Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Katy Perry Nipslip [VIDEO]

The 80s are back and ripe with the smell of hairspray, Silly String and vomit in Katy Perry‘s new video for “Last Friday Night,” the teaser for which she released Tuesday online.

Premiering June 14, the video follows a young Katy Perry — then known as Kathy Beth Terry — as she makes the transformation from nerd glasses and braces to big hair and miniskirts for an 80s house party. The outrageous party misses no 80s cliche, featuring jean vests, neon wardrobe, Ray Ban sunglasses, clunky bracelets, rollerskates, and letterman jackets (and that’s just in the 35-second teaser).

“Last Friday Night” is the fifth single from Katy’s latest hit album Teenage Dream, and is available for purchase on iTunes here.

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