Friday, June 3, 2011

Man Proposes To Girlfriend with Giant NYC Mural [VIDEO]

Bronx-based muralist TATS CRU gave a helping hand to 28-year-old Jeff Gurwin on finding a way to propose to girlfriend Caitlin Fitzsimons, 27, through a very creative wall mural.

The plan was to have Caitlin meet boyfriend Jeff for dinner, and she would come across this mural that possessed objects of her and Jeff’s interests. The pug is Caitlin’s mom’s dog Sparky and the Scrabble pieces are because Jeff loved Scrabble and got Caitlin into it. When she saw the mural, she cried, then said yes! Good thing this story had a happy ending, because this mural will be up for about a month off of Avenue A and 2nd Street in New York.

Watch the video of how the mural was created below (fast forward to 2:00 for the proposal).

What did you do when you propose?

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