Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • GC_1000Watt
    12-21 05:16 PM
    Anyone please advice if I need to get verified the PIMS check before my h1 visa interview at Kolkata, I have an appointment on 1st week of Jan2011.

    Please share if anyone has any idea one this


    My understanding is since nowadays to get an appointment we are required to fill online form (I guess it's called DS-160) which takes a lot of information about the applicant, the likelihood of PIMS delay etc. will be very less.
    Good Luck with your VISA interview. Wear formals and be confident.:)

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  • mn2007
    07-03 04:44 PM
    If you are a resident of Karnataka, TN, AP or Kerala, you need to schedule an appointment with Chennai consulate. With regards to PIMS, I guess consulates wll ask for this info. well in advance once you schedule the appointment. I got my VISA stamped from Chennai cosnulate during my visit in Feb and received my passport in 3 days. My wife who is in India now got her VISA stamped last month and the stamped passport was returned in 2 days. I don't think you need to worry too much about PIMS since the system is more streamlined now.


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  • njboy
    07-24 05:11 PM
    skil bill might turn out into pulp fiction..just like CIR did. If the ability to file for 485 when visa numbers are retrogressed is attained..then, thats awesome..but all Im saying is..given the fact that we havent had any favorable legislation ..atleast if we get portability when our labor/140 is pending and dont have to fear losing our priority dates..that will be a good start. Companys may not want us to have portability, infact I know many company that werent too happy with the AC-21 because it reduced the amount of time they could fleece the consultant, but I am saying this will be good for us

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  • sayantan76
    12-18 01:08 PM
    Hello all:

    I have few questions related to my travel plans to India. We will be leaving in January 2009.

    We have our Advance Parole and EAD approved till 2009. I-485 is still pending . EB3 India.
    My H1B visa stamp is not current or up-to-date on my passport. We have booked our flights with North-west airlines and KLM which will depart from Detroit-Amsterdam-Mumbai. I have few questions pertaining to my travel.

    1) Would I still need to get a transit visa for Amsterdam, even though our flight will be halting for few may be 3-4 hours at Amsterdam- Schiphol Airport? If I do have to arrange for Amsterdam transit-visa, then where should I start as far as documentation is concerned.

    2) Besides carrying my Passport, Advance parole copies with me, please advise me if I need to carry any more documentation from my end.

    3) Would I need a copy of employment letter for visa purpose, or carrying my recent pay-stubs would be fine?

    I would appreciate if you could please guide me with the travel related visa -requirements and documentation. Thanks!

    my honest opinion on transit visa issues- the best way is to do a quick check on Netherlands website.......rather than only rely on answers on a public forum


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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-26 10:43 AM
    Perhaps I am missing something. I thought you could get an extension beyond six years only if:
    1. Your labor was pending for more than 360 days OR
    2. Your I-140 was approved

    I did not know that you could get an extension if:
    Your labor was approved and your I-140 was still pending.

    My understanding is that the USCIS came out with the I-140 premium processing only to address the above scenario. Perhaps someone who has dealt with this first hand can enlighthen us.

    You are right. For approved labor (or pending more then a year, which is rare these days), pending more then a year, and if I-140 is still pending, you get H1 for 1 year. With approved I-140, you get 3 year extension.

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  • sid_das
    04-21 06:34 PM
    hey starscream

    - What was the RFE about?

    In the RFE they asked for end client letter, w2 , tax retrns for last 3 years and a bunch of stuff from my company. All the necessary documents were provided. In the denial they said that all documents were in order but that they didnt prove my specialty occupation.

    - Are you employed by a consultant or employed full-time at a company's location?

    I am employed by a desi consulting company.. and i have been in a job continously since jan 2006

    - Did your employer have any profit isseus / layoffs reecently?

    - Is your employer TARP funded?
    - Do you have your EAD?
    No , i just completed 3 years of H1. i was planning to become fulltime and start GC before the economy went downhill.

    Do you have any info if i can appeal and file another h1 thru another employer at the same time? because i do have a project that is long term...

    its driving me crazy....:(


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  • pmpforgc
    12-12 07:50 AM
    Can some one reply my following questions about Advance parole


    I am trying to file Paper based Advance Parole ( I-131) for me and my family.

    I have few questions regarding process and forms. Appriciate your hlep with those.

    (1) I Last enetered as F-1. My F-1 visa stamp has expired. I currently have H-1B approved but never stamped on my passport. My I-140 approved and I-485 pending.

    On form I-131 in section 3. "Class of admission" what I should write " F-1 "or "H-1B"?

    (2) If I check on "More than One trip" in Part-7 section -1 of the form, does the process differ in any way? Does it need any extra fee? Does it need any extra document to support the multiple entry AP application? Will it affect approval in any way? How long (one yr two year?) is AP, once it is approved, is valid?

    (3) I never had applied for EAD based on pending I-485 and does not intend to do so in near future.

    Does I need to apply for EAD to get AP? and in Cover letter for my AP do I need to mention EAD or it is not required?

    (4) For my sons ( 15 yrs age) can I sign as a person preparing form?
    thanks for your help with AP application.

    (5) Where can we get appropriat photos for I-131. I went to Wallgreen and CVS but both told they all have digital photographs only. Also they also dont take side view they all take frontal view? so where can we get approriate photos for I-131 (Advance Parole)

    Can some experienced members can answer above questions about my Son's Advance Parole Application, Photos for AP application and EAD card in relation to AP application.

    Appreciate your help

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  • snathan
    04-13 01:29 PM
    Hello IV Freinds,

    I checked my mail last Saturday, got Cards and welcome approval notices in mail. Status at USCIS website still shows all cases pending. I had called my Senators office for follow up week before as processing dates also had also passed.

    I appreciate IV for providing this website for sharing our immigration issues and concerns in this long journey.

    Good luck to all IV members who are still awaiting for good day to come.

    Thanks, you consider to donate anything to IV...


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  • krupa
    07-18 04:01 PM
    What is the expected we start gettting I-485 receipt Notice

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  • MatsP
    October 25th, 2004, 02:09 AM
    I like the sky in #2, but as someone said "what's behind the fence". It's just not telling enough of a story. But the sky is a keeper for some PS work... ;-)

    My vote is for #4. I can't really tell you why, it's just the one my eyes keep coming back to...

    All of them have nice DOF. I guess they are at 18mm on your 18-55?



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  • mirage
    07-11 01:29 PM
    1 year from now, only EB3-Indians with PDs of 2001-2006 will hang on the IV website. Everybody else(or atleast 99%) will be gone...
    We will need help renewing our EADs and AP each year forever...and will seek answers on wague rules and regulations USCIS/DHS will keep putting in

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  • snathan
    05-29 03:46 PM

    My PERM case was filed on mid-May and got audited on May 28.

    Will it be appropriate for me to join you all for the complaint or if my case is too recent?


    This thread is closed.
    Post your query here.


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  • chanduv23
    09-16 08:20 PM

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  • jkays94
    05-04 10:59 PM
    Please see the thread on the SKIL bill, I believe the bill covers premium processing for I-485. For DOL I wonder if they would even have the capacity to do it, funds or no funds.


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  • Aah_GC
    06-14 08:35 PM
    This thread may help you.

    Thanks Dhudhun, your thread was very helpful. Created this one so we could just focus on the Supporting documents for eFile EAD. (USCIS site does not talk about it at all).

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  • inskrish
    08-13 12:17 AM
    Dhagala lagli kala... GC themb themb gala...

    English translation please.:D


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  • k94
    11-17 09:31 AM
    This isn't really answering any questions, but I've asked my company's lawyer to look into the benefits (and/or disadvantages) of making the switch frm TR (non-RIR) to RIR. Since this notice was only made recently by the DOL (in the Federal Register on October 6, 2006), I would imagine that it will take some time for lawyers, etc to figure out all the implications. As soon as I get any information, I will definitely post it.

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  • roseball
    04-25 03:48 PM

    Appreciate any feedback on personal experiences with visitor's medical insurance coverage. My in-laws are planning to visit this summer and I am trying to see what would be the best available option out there based on your recent experiences. There are plenty of options and I am trying to find one which the hospital/doctor can file a claim directly to or which have negotiated rates and are easy to deal with after we file a claim for reimbursement. I have read that buying insurance in US is preferred over buying from India. Any comments on that appreciated as well.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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  • aarbi
    06-27 12:46 PM
    syendu1, what is your exact RD? They are processing Dec 06... knowing the date would be helpful. thanks

    02-25 12:19 PM
    Yes you can say you didnt join them . Again, of all the cases i have heard , people at POE hasnt created any issue for H4 Re-entry.please take a one time appt with any good immigration att. so that you dont have to worry

    Thanks Kopra for the reply.

    Also, if their are any Questions form the Port of Entry officer about Paystubs, can we say that employer couldn't find me a project; hence I'm changing back my status to H4 or is there anything else that we can say more appropriate.

    08-20 08:22 PM
    only word for this is RIDICULOUS.....

    USCIS is really playing basket ball with my case. I am desperately to know why ? (NSC->TSC->CSC->TSC)

    History of events

    July 21, 2007: Filed I485 with NSC

    Sometime between July , 2007 and Aug , 2007: Case Transferred to TSC

    July 21 2008: Case Transferred to CSC : Reason given "To speed up processing"

    Aug 14, 2008 : Case Transfered to TSC : No reason given.

    Anybody in same boat ?

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