Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gonna Use My Sidestep

When I read Bob Dearborn's The Olde Disc Jockey's Almanac this morning and saw that James Honeyman Scott from the Pretenders died on this day in 1982 (heart attack caused by cocaine), it made me think of the song "Brass in Pocket" because he is featured in that video.

In the early days of MTV it was one of their most played videos, and there was one line in that song that always drove me crazy. I could never understand what in the world Chrissie Hynde was singing after "Gonna use my arms, gonna use my legs, gonna use my style, gonna use my..."

I heard it many many times over the next 29 years, and every time I heard it I listened closely to try to figure out that next word. Today, I finally quenched my thirst for an answer by looking up the darn lyrics on the internet. The answer is: "Gonna use my sidestep."

Who says that? Anyway, now I can actually enjoy the song and the video again...

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