Friday, June 3, 2011

Kid Gives Inspiring Speech To All Children Learning To Ride A Bike [VIDEO

This cute kid becomes enlightened when finally figuring out how to ride a bike and when his father asks him to give some words of wisdom to all the other kids still learning, he quickly turns on his performers charm. This natural orator starts off by gaining higher ground and steps up on a curb to give his address.

“Everybody — I know you can believe in yourself,” he begins. “If you believe in yourself, you will know how to ride a bike. If you don’t, you just keep practicing. You will get the hang of it, I know it. If you keep practicing, you will get the hang of it, and then you can get better and better at it if you do it.”

At the end of the speech he gives an iconic thumbs-up and follows by saying, “Thumbs up everbody, for Rock ‘n’ Roll!”

Watch the entire speech below and feel the motivation to get up and accomplish something take over.

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