broken immigration system.

    Sounds unbelievable, come, witness it for yourself on Sept 18th at Washington Monument.


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  • itsmesabby
    10-12 04:27 PM
    You can take upto 6 months of paystubs with you for the stamping. Since you are carrying yiour W2's as well, they very well reflect your past earnings.

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  • sweet_jungle
    10-15 07:30 PM
    Use the reply from Ombudsman's office and do an inquiry via your local senators office. Also call up central customer service and open a service request. (Get the number and info of the call like the timings and officers name). Finally if you date is current and is not getting picked up for adjudication. File a WOM.

    Called up USCIS customer service. SR was not opened as they cannot open SR on wrong info on response letter. Writing letter to service center is the only option.
    I sent off another Ombudsman case sheet requesting PD fix.


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  • eb3_nepa
    02-12 11:34 AM
    I am in Philadelphia so i would assume Vermont center. Is that a fair assumption, coz i have a previous I-140 and to the best of my knowledge it had gone to the Vermont center back then.

    However back in the day there was no premium processing for I-140 so things may have changed :(

    Has anyone in the North east USA recently received any approvals from the Vermont center?

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  • msyedy
    04-18 01:12 PM
    Look how desperate we have become, someone is ready to shell 10k per family member to get GC.

    I agree and disagree with you guys.

    I disagree because, we all are legal immigrants, we have to be given priority as the American economy needs people like us. H1-B not only means growth in tech but also economy. All the H1-B personnel spend a good amount of money here on (Rent, car, insurance, food, travel) with all this new jobs and much more will be benificial to this country.

    We should not be charged such amount to get what we deserve.

    On the other hand- I agree to pay 10k per familiy member because, we are stuck at one place with lots of problems without GC.
    Most of us are not sure whether they will be staying at one place to do an investments like buying a house. Wife cant work etc.

    Keeping all the above in mind even If we loose 10k per member we will make that in less then 6 months when compared to waiting for a GC for years.


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  • yetanotherguyinline
    03-02 03:03 PM
    Here is the abstract of the paper....

    Immigrants have historically provided one of America's greatest competitive advantages. They have come to the United States largely to work and have played a major role in the country's recent growth. Between 1990 and 2007, the proportion of immigrants in the U.S. labor force increased from 9.3 percent to 15.7 percent. Approximately 45 percent of the growth of the work force over this period consisted of immigrants. Moreover, a large and growing proportion of immigrants come with high levels of education and skill. They have contributed disproportionately in the most dynamic part of the U.S. economy - the high-tech sector. Immigrants have co-founded firms such as Google, Intel, eBay, and Yahoo. And immigrant inventors contributed to more than a quarter of U.S. global patent applications.

    Since even before the 2008 financial and economic crisis, some observers have noted that a substantial number of highly skilled immigrants have started returning to their home countries, including persons from low-income countries like India and China who have historically tended to stay permanently in the United States. These returnees contributed to the tech boom in those countries and arguably spurred the growth of outsourcing of back-office processes as well as of research and development.

    Who are these returnees? What motivated their decision to leave the United States? How have they fared since returning?

    This paper attempts to answer these questions through a survey of 1,203 Indian and Chinese immigrants who had worked or received their education in the United States and returned to their home country.

    We find that, though restrictive immigration policies caused some returnees to depart the United States, the most significant factors in the decision to return home were career opportunities, family ties, and quality of life.

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  • eb3retro
    03-05 09:15 AM

    I am in need of some advice. I am on first h1b extension with 2.5 hears left. I have an MS but was filed under eb3 with priority date of march 2005 (didn't knew about priority categories at that time). Now I am feeling a bit stagnant in my current job, but have always felt myself constrained thinking about restarting the GC process from zero. Given the current eb3 condition and my priority date what would you suggest I should do? Switch job, get a salary raise, restart under eb2 or continue doing whatever I do hoping eb3 will become current in some reasonable time and i'll be free ?

    Thanks for any inputs/thoughts.

    no offense garfield, many of us here hate to give any suggestions/advice, if we see an empty profile. why dont you update your profile first. time and again many of us have asked many people who come up with a new thread first post asking advice for their individual situation, i would urge everyone here to stop advicing/suggesting anyone who does not have their profile complete. If this is what it takes to complete their profile, my vote is to enforce this.

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  • Josh Shaffer
    06-01 01:40 PM
    My name is Josh Shaffer and I am an award-winning filmmaker from Long Island. I need FLASH animators who can put together roughly four minutes of FLASH animation for an upcoming project. Animation must be in my hands latest mid-August, so that's two and a half months, more than enough time for the material I need. Animation can be Flintstone style if needed, static body with moving facial expressions, arms and legs.

    More info, script samples available, first let me know if you're interested.


    Josh Shaffer

    01-28 11:34 AM
    Check out some of the reactions (article as well as the comments) to the President's call for Immigration reform!

    Obama makes H-1B, Green Card reform a priority - Computerworld Blogs (

    Awareness is increasing.... and realisation is happening..
    Hopefully something materializes soon !!!:)

    01-31 07:38 PM
    I am planning on taking an interview date in Delhi. I read that for mumbai, you have to drop your docs 1 week prior to your appointment. Can anyone explain the procedure for Delhi, please?

    I am still waiting for it to show the availablity. But I got HDFC receipt from India.

    Once date is shown- I will apply for non immigrant visa on the website. Now will they ask me to put my petition info (I-797) at this time? Or I will just fill in DS 156 and DS 157 forms??

    Once I fill in the forms (with bar code), I will have to take them along in the interview. Is it true?? Or I will have to drop out my docs. at VFS location even for Delhi consulate????

    Please help ppl...this stamping ordeal is taking toll on me now...alas! I was born earlier ;):p

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