Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • hariswaminathan
    10-16 08:45 AM
    EB5 investor Visa is already in place.
    The numbers are a little different ($500,000 to $1M) but you can buy yourself a GC pretty quickly.

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  • txh1b
    08-20 09:41 AM
    Paper filing as per the instructions, my friend got the EAD in less than 30 days from the date it was sent to TSC. He was kind of unhappy as he applied 120 days prior to expiry and had 90 days go waste (in terms of filing fees)

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  • saibaba
    12-18 02:39 PM
    my honest opinion on transit visa issues- the best way is to do a quick check on Netherlands website.......rather than only rely on answers on a public forum

    Visa Inquiry Result
    March 11, 2003
    Inquiry date: December 18, 2008
    Citizen of: India
    Status in US: unlisted status
    Resident of: Texas
    Travel document: US Re-entry Permit
    Duration of stay: less than 12 hours
    Purpose of stay: airport transit
    First country: Netherlands
    Second country: Other
    Main destination: other

    Based on the above mentioned information the following has been concluded:

    an airport transit visa is not required.

    Please note that each traveller needs to hold a valid passport with a validity thats exeeds the intended stay by at least 3 months and a return/onward airline ticket. In addition to that, visitors to the Netherlands need to present proof of sufficient funds and medical insurance upon arrival. Travellers should not present a danger to public order or national security.

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  • kaisersose
    07-19 10:48 AM
    USCIS local offices no longer issues interim EADs. Go to and and bring up July/August 2006 newsletter.

    You can schedule infopass & meet a local officer after 90 days. But he will only forward you request to the main center and ask them to either process your case quickly or issue an interim EAD.

    But since the main center will be badly backlogged from now on, I wonder how they can even process interim EADs? If they can do it, they may as well do regular EADs?

    I recall reading somewhere that with the new scheme, EADs were guranteed to be issued within 90 days and so no interim EADs were produced. But this 90 day limit will change in the next few weeks.


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  • Munna Bhai
    07-10 10:01 AM
    I'm not from India, can I come ???


    Come to india, trust me you will enjoy the life...easy to get work visa.

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  • prdgl
    02-13 10:05 PM
    Thanks a lot. This is more in depth and I am not understood how these things work.

    So if I have MS+ 0 then I think I have to post my ad for JobZone 5. In that case, my SVP will be 7 because MS = 4 yrs and 0 expr = nothing. So i will not exceed SVP 7.

    So is the combination,

    JobZone 5 with an SVP 7 will work for MS+0.

    Also for a software developer or related work, i don't see JobZone5. What kind of positions suit for JobZone 5 in software developers world ?

    Anybody know about these things ? please drop in your thoughts



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  • guyfromsg
    07-10 09:43 PM
    My observation... based on i140 application

    My case was sent to NSC and it remained in NSC, however applications of 5 colleagues of mine got transfered to TSC... and another 3 remained at NSC

    There seems to be a pattern on how they transfer cases from NSC to TSC based on last name (this is totally based on a very small specimen)... posting it here to know if it holds any water

    Last name starting with A, C, E, G, I, K..... transfered to TSC
    Last name starting with B, D, F, H, J, L..... stayed at NSC

    any comments? again this is only based on my observation on a very small # of cases

    and the 140 was transferred to TSC.

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  • ndswaiting
    05-01 06:15 PM
    I have been a silent follower of IV for more than a year but this is my first post so be kind :)

    I am a full time employee. My 140 was approved in Jan 2008 and I am one of those who missed the July'07 fiasco (as you can see from my PD :().

    I am being given an opportunity to join another team in my company. I do not want to impact the GC process but do not want to let go of this opportunity.

    The other team is ready to replicate my roles and responsibilities as per my PERM and give me a similar title. My company lawyer believes that this would be the best approach and would not hamper my existing PERM and I140 and I would not have to restart my GC process.

    I am reaching out to the collective knowledge base of the IV community for their insights/inputs/comments and red flags to watch out for.

    Thanks in advance :)


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  • spulapa
    12-09 09:28 AM

    Y don't you change the subject to passed in House ???
    Subject line is misleading.

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  • eb3_nepa
    12-05 04:19 PM

    No offense, but why have you opened 2 threads with very similar information and questions?

    Your other thread about soft lud updates ( is very similar to this one. It's one thing to not search for similar threads and quite another to open 2 similar threads on the same topic.

    After about 28 threads about LUD updates during the July VB Fiasco, we know by now that the USCIS approves cases ad-hoc and not everything is FIFO. We also know that LUD updates mean ABSOLUTELY nothing. Suddenly we have seen older I-140s getting soft LUD updates. It means absolutely NOTHING. I know it is a bitter pill to swallow, coz ur heart is telling you that MAAAAYYBE there is something here, but unfortunately there is nothing there.


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  • javadeveloper
    05-26 05:23 PM
    Attny said: If we port to this new 140. IF in case its rejected, then since this 140 is linked to my old 485 application, it will not be adjusted.

    I was not agreed. Then they said, According to Nebraska service center, in Nov 2010 - They are not entertaining adjusting pending 485 with newly ported but rejected 140.

    So, Attny said, for safe , since I am no longer on h1, they suggested to port after second 140 approved.

    How ever, I need to make this is false. Still I dont agree this logic.

    Do you have any link/url?

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  • guesswho
    10-23 08:09 PM
    Anyone going to Nogales for visa, I would suggest reading my exp:


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  • abhi_jais
    12-03 02:59 PM
    A friend of mine has got 221G from the New Delhi consulate. He works directly for the company there is no client involved here. The consulate has requested the details of every single employee of the company along with their immigration status. My friend is trying to get that information from the employer.

    Any suggestion at this point????

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  • WaldenPond
    12-30 02:02 PM
    For any new comprehensive immigration reform, we must push for the Ability to be able to file for EAD after labor rather than having to wait for I-140 approval.

    Do anybody know if any of the proposed bills have this provision? We must get together to push for this in the final bill as this doesn't harm anybody.



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  • Marphad
    11-19 07:57 AM

    TSC --- June 27, 2007
    NSC --- July 05, 2007


    Does this make a difference when retrogression is not moving?

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  • invincibleasian
    01-14 07:52 PM
    You need visa to enter or exit. When you exit you need to turn in I94 on the pp with the stamp of your entrance as well as your new extension. On entrance they will check the old visa and write down the visa number on the new I94 that they officer will provide. The I94 usually has the visa duration as the end date. Next you apply for an amended h4 to reflect the new I94 number which was provided at the POE. Asfar as I know the I94 date is always linked to a visa and not the Notice of Action. when i faced the same issue this what I was told.


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  • broadcaster
    11-19 10:28 AM
    Thanks for the information. On november 9, 2007, I called using other options and CSR level 2 took my data to begin a report. Today, I followed your instructions to check if there was a more effective way to obtain an aswer, but I am really dissapointed. CSR used my name to look in their system. The only thing that she could found was my H visa application. She never mentioned that there was an investigation due to my call of november 9. Finally she just asked me to wait 30 more days, and neven mention the option to place a report.

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  • MatsP
    March 24th, 2005, 04:06 AM
    Another thought might be that the contacts on the lens isn't clean (or some other reason not making full contact).

    Or just simply that the camera is broken. Have you spoken to Nikon or the shop where you bought the camera?


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  • god_bless_you
    06-14 09:14 PM
    From Today's Lou Dobb's....
    Tonight, congressional leaders are unable to break a deadlock and begin work on an immigration reform compromise. A provision in the Constitution could kill the Senate immigration bill and chances for immigration reform this year.
    LOUISE SCHIAVONE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It could be a real procedural holdup or just a good excuse. But for now, immigration legislation is stalled on what could be the road to nowhere.
    Here's the problem...
    SEN. JEFF SESSIONS (R), ALABAMA: A notice has been served on the Senate that a blue slip will be filed, which, in effect, says they will not consider the bill in the House because it has a revenue enhancement in it, a tax provision in it.
    SCHIAVONE: A blue slip is like a legislative traffic ticket. A blue slip would be slapped on the Senate bill because, besides a guest worker program, a wall at the border, punishment for employers who hire illegals, and so on, the measure includes tax provisions, including one requiring illegal aliens to pay back taxes and another making U.S. workers overseas pay more taxes than they do now.

    What's wrong with that? The Constitution says tax laws start in the House, not in the Senate. The same way, for example, that it's the Senate, not the House that confirms judges and cabinet secretaries.

    REP. TOM TANCREDO (R), COLORADO: If they shot the Senate bill over here, it would be shot down in about a heartbeat simply because, for one thing, no revenue-raising bill can originate in the Senate. There's a constitutional problem.

    So it can be stopped. I mean, they can try it. Have them send it. That's fine with me, because that's the end of it.

    SCHIAVONE: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist suggests tacking the immigration bill on to a benign House tax bill that's been on the Senate docket so that it has a House bill designation. But Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid wants assurances that no other legislation will hitch a ride on that train. Senator Frist's office says he has offered those assurances.


    SCHIAVONE: And Kitty, it gets even more complicated than that. Congressman Tancredo says that lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol went home for Memorial Day and heard lots of protests about that Senate immigration bill and the eventual amnesty it offers, leaving some on Capitol Hill to wonder if in this election year it might just be better to let the clock run out on this session of Congress and start fresh next year -- Kitty.

    PHILLIPS: Interesting stuff. Thanks very much. America's opinions on illegal immigration and border security should affect the legislation Congress adopts and the one that President Bush signs. In his news conference this morning, however, President Bush explained the crucial role of public opinion in a democracy.

    Senator Jeff Sessions says the Senate ignored the will of the people in passing an amnesty bill for illegal aliens that would cost taxpayers tens of billions each year. A CBO report Sessions commissions says that the bill will also do nothing to stop illegal aliens entering this country. I asked Senator Sessions what the purpose of the Senate immigration bill is, if not to stop the flow of illegal aliens?


    SEN. JEFF SESSIONS (R), ALABAMA: That was the purpose, but the CBO numbers are based on the Senate bill. And they say, in a fact, there's no change in illegal immigration for 10 years. It would be 700,000 to 900,000 a year. If anything, that's certainly no less and maybe more than the current rate. So it really belies the argument that this bill is going to make any progress on enforcement. It certainly does not appear to.

    PILGRIM: What does that say about the value of this bill, sir?

    SESSIONS: Well I think it again is another indication that it is unacceptable, that it's terribly flawed, should never become law and will not do what it promises. It promises to enforce the border. And that's proven to be false. I think I've already said that, but the CBO confirmed it. Workplace enforcement is not there. And the future flow plans to allow millions coming in in the future at a much higher rate are just unprincipled and not valuable, not good for the United States. So we definitely need to review this legislation.

    PILGRIM: House Speaker Dennis Hastert has said that he wants to take a long look at this bill and potentially hold hearings. Do you think hearings are appropriate? They're certainly not normal.

    SESSIONS: No, they're not normal. But you know, the House has none of this so-called comprehensive approach to immigration. Theirs was focused primarily on enforcement. And so if they're going to consider the comprehensive bill at all, they absolutely should study it. We never had enough hearings in the Senate. This bill just basically came up and moved through with very few hearings directly related to the gray issues on immigration.

    We just didn't discuss the real important issues in any significant way. For example, we've never considered whether or not we ought to adopt what Canada does, and that is to have a point system. Why haven't we even discussed that? It seems to me it makes an awful lot of sense.

    PILGRIM: All right, you know, could this immigration reform bill be hammered out behind closed doors with the congressional leadership? Do you see it going that way?

    SESSIONS: Well, that's a very dangerous thing. The American people's confidence in the government on a question of immigration is very low. They're very cynical. And if anyone thinks they can hammer out a bill and then ram it through without the American people being alerted, I think they're in for big trouble and just further erode public confidence in what we're doing.

    PILGRIM: The Senate -- procedurally the Senate bill has to be attached to a House bill to avoid a constitutional issue. Would you support a unanimous consent to send to it the House?

    SESSIONS: You know, I haven't made a decision about that. My personal view is we need to discuss this bill more. No one senator can block a bill from being considered, but can provide an opportunity for more debate. So we'll be looking at that.

    PILGRIM: And timetable-wise, if this doesn't get to the House and Senate by August 1st, do you think it will make it at all in this session?
    SESSIONS: You know, it may not. Then again, something could happen. But from what I'm hearing from the House, that they're so concerned about the viability of the comprehensive language in the Senate bill, not that they're so against the comprehensive bill, but just that they are uneasy and unaccepting of what we've done, then I think it's got a long way to go to become law, frankly.

    04-11 03:33 PM
    IMO conventional is always better unless you are buying a condo. Few people stick with their loan long enough to recoup the cost of the initial mortgage insurance.

    Conventional loans are not harder to get with a low down payment. Best to shop around to find a lender who can meet your terms.

    07-18 12:59 AM
    From the numbersusa site it seems that the Senate is currently debating the DoD appropriations bill and Sen. Cornyn of TX has introduced ammendment SA 2143 to enable recapture of unused EB visas from the years 1996-1997.

    Does anyone have any more details on this? Do we need to have a coordinated effort in support of this?

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